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So there was a great deal of traveling, and I should probably update about it.

Pre-traveling: Dan left for Chicago on Sunday, 6/27, and I had the house to myself for several days. That hasn't happened since before we got engaged, for the record, which was in May 2005. I did massive organization and cleaning sprees on my desk, our bedroom and the linen closet. All three of the bedroom closet doors are accessible now. I don't have to have mountaineer's gear to get to my desk. This is awesome. I also saw a movie and attended several Rainbow functions, including an installation ceremony and reception, a ritual competition practice, a board meeting, and a planning meeting for Grand Assembly, as well as taking an evening to spend lounging around my house doing ... well, pretty much the same things I do when Dan's here.

Chicago: Thursday 7/2 to Monday morning 7/6 )

Michigan: Monday 7/6-Thursday 7/9 )

Grand Assembly, Friday 7/9 to Sunday 7/10: )

All in all, I had good travels, and now I'm glad to be home. Especially since I have ten days of company arriving TOMORROW NIGHT ZOMG. *rockin' booty dance*
ginger: (method to the madness)
Given: Dan and I (and my MIL, who is kind enough to drive us from Chicago up to Lansing) are surprising my dad for his birthday dinner. My mom knows we're coming, and will be home all day long. His birthday dinner will be cooked and served at my parents' home.

Trying to decide whether we should aim to arrive before Dad does, so we're there waiting for him when he gets home, or after, so we can knock on the door and Mom can make him answer it.

When we surprised Dan's mom for her birthday a few years ago, we did the former, and she shrieked and dropped her purse. It was cute. Whichever option we choose, my dad's response is probably going to be the same -- "Well, hello there!" and continuing on with whatever he was already saying. Because that's what my dad does.

So, brain trust, I ask your input.

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