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Oh my GOD that was weird.

Ari and I went to lunch today.

We get to the McD's near my office on First Hill, and the place is PACKED with like 75 Japanese schoolkids, all wearing black business suits, mostly with wildly inappropriate shoes for wearing with business suits. Think hiking boots, sneakers, flipflops.

So we found the last empty table in the place and sat down, next to a tableful of Japanese schoolkid teachers, and ate our lunches. Right as I was almost done, one of the kids approached the tableful of teachers with three or four half-empty french fry containers. They talked in Japanese for a minute, then one of the teachers took the containers, carefully arranged them on the table, and turns to Ari and me and asks, "Do you want potatoes?"

I blinked and said "Sorry?" thinking I'd misheard.

She repeats, "Do you want potatoes?"

We said "Uh, no thanks?"

So she picked up her half-empty fry containers and they all mosey away.

I said "Ari, did that lady just ... offer us leftover french fries that one of the students brought her out of the blue from god knows where?"

He said "Yup."

I said ".... does it get any more surreal than this?"

He said "I hope not."

I said "Uh .... let's get out of here."

Color me baffled, seriously. I have no idea why there was a great whackload of international tourists hanging out on First Hill today. There is nothing touristy on First Hill. There was no method of transportation large enough to carry 75 Japanese schoolkids and their assorted chaperones near the McD's parking lot.

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And there is a young lady at the bus stop who is wearing her underwear outside her clothes and playing a cello beautifully...
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I have discovered over the last three weeks that I seem to have a really weird superpower: Waking up between 9:05 and 9:10am.

I pretty much don't bother to turn my alarm clock off on days I don't have to get up at any particular time - I just turn it off when it starts buzzing and go back to sleep. Every single day this has happened in the last three weeks, the alarm went off somewhere between 5:30 and 6:30am (depending on the day of the week), I turned it off, and then when I woke up on my own, it was during that five minute window. In fact, most days it has been exactly 9:06.

This morning, I opened my eyes, thought "9:07?" and rolled over to look at the clock - 9:09am. Weird!
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I just passed a lady walking down the street, on her own two legs, carrying a prosthetic leg.
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This morning was a lovely clear sunny cool Saturday morning in Seattle, so I went for a walk. I paused partway through my walk to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, as it was a fairly long walk. Eight miles, all told. As I opened the container in which I had put my sandwich for smoosh protection, I was approached by a somewhat scraggly-looking fellow, who inquired whether I had any spare change that he might use to buy food. I said "I have no money, but would you like half my sandwich?"

Honestly, I fully expected him to say something about how he couldn't eat it for whatever reason, he just needed the money to buy his own food, because that's generally the answer I get when I make such an offer. Instead, he looked at me, a little surprised, and said "Sure, that would be cool." So I tore it more or less in half and gave him the larger piece, and he thanked me and wandered off eating it.

It was a beginning to a pretty decent day.
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I ... wha ... someone please pass the brain bleach.

Edit: Debunked! It's all supposed to be one solid color. Leaving the rest of it because it's still funny.

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In the Small World chronicles, my mom just informed me that my brother's stepdaughter's teacher this year used to babysit my brother and I when we were wee small toddlers.

This is only slightly less amusing than my discovery in 9th grade that my science teacher had been one of the first female students to take my dad's class when the school at which he was teaching high school physics started allowing women to take the higher math and science courses.
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Many many years ago -- at least eleven, probably more likely twelve -- I "stole*" two t-shirts from one of my oldest friends, one with a pile of skulls on it and one Megadeth concert t-shirt. I still have both, and while I don't wear them often, they're both so worn out and comfy that I tend to wear them when I'm sick. I wore the Megadeth one most of the day today, and when I felt a bit better and went out to return library books, I left it on and just threw on a pair of jeans instead of my pyjama pants.

On the way to my car, I saw one of the younger maintenance guys (about my age, or maybe a bit older, but the one we usually see is like 60+) trying to chuck a full-sized mattress set someone threw away up on top of his dumpster trailer, roughly about head-height. He'd gotten the box spring up there, and was propping the mattress up looking vaguely confused. I thought maybe he could use a hand, since the box spring added another 8-10" to an already six-ish foot height, so I asked if he needed some help real quick.

"No," he says. "I've just never seen a girl wearing a Megadeth t-shirt before."

And then, when I stopped at the local dairy guy's booth at the Crossroads Farmer's Market to sample their chocolate milk and lament that they're not yet set up to deliver to apartments, he also commented about the t-shirt. "Oh, yes, I know who Megadeth is."

Amusingly, I'm not quite sure that *I* have ever heard any Megadeth songs in my life.

*I borrowed them with his permission, and he never asked for them back. :)
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Okay, wtf.

First, the toddler followed me onto the elevator at work.

Then I went to Qdoba for dinner -- all by myself -- and got yelled at to "shut [my] kid up." What the hell.
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Ok, f'list, what do you do when the toddler wandering around the lobby of the office building escapes her mom, comes over and grabs hold of the edge of your bag, and follows you onto the elevator?

I opted to make this face


and get off the elevator again, in case it closed before mama retrieved her podling, and say "I think this is yours?"
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A post in the [ profile] ask_me_anything community asked about the weirdest place [you've] ever woken up.

My answer:

On my couch.

Except what makes it weird is, when I went to bed, I was undressed. When I woke up, I was still undressed, but I was on the couch, under a blanket that had been in the hall closet, with a CD that had been IN MY EFFING CAR playing on repeat.

