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I currently have a whackload of crafty projects with deadlines.

Noting deadlines for my own awareness:
A 2-piece formal: April 10th, estimated (materials and pattern acquired, but not yet started)
The baby blanket for the WoW-playing coworker: beginning of June (started)
Toirneach #2: beginning of June, preferably sooner :P (materials acquired, not started)
Sekrit Project #1: beginning of June (materials acquired, not started)
Sekrit Project #2: November (materials not acquired, not started)
My brother's wedding blankie: April 2009 (some materials acquired, not started)

Current projects without deadlines:
random socks, 2 pairs (halfway done with one first sock and one second sock)
Rag!Rogue - expected to be done and ready to wet-block by this weekend
Blaze - Body about half done, still need sleeves and yoke once body's done
Cherie Amour - Body's done, need to redo the sleeves top-down. (Difficulty: I don't have size 13 DPNs, nor a willingness to acquire a set, and I only have size 13 needles in my Denise set. I don't much like knitting with anything over size 9 at this point, and even that's stretching.)
Tank top that's been in progress for the better part of a year that I'd really like to finish at some point :P

Plus there's a whole whackload of patterns I have my eye on that I want to knit, that I'm not letting myself touch until I get somewhere with some of the deadline stuff.
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Knitting math is always my downfall. Luckily, this time I picked a pattern that doesn't actually have any shaping to adjust - I just picked a yarn that doesn't come anywhere near getting gauge.

So I'd like to knit Blaze, in a merino/silk blend.

The gauge on Blaze is 23 stitches to 4 inches, giving me 210 stitches to a 36" bust. (I daresay the math is fudged a little bit for the sake of the number of stitches needed in the cable repeat; at that gauge 210 stitches actually comes out to 36.5", but whatever.)

The gauge I got on the yarn I intend to use is 30 stitches to 4 inches. By my calculations, that literally works out to casting on 277 stitches, but I can pretty easily fudge it up to the 282 stitches for the second largest size of the pattern (or down to the 258 for the third largest size, but that only comes out to about 34.5", and I'm a mite skeptical that I want that much negative ease) and get roughly the right size. (Or I can get dodgy with the pattern, cast on 270, and get 36" bang-on.)

I just want someone else double-checking my math before I get started :)

(Also, knitters - is there any reason in this pattern that I can't knit the body in one size and the sleeves in a different one, since the pattern consists entirely of "(x, y, z) to end" on literally every single row?)


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