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For another 25 minutes, each comment on this post will be a dollar donated to a Christmas celebration for Seattle's homeless youth, including food and gifts of warm clothes and other necessities.

Edit: Time's up. Final count at noon was 577 comments, plus another person agreed to match the first hundred at a dollar each, so $677 raised to provide necessities for the homeless youth of Seattle. Pretty impressive, given the normal attitude of the [ profile] seattle community.

Happy holidays to all, whatever your holiday of choice may be!
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Last night, Dan and Ari and I used one of the $25-for-$2 gift certificates mentioned in my previous post to try out a new restaurant, Paddy Coyne's Irish Pub in Lincoln Square, and were quite pleased.

We started with a basket of Irish soda bread, available in both white and wheat varieties and served with real butter. Dan and I both swooned over the wheat, leaving the white for Ari. (In fact, I ordered a second basket of it to bring home, because soda bread with jam is a super tasty breakfast.)

After much deliberation - because there was a LOT that sounded good - Ari ordered an open-faced steak sandwich, Dan ordered beef stew (which came with more soda bread, noms), and I had the pub meatloaf with mashed potatoes and veggies. We all tried a little bit of everyone's food, except that I think Ari didn't have any of Dan's quart of stew (literally - he ate half the bowl, and what was left filled up half of a one-quart takeout container). I wasn't so keen on Ari's sandwich, and neither of the boys liked my meatloaf half so well as I did (score, more for me!), but we were all QUITE pleased with our own meals.

They had two of Ari's weaknesses as well -- good Irish hard cider (a variety I've never had before, very mild and tasty!) and chocolate bread pudding, in this case, with a whiskey-praline ice cream that Dan and I both enjoyed while Ari struggled his way through the mound of dense rich bread pudding.

I wouldn't call it a cheap meal -- the entrees seem to be mostly in the $13-16 price range (though Dan and I each left with a second meal's worth of leftovers), and the dessert was almost $10 (though it was enough for all three of us), and Dan and I ourselves would have no issue hitting the $35 food minimum on the gift certificate, but considering that said gift certificate cost $2, I think we definitely got our money's worth out of the place, and it'll go on the "places to go for halfway-special occasions and when we have company" list for sure.

Also, aside from regular dinners, they also do happy hours with much cheaper food options between 4 and 6 nightly, and on Mondays they have Steak-And-Chips Night for $4.99. (I'm not sure what that entails -- the page in the menu thingy just said MONDAYS: STEAK AND CHIPS $4.99.)
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If anyone's interested, the girls' group I've been working with is holding a car wash fundraiser on Saturday. 9am-4pm, I think, at the Jitters by the Overlake Sears in Bellevue - not the little drive-up one, but the bigger stand-alone one. The driveway is on 20th between 148th and 156th. No set price - suggested donation is $10, but more or less is always welcome.
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One papasan bowl chair frame, free to good home. ([ profile] pyran gets first dibs, but he may not want it after all.)

Note: I have only the two-piece frame, not the cushion. However, the frame came from Pier 1, which still sells the cushions in question. Alternately, *I* find it perfectly comfortable with just a couple layers of cushy blanket on the frame. Your mileage may vary; Dan thinks it's horrible without the cushion.
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Things what are amusing me today....

Requirements [to obtain a marriage license in King County, Washington]:

* Both parties must be at least 18 years old.
* No blood test, identification, birth certificates or divorce papers are required
* A witness is not required.
* If you are divorced, the divorce must be final and filed before applying for the license.

....But if I don't have to show a birth certificate, divorce papers, OR EVEN MY IDENTIFICATION, who's going to know if my divorce is final or not? Or that the name I put on the license is actually me? Or even that I'm over 18?!
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Attention locals and people who will be local this weekend:

The 520 bridge will apparently be closed from 11pm Friday to sometime ass-early Monday morning. Bleh.
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Washington's senate just passed a gay civil rights measure, adding sexual orientation to a state law that bans discrimination in housing, employment and insurance. However, the bill does not address gay marriage, though the State Supreme Court is expected to rule soon on the state ban on same-sex marriage.


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