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Ok, so I was slack about the pictures for the last couple of days of the Olympics.

Day 11: Finished the hood.
Day 12: Sewed on sleeve #1.
Day...something (Friday night): Sewed on sleeve #2.
Saturday morning: Washed and laid out for blocking.

This morning: All done!!

I'll take my gold medal please :D
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Progress at end of day 10: A third of the hood. Showing here.

Movies: Cabaret, Young Sherlock Holmes, Noises Off.
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Progress at end of day 9: Sleeve #2. Showing here.

Movies: The Birdcage and The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, DS9 Season 6 Episodes 19 and 20, and waiting for food at Delfino's.
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Progress at end of day 7: A few sleeve rows, and the left front side, including the left shoulder seam. Showing here. Bonus: Closeup of the neck detail.

Movies: Fallen (not bad)

Progress at end of day 8: Finished sleeve 1. Also finished right front side, including shoulder seam, so the body is currently done. I started sleeve 2. All that's left now is to finish sleeve 2 and to do the hood. Showing here. I boggle.

Movies: Mirrormask. (Ari, Dan and I all thought it sucked.) Sleeve 1 finished on the bus to and from work, sleeve 2 started at dinner with The Familly. I also started The Birdcage, but I only watched about forty-five minutes of it. I'll be finishing it on Morning 9 :)
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Progress at end of day 6: finished the upper back, started the upper front. Got into the colorwork for the neck cable - splitting for the neck opening in 12 more rows. Showing here.

Movies: Alien vs Predator, plus Buffy Season 4, Episodes 2-4.
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Progress at end of day 4: Not much. About halfway up the armholes on the upper back - showing here.

Movies: Most, but not all, of "Just Like Heaven".


Progress at end of day 5: Lots of work on the sleeve - showing here. I have about 5 more rows before I start the sleeve cap shaping.

Movies: None, actually - I did it all on 2 25-minute bus rides and on my half-hour lunch break.
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Progress at end of day 3: another few rows on the sleeve (not much, really), plus LOTS of work on the body - showing here. For reference, that cable on the side of the larger piece (the sweater body) is just over 15" long, and I've divided for the armholes and started on the upper back. I'm frankly boggled at how quickly this sweater is going.

Movies: 2 - A League of Their Own and 10 Things I Hate About You, as well as Smallville Season 4, Episodes 20-22 and Buffy Season 4, Episode 1. And all the sleeve knitting today was done at Chili's while waiting for our food.
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Progress at end of day 2: another dozen or so rows on the sleeve (now it's at the part where it's easily portable without needing to cart around the chart, so it's my travel project for now), plus quite a bit of work on the body - showing here. That's about half of the body from hem to where I'll divide for the sleeve holes.

Movies: 3 - Dark Water (bad), Fantastic Four, and The Legend of Zorro (good) - plus episode #19 of Smallville's season 4, and all the sleeve knitting today was done at Chili's while waiting for our food.
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I cast on at 4:15pm.

Progress at end of day 1: about 40% of one sleeve, plus the hem on the body - showing here.

I still love the cable detail on the sleeves for this pattern - so here's a closer look at that. :)

Movies: 3. Phantom of the Opera, The Aristocats, and Angie.
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The yarn for the Olympic Rogue has arrived! I have to pick up the package (also containing Anjela's Olympic yarn) from the management office today. If they close early, I will be Very Put Out.

I now have 8 more days to finish the Super Sekret Knitting Project and swatch for the Rogue. Totally doable, I think. :)
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I ordered the yarn yesterday - I'm going to do the sweater in this yarn, mostly in Nutmeg with the hood/neck cabling in Moss. Also printed out the pattern today. I'll have to do some swatching to be sure when I get the yarn in the mail, but I'm pretty sure it'll be size 7 needles. Rawr.
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So I just signed up for the Yarn Harlot's 2006 Knitting Olympics. In short - I'm going to knit another one of these out of this (two colors - one for the main body/hood, and a different color for the neck/hood cable band - I'm thinking Nutmeg, with a Moss cable band) between 2pm on February 10th and whenever the closing ceremonies are on February 26th.

Of course, this means I need to finish Eris and Someone's birthday present before the 10th. *grin*

I like a challenge. :)


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