3 June 2008

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Dear Seattle:

News flash. It is fucking June. Why am I still having to wear my fucking COAT in the pouring fucking RAIN in fucking JUNE. I hate you.


I should have moved somewhere with a summer. *scowl*
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Dan's picked up the game Medieval 2: Total War, and listening to him play this game is ridiculously entertaining.

He had in his royal family King Henry the Mad (who later became King Henry the Malevolent before he died). Henry's heir was Prince Philip the Ugly, and his other kids were three equivalently bad daughters: Margaret, the fugly desperate prude, Ybelote, the fugly pretentious lesbian, and Amelyn, who lost her own description profile when she married but landed her husband Loefwine with the tag "Wife is a wretch." (The characters in the game are assigned descriptions. We didn't make this up.)

He has since managed to off Henry the Mad-and-Malevolent and Philip the Ugly, leaving the son-in-law Loefwine (who is apparently decent, not fugly, smart, and a pretty good commander, but too afraid of his wife to have any kids) the heir to the throne. Next in line is George, son of Rufus, who's brothers are an ignorant drunk and a fussy holier-than-thou hypochondriac, but George is a healthy sociable teetotaler and a pretty rational knowledgeable guy. So right now Dan is trying to keep the brothers from spawning and farm the princesses off to become someone else's problem :) But listening to him play this game is just ... an absolute riot.

"Are you done trying to off the Pope?"
"It comes and goes."
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Side Panel A: 17.5/25

7.5 repeats to go on Side Panel A. I want to have Panel A done before I leave for Nashville so I can start on either B or C (undecided which yet) while I'm there. (I want to use the same needles all the way through for continuity's sake.) On the one hand, I have 10 more days. In theory.

In actuality, it gets a little more complicated. I have, y'know, a job, which eats up a good bit of my days, and at 70% done, blankie is a bit too big to be portable for bus knitting. Also other stuff scheduled, and other trip prep what needs to be done.

Tomorrow 6/4: Movie night, but about 4 hours to work, give or take, minus the eating of pizza.
Friday 6/6: Raid 6:15-10:30pm
Saturday 6/7: Raid 5:30-10:30pm, movie night afters.
Wednesday 6/11: Spinning class 6:30-9:30pm
Thursday 6/12: Rainbow meeting 7-9:30pm
Friday 6/13: Raid 6:15-10:30pm

And then I have to be at the airport at like 5am on Saturday the 14th.

So that leaves me Thursday evening, Saturday day, Sunday, and Mon/Tues evenings for knitting (estimated 15 hours left; each repeat takes about an hour and a half to two hours (though I really don't know why, it's only 16 rows)) and trip prep, which will need to include a trip to Pike Place Market and a trip to the UPS store, which will need to be done before Saturday to make sure the stuff I'm sending doesn't get there too long after I do, plus a gauge swatch for a project using the yarn that's already waiting for me in Nashville and the winding of more yarn for whichever blanket panel comes next. And a handful of DVDs that still need to be copied to my computer for iPod transfer (at about an hour and a half a pop). And I need to pack. At least a half-dozen times, I'm sure.



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