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Day 1: Thursday, June 30.
Work, TV, Red Lobster, airport.
Events of note:
Work was uneventful, aside from the baby shower. TV was the last two episodes of Game of Thrones, and was quite good. Red Lobster was meeting with Ari, C2, and Heather (and Brian) to celebrate my ten-iversary with H and C2. Airport was highly unsatisfactory, and has been detailed elsewhere.

Day 2. Friday, July 1.
Events of note:
I was amazed to discover that the McDonald's in O'Hare is pretty close in price to a regular McDonald's. My parents and I had simultaneous layovers in O'Hare, though in different terminals. Joyce met me, we got my luggage, and met my parents at the condo, after which my dad wanted to go to Denny's for some food. There was a Facebook post pointing out the surreal factor of being at a Denny's in Orlando with Joyce and my parents at 2am. Joyce experienced the first salvo of the week-long Check Wars. (Daddy won.) Then there was bed.

And then there were theme parks. )

Day 11: Sunday, July 10.
Parks: Sea World
Party members: Ginger and Joyce.
Rides/shows: Wild Arctic, beluga feeding time, active polar bear, ZOMG The Walrus, the Shark Encounter, and the Manta Aquarium.
Events of note:
My mom and dad headed out early for their flight, and Joyce and I packed up and went to Sea World for the morning. We went straight for Wild Arctic, enjoyed the ride, and then went in to see the animals. The belugas were doing feedings and tricks. The polar bear was in the tail end of her 13% of the day spent awake and was wandering around and posing. The walrus was, uh, pleasuring himself. With his face. I went "Joyce is he wait is he seriously holy crap Joyce what is that walrus doing." We snickered, and as we walked away and left him to it, we heard the inevitable "Mommy, what is he doing?"

We moseyed through a couple of other inside (read: air-conditioned) exhibits, then headed out to get lunch at Qdoba before Joyce dropped me at the airport at 2. My flight wasn't til almost 6, but she had to leave earlier.

My flight turned out to be delayed for crappy weather, but I still made my SFO connection. The landing at SFO scared the crap out of me, because I didn't know that the runway begins approximately two inches from the water, so I looked out to see the plane merrily skipping along above a vast expansion of WAVES and internally went "Wait, what? Aren't they supposed to tell us if we're landing in the water?" and then was very relieved to see the land start. Other than the delay and the water, the flights were uneventful, and I got back to my apartment and fell into bed around 1:45am.

And then I got up at 6am to get ready for work, which today encompasses 8-4 and 5-9. I think bedtime tonight might be earlyish. We'll see what happens.

(I leave on my next trip in 18 days. Definitely looking forward to it.)
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Got a third hole punched in my left ear yesterday. It was pretty uneventful. :) Just noting for posterity.

Is it Thursday afternoon yet?
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Packing wizardry!

Ages ago, I got a 24" duffle bag from Target for like $10. It's been insanely useful. Last night I started packing for Florida, and as of this morning, it contains ten pairs of underwear, seven pairs of socks, a pair of jeans, 7 tank tops, 5 t-shirts, 2 long-sleeved shirts, a light hoodie, a pair of PJ pants, a dress, a bathing suit and cover up, a power strip, Zombie Dice ... and a Kitchenaid stand mixer.
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One week from tomorrow, Joyce and I will be experiencing WARMTH, Chick-Fil-A, a mini-roadtrip, SPACESHIPS, the Atlantic from the US side (first time for me!), Target, and my parents, in more-or-less that order.

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Amusement of the morning:

My packing list for my vacation in Orlando in July includes my winter comforter, several wool sweaters, and my stand mixer.
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Vague and very tentative Orlando plans.

Fri 7/1: Land 11:30am, be picked up by Joyce, squee and shriek, go to Kennedy Space Center. Mom and Dad arrive 9:30pm ish 11:30pm.

Sat 7/2: [Sea World or Universal Studios]
Sun 7/3: [Universal Studios or Sea World]
Mon 7/4: WDW, fireworks! Joyce's and my 10th anniversary. Gran and Tom arrive that night with the kids.
Tue 7/5: WDW - rest day for Gran
Wed 7/6: WDW **Dad's birthday - dinner reservations, EPCOT, Coral Reef, 7:45pm**
Thurs 7/7: Universal IOA (Harry Potter) - probably another rest day for Gran
Fri 7/8: Busch Gardens? Maybe? Still undecided. Kids fly out in the morning, Gran and Tom leave that night.
Sat 7/9: WDW, Mom and Dad have to be at a showing that morning.

Possible switchings: Sat and Sun, Tues and Thurs.
Total: 1 day Sea World, 2 days Universal Studios, 4 Disney, one undecided.

Sun 7/10: Mom and Dad's flight leaves 11:15am, my flight leaves 5:45pm. Joyce and I will have to figure something out. :) (We could do Sea World again for a few hours, they do a second day free with the first day's admission.)
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So I took two trips this past week. Both were incredibly enjoyable and desperately needed.

5/13-16: Muncie

This one is actually pretty quick to report on. I gamed, ate pizza, gamed, drank, gamed, gamed WHILE drinking and eating pizza, watched movies, gamed, drank, ate burgers, gamed, watched Leverage, gamed, got sat on by a lap pony, and went out for stir fry with the guys. It rocked, except for that whole leaving bit at the end.

5/19-22: Vegas

(Note: There will be Vegas pictures once I get them off my phone and sorted out.)

Thursday: )

Friday: )

Saturday: )

Sunday: )

Ultimately, we got on our plane, and I am currently typing this (for versions of "this" which mean everything from Friday through Sunday) up at 11:25pm while en route back to Seattle. Which is still not "back home," and yes, I still need to do that noodling, because this weekend was definitely contributory.

Long and short, it was an excellent vacation and much needed.

Next up: I leave super late on 6/30 for a little over a week in Orlando with my parents, my gran and her beau, and [ profile] joyce.
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Know what I just realized?

The family Disney trip? Which I am so gigantically excited about in part because my dad turns into the world's biggest ten-year-old in Orlando?




Joyce told me how to make blinky text. Also, yes, I am 30 years old and still call my father "daddy" when I am excited about childish things. Shut up.
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I told a coworker that I'm going on a multi-generational family trip to Disneyworld. She said, "Oh, that's exciting! Are you going to make matching t-shirts? "The Whatever Family"?"

This would be a very amusing idea, except for one tiny little problem:

Among the ten people going on this multi-generational family trip, there are seven different last names.

It's going to be my gran and her beau, my mom and dad, me, Joyce, my brother, my brother's wife, and my brother's stepkids. My mom, dad, brother and SIL all have the same last name.

But my gran and I have different last names because of marriages, Gran's beau and Joyce have different ones because they're not actually formally related to us, one of the kids has their mom's maiden name for a last name, and the other kid has their bio-dad's last name. And I can't actually remember which kid has which last name. (I keep hearing that my brother plans to adopt both kids, at which point they will take his last name, but I don't know when that's going to happen.)
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Collecting all the random bits of info here for future reference.

Orlando trip planning )



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