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Three years ago, the highlight of my Con was ashing a Gangrel in crinos at 3am on Sunday morning.

Two years ago, the highlight of my Con was getting ashed by a HitMark firing missiles at point-blank range at 3am on Sunday morning.

Last year, the highlight of my Con was single-handedly preventing Wally (our Garou storyteller) from racking up two or more player kills at around 3am on Sunday morning.

This year, right around 3am on Sunday morning, my character claimed praxis, took the Princedom of Indianapolis, announced a new court from the ground up, and made a dramatic exit, after completing what was, as far as anyone can recall, the first bloodless coup in our game's history.

It was excellent - this game just keeps getting better, and while we have some players who need to be beaten with sticks (and one NPC player who needs to be curb-stomped until his face is no longer recognizable), we also have some who just floor me.

In non-game-related events of the weekend, I came to an equilibrium Friday morning or so - using the Staff of Moose hurt my left hip about as much as not using it hurt my right hip. So I stopped using it, and pretty much just dealt with the sore. It's almost better now. I have an appointment this coming up Friday morning for follow-up tests.

I got my first corset (not to be confused with a bodice), and wore it two nights. Very comfy, and looked damned good, if I do say so myself. (Somehow, though, I doubt anyone got pictures. I didn't see many of our people with cameras this year.) I also got a new ring - a silver band with abstract cutout designs, the center of which looks like moose antlers - and a new backpack that holds more stuff than my old one did, has a laptop compartment built into it, and has a dragon reading a book embroidered on the top flap.

The TSA threw away my favorite nail polish - I'd forgotten it was in my backpack - but I can get another bottle. (Revlon's "Totally Toffee", if anyone's curious. It's a lovely chocolate brown.)
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Less than two hours to go before we're off to the airport. Inbound flight, America West #460 from Phoenix, landing at 4:03pm.

I'm printing character sheets like a madwoman - I ended up getting expenditures (either full or in part) from 18 people, including myself, before I closed up shop. Once they're done printing, I pack up the laptop and printer and start going through my lists all over again.

Dan has not yet started packing.

We'll be back Sunday evening. While I have the Sidekick, I can't guarantee I'll be reading much LJ, but feel free to drop me a line if something big happens. Be excellent to each other!


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