Nobody else was home that weekend. Serious wiggins, let me tell you.


[12:07] [ profile] joyce: and did you ever figure out how you ended up on that couch? :)
[12:07] me: Sleepwalked, obviously. :)
[12:07] [ profile] joyce: oh. dur.
[12:07] [ profile] joyce: since i don't, i tend to forget people do.
[12:08] me: The thing I never figured out is whether I got dressed before I went out to the car and then undressed again, or whether I was walking around my parking lot in the middle of January in the middle of the night in the middle of the freezing rain in the middle of downtown Lansing in the altogether.
[12:08] [ profile] joyce: let's hope for the former :)
[12:09] me: No neighbors or anyone ever said anything weird, so that's always been my preferred answer :)
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Yesterday's entry on the list of things I never expected I'd have to say:

"Ma'am, can you please get your child to stop licking my car?"

Kid - three or four maybe? - ran up to Marianne's back fender while his mom was putting her purchases in their car, puts his palms flat against the side of the car, and takes a big old lick. Now, Marianne hasn't had a bath since .... mid-May? something like that. And even if she had, EW.

The mom looked at me like I was nuts, and I wasn't sure whether it was "Licking the car? What?" or "What's wrong with car-licking?" or "How dare you complain about my precious angel?" or what, but as soon as I got to "your child", the kid ran back to his mom and jumped into their car.

It was just very strange.



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Wackiness ensued!

So at the top of a default view community comment page, you see something to the effect of

"The Phenomenal Cosmic Taco Temptress ([ profile] faecat) said in [ profile] news, "

which indicates who made the original post.

Today, I saw this: )

I was checking with Ari to see if it was a bug on my computer or what. At one point, I c/p'ed what I was seeing to him, and then stuff broke. )

Luckily, restarting Firefox turned all my text the right way 'round again.

Edit: aha! Wackiness solved.
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Ok, so I apparently never mentioned this, but my desktop PC has been out of commission for a couple of months now. Turns out she went kerplut in a spectacularly glorious fashion.

Originally, Ari and I reviewed the symptoms and guessed that the borkedness was due to video card borkedness. So he brought over an extra one so we could test that theory. I opened up Nagi's case to pop the old card and put in the older (but functional) one.

This? This is a video card. )

Specifically, that was Nagi's video card. Radeon 8600 something, I think. I don't remember exactly. Doesn't much matter. When I got it three years ago, it was a pretty nice card.

I took it out of the case, and something fell off it. We looked closer.

This? This ain't supposed to happen. )

Also, once we got the replacement video card in? The main hard drive died. Which is why she's been out of commission for months.

Luckily, at this point, I have upgraded the hard drive on Khan and can wipe what was Nagi's secondary drive and get her up and running again. *flex*
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Lady at bus stop: *points at Chewie* what an interesting bag!
Me: Thanks :)
Lady: Is it safe?
Me: ... wait, wha?
Lady: *smiling vacantly into space while holding her umbrella like a cane and doing sideways leg lifts*

Oh kay then.
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Ok. Me? Not generally kid-friendly. But every once in a while....

This morning I was dropping off new fee sheets to the Pediatrics clinic. On my way out, this little kid - maybe six or so - came racing up to me and started babbling away a mile a minute in a language that was totally not even remotely English.

Kid: "...blahblahblah foreign language I don't know blahblahblah..."
Me: "...." *nod and smile and wait for him to finish babbling*
Kid: "...blahblahblah CHEWBACCA! RAAR!"
Me: "..." *dies laughing*
Kid: *points at my back, where Chewie is chillin'* "...blahblahblah!" *runs back to his mom*
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I'm in line at JoAnn Fabrics - picked up some flannel for new cage liners for Neko and more moose fleece - and this lady in front of me keeps asking me questions while poking at the fleece. Only I CANNOT UNDERSTAND A WORD SHE'S SAYING BECAUSE HER ACCENT IS SO HEAVY.
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Act I, Scene I.
Setting: GINGER is at Bellevue Square with ARI. DAN is in his car, leaving the parking lot of their apartment complex.

Phone: *rings*
DAN: "Did you put a AAA sticker on your car?"
GINGER: "Huh?"
DAN: "Your car has a AAA sticker on the bumper. Did you put it there, or did the AAA guy?"
GINGER: *flip out, because I didn't put any stickers on my car and don't want any stickers on my car*
DAN: "Well, I just wanted to let you know about it. Have a good night, love you, bye!" *click*

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Dear world at large:

When you phone someone and leave them a voicemail to let them know that despite all the crazy bad tornadoes in your area, you're perfectly fine and all is well - it's commendable of you to make sure people know you're okay, but it DOES help to mention in the voicemail little details. You know, like WHO YOU ARE. (I know it wasn't a wrong number, because the voicemail STARTED by telling me who *I* am.)


Dear person who left me the voicemail:

I'm really glad you're okay. Seriously. If you have my phone number, I probably would have worried about you if I'd heard anything about any really bad tornadoes. But I would love to know who it is that I'm really glad is okay.


Edit: Google to the rescue. I have at least narrowed it down to 4 people, and I'm positive it wasn't two of them. Yarf. =/

Son of Edit: Mystery solved, all is well.
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.....the bus driver has the dashboard covered with little stuffed animals, mostly monkeys, and half the people on this bus are wearing unusual hats......


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