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My biggest knitting project ever: Done.

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I went to the Mariners game last night with Dan, his cousin, and Ari. First Mariners game I've been to when they actually won, I think. Ken Griffey Jr hit a home run in the 5th inning, and that was pretty nifty, the Moose danced up and down on the visitors' dugout and I snickered. It was freezing, so I didn't get much done on my knitting project.

But I did get my picture taken with the Moose holding it.
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Morning bus stupid, in two varieties.

First: Why is it always the people who are knitting garter stitch scarves with Red Heart that yell at me that I'm knitting wrong?

Bint: "You can't do that without a cable needle."
Me: Buh? Actually, I've been cabling without a cable needle for years, but thanks.
Bint: "No, you really seriously can't do that. It doesn't work."
Me: ... Seems to be working fine.
Bint: "Well, that's lovely, I'd hate to see it ruined because you're doing it wrong."
Me: .......

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Second: Bus driver, you are driving a route that goes down a road full of crackheads and crazy people, many of whom will get on your bus thinking that it is a bus that is frequently full of crackheads and crazy people instead of a bus full of various hospital employees going to work. As such, it is pretty dumb of you to crack jokes like "Two more stops, and then I'm going home. Wanna go home with me?" to the crackheads and crazy people, because they will not always realize that you are joking. See also: This morning, when one of the C&Cs was all excited to walk your dog for you while you cooked him breakfast, and seemed to be verging on meltdown when you told him that no, you hadn't meant it. THAT WAS STUPID.
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Okay, Joss, what the HELL. Can you go thirty seconds without killing one of your more fun characters? Good grief.

I just started watching the first season of Angel this morning, got through almost half of it today. Yes, I know I'm about ten years behind. I'm enjoying it though -- I bought seasons 1 and 2 together in a package deal from Target for $18 a couple of weeks ago, and I think that come payday, I'll probably get seasons 3 and 4, which they still have packaged together for $20.

And yes, that's what I do on weekends when I don't have Rainbow events -- I run errands, grocery shopping and that sort of thing, and otherwise, I spend most of it vegged out on my couch with knitting, my tiny computer, and a very large DVD collection. I expect I'll add homework to that list once school starts at the end of the month.

I also made bread today, though not either of the two kinds of bread I'd originally intended to make. Just a plain old loaf of crusty wheat bread, rather than the molasses-wheat I usually make (no molasess or powdered milk) or the soda bread I'm still tossing around the idea of. Quite tasty though.
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Woot woot! The two outer panels of Joyce's housewarming present are done (she knows what it is now, hehe) -- tomorrow, I expect to make a good start on the center panel, now that I have all the yarns and have discussed modifications with the recipient :)

Really, I think the hardest thing about all this is that she chose two of my three favorite colors, so I'm gonna have a hell of a time giving it up :)


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