5 June 2005 03:21 pm
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Super short version - with links!

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5 June 2005 03:10 pm
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the looooooooooooong version. )

The Short Version will be coming shortly, and the pictures hopefully over the next week or so - Dan's mom sent us home with CDs containing over 1000 pictures from the last two weeks, so it'll take me a bit to sort through them.

I'm back!

5 June 2005 01:16 pm
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The long version of my trip journal is coming - it's currently at 9 pages in 10-point font, single spaced, and I need to tidy it up some. But even if you don't read anything anything anything else about my vacation, read this. Misty, this means you. )
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I've packed, unpacked, repacked, re-unpacked, and re-repacked.

What am I forgetting?
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Ack! We leave for Chicago to leave for Ireland a week from today! *vibrate*

In other good news, we got [ profile] pyran back from Jolly Old England yesterday. Yay! We met him at the airport with a sign bearing his name and sheep and moose and fire.

Speaking of moose!

There are, as he discovered, no moose in Scotland. Sigh.

However, he brought me a t-shirt with a picture of a MOUSE on it, with the caption: A wee moose. And I was squee'ing all night. :)
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Hokay. So in about three weeks (!!!), Dan and I leave for Chicago, from whence we will leave for Ireland for two weeks.

I haven't prepared for a trip that was (a) overseas or (b) longer than about five days since I was sixteen, and my parents helped with a lot of it then - plus this time I have a household and pets to deal with.

Clothes, I've got handled. The climate of southern Ireland in the spring is very similar to that of western Washington, according to comparisons on misc weather websites. Jeans or cargos, layers on torso, shoes I can walk in, a nice outfit in case we go somewhere fancy, and I know we're already planning on doing laundry somewhere around the end of the first week.

Toiletries, again no problem. Big bottle of conditioner, little bottle of shampoo, toothbrush/paste, comb, I'm good. I don't have any medication that I take regularly to worry about, nor do I wear makeup or have much of a "beauty regimen" to haul around with me. I'll probably throw in a little tube of hand lotion, and maybe a box of bandaids in case of blisters. *shrug*

Household -
I know to turn off the heat and computers and pretty much anything else
I have people who will come feed/water/play with my cats while we're gone, and are also capable of watering plants
I intend to go to the post office and have our mail held

Trip preparations -
I have printouts of our itineraries and confirmation numbers for both our round-trip tickets between Chicago and Seattle and our tickets between Chicago and Shannon (we're going with Dan's parents, who live in Chicago, so we're meeting them there and then all continuing on).
We both have passports. Finally. :) (Need to make copies thereof.)
Need to arrange and confirm rides to/from airport, both in Seattle and Chicago.
Need to find out if we need a hotel room Friday night, and if so arrange it.
Checked the luggage size requirements - we're fine.

Financially -
Will need to let the bank know that we really are going to be overseas!
Look into getting some Euros before we leave for small cash purchases? (Really, who wants to run a credit card for a soda...)
Pay rent before we go!

Work -
Can't get anywhere in terms of coverage until our temp is hired. :P
Coworker already agreed to babysit my desk tree.
Leave time is arranged.
Must change voicemail, set email out of office message, and fill out time cards pre-emptively.

Okay, this is an odd mish-mash of things I've done and things I need to do, but...what am I missing?


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