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There was Con. Con was good.

I had weird luck with tails. First, one of the tails I got last year -- the last six inches just sort of fell off. Then I went to the leather shop and asked how to fix it and bought a new one, and before the day was out, the whole thing just sort of fell off the belt loop. So the next day I went BACK to the leather shop, and the guy said "You are just not having good luck with tails this weekend." But he fixed the new one, so it was all good.

I got lots more buttons, some as gifts and some as purchases, and a little crown for my character, and a leather book cover/journal thing, and a t-shirt that says "I'm with flanking bonus ->", and some art (some kitty art, and more faerie-cat art, and a stick dragon art of smiting).

There were, as always, several people I wanted to punch in the face. I may make buttons next year that say "Ginger does not want to punch me in the face!" and hand them out as appropriate :P The cookies were quite popular.

Game-wise, it was relatively low-key, though my little girl got a chance to exercise some new tricks, I bid negative traits for the first time like EVER, and there have already been some interesting downtime developments. From a discussion of some of these developments:

... oh lord almighty. I reiterate that if something happens to the two of you that [redacted] and Echo are in charge of the city. I just want you two to THINK ABOUT THAT.

Also, boo on the incredibly bitchy flight attendant who yanked my backpack out from under my feet and walked away with it, without so much as a "We're getting ready to land, can you stow your bag please?" or even "Let me take care of that for you." Not a WORD, just yank and walk away. It was unzipped and she dumped stuff out of it into the aisle. Cow.
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Cripes. I don't usually go all communications-central until Thursday afternoon.

The pre-Con panic, right on time.

At least no one's stuck in Transylvania this year.
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Cookies are packed up -- I have them for (a) players who spent their XP before Con and (b) storytellers who were available to their players during downtime. Rawr. The peanut butter chips did not survive the heat wave, so they're chocolate chocolate-chip instead of chocolate peanut-butter-chip. I think people will cope. :)

In fact, I'm all packed, except for my computer, ipod and their respective sets of cablery. Woot. 4am Wednesday, here I come.
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How is it that I *always* forget to put pyjamas on any packing list I make.

*adds them to GenCon packing list*
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It's that time of year again, folks.

Feel free to ignore my GenCon prep lists. :) )

Anyone know how to get creases (not like hard knife-edge type creases, but this-item-has-been-stored-in-a-box-for-a-year creases) out of non-suede leather?

Edit: The intarwebs tells me to hang it up somewhere warmish and the creases should just hang out. I wish I'd looked that up BEFORE the heat wave broke. :P
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This year's con-hat buttons ordered :)

"Let's Misbehave!"
"unapologetically idealistic"
"Real Vampires Don't Sparkle"
"Oh, John Ringo, no ..."


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