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Dear seatmate: I promise, your junk is not prodigious enough that you are required to sprawl halfway over my seat to give yourself enough room for it.

Dear people behind me: It just might be, though I am not an expert, that your baby has been screaming for two hours in part because it smells like it is in major need of a diaper change.

Layover in Minneapolis.
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Mon 7/25: work 5-9, pick up items on the list Done while LJ was choking its chicken this afternoon
Tues 7/26: doc appt 4:50, Aladdin 7:30 @ 5th Avenue
Wed 7/27: laundry, errands*, finish packing, paint nails.
Thurs 7/28: hair appointment 3pm, Rainbow meeting 7pm, finish packing carry-on

Fri 7/29: bank to deposit Mr Pig, Target, ATM, movie 4:55pm, dinner with Keef 9pm, airport by 11pm.
Sat 7/30: flight leaves SeaTac 12:50am, layover Milwaukee, land Indy 10:31am WOO!

*errands: pick up receipt books for the Rainbow recorder/treasurer, drop off rent check, get cash, take out garbage, charge and sync various electronics
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If I didn't do any costuming for Con, just attended the whole time in jeans and t-shirts, I can pack all my clothes (and probably toiletries, though I didn't try), including a spare pair of flip flops, in an overnight case that's roughly 12" x 8" x 6".

It's my costuming that takes up the full suitcase and then some. :P

ETA: Mostly packed now. (Yes, a week and a half early. This gives me plenty of time to think of stuff I forgot.)

note to self )
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For posterity....

[13:22] Ari: I should buy you a drink at Ike and Jonesey's to celebrate, then. *nod*'
[13:24] Ari: (... and now I have an excuse to buy you a drink at GenCon!)
[13:24] Ari: (Not that I needed one, but it's fun to come up with one anyway. :) )
[13:24] Ginger: Let's see, are we up to four yet? :)
[13:24] Ari: I think that's only one, actually.
[13:24] Ginger: Nah.
[13:24] Ginger: Can't be.
[13:25] Ari: Well, usually I only have one or two lined up before Con, and then I tack on another one or two before the bar, then I tack on another one or two just for the hell of it at the bar.
[13:25] Ginger: Right. So we default to the two already lined up before Con, and now throw on this one, and I'm sure there was another one in there somewhere, so now we're up to four.
[13:26] Ari: Um... er... uh.
[13:26] Ari: Yeah, guess so.

(And we haven't gotten to "just before the bar" or "for the hell of it at the bar" yet.)
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Purchased: Plane tickets for my Indy trip in July/August.

Amusingly, I land at 11:18am on the way in, and at 11:18pm on the way back here.


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