6 October 2006 01:46 pm
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To-do list before tomorrow 11am-ish:
-clean car (and wash, if it isn't raining)
-get gas
-clean litterbox
-clean Neko-cage
-de-quill and wash hedgehog laundry
-get Dan to vacuum the apartment and clean his desk (actually before Sunday afternoon)
-one load of laundry (at Ari's, during B5)
-pick up garment bag from Ari
-reload/recharge ipod - "showtunes" playlist! (probably involves reinstalling itunes too.)

To take to airport/Portland:
-sign in backpack
-overnight bag with clothes and whatnot in the car
-dress and shoes (note to self: grab the shoes. they're under your desk. dress will not go well with black flipflops.) Shoes are now in the overnight bag.
-G3, keyboard, OS9 discs, hard drive (Jill, I found the hard drive this morning, but I don't know that I'll actually get the chance to format it. I'll try though!)
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Have you ever done that thing where you hear a particularly complicated or wordy song, and obsessively listen to it over and over until you can sing the whole thing? I do, pretty regularly. The last one before this was "We Didn't Start The Fire" by Billy Joel.

This week it's been "La Vie Boheme A" from Rent. (Probably to be followed up with "La Vie Boheme B" once I finish nailing A.) At this point, the only hitch is the line "To apathy, to entropy, to empathy..." - I continually put "empathy" first, probably because it actually flows better that way. Hmph. "Antonioni" and "two tofu dog platter" both threw me for a while as well, but I've got them sorted out now.

*/giant dork*

In other news, I started a DreamRogue sleeve last night, and plan to document it photographically like I did with OlyRogue. (Oh. I never said anything about that. I have a Yarn Angel who sent me most of the yarn for DreamRogue, ostensibly so I can have a Rogue in progress for demonstration purposes during her visit, but really because she is teh awesomez0rz. Squee!!)
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Backstory: Holly and I each have one horribly snooty cat and one sweet-but-dumb cat. Holly's sweet-but-dumb cat can be seen here, sporting his new lion cut. Mine get along with each other most of the time, her two sorta don't.

This is the conversation that would ensue if our cats met.

Cast of characters:
Baine: My snooty cat, long-haired grey tabby male, mostly Maine Coon
Valor: My lovable dimwit cat, shorthaired orange tabby male
Mayoke: Holly's snooty cat, shorthaired Siamese female
Flufftard: Holly's dimwit, normally-long-haired Himalayan male

Baine: "If you get your people to move someplace civilized, I would help you hide bodies. Especially the ones who did that to you. It's an affront to feline dignity."
Flufftard: "But, I thought it was kind of...trendy and exciting. Cutting edge. I...less licking? No?"
Baine: "No."
Baine: "And while we're at it, we need to discuss this name of yours."
Flufftard: "I can slide across the floor! That's fun! No?"
Baine: *looks down his nose* "Fun? FUN?"
Flufftard: "Fluff-tard? You don' What's wrong with my name? I'm named after the great Emperor Flufftardonius XIV"
Flufftard: "Yeah, you know, Fun! You just kinda run in here and you scrabble around like this and sliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide on your butt! You try it! See, watch me. WEeeeeeeeeeeeeeee *thud*"
Baine: "Are you sure you're a cat?"
Flufftard: "I, uh...I think so!"
*Mayoke walks in*
Mayoke: "This? This is a disgrace. This is a failure. This...who the hell are you and what are you doing in my house? Don't touch that, that's mine. And that. And the redhead. Yes, that one too. No, she's mine. I say so."
Baine: "Now that's more like it. Wanna go out for wheatgrass?"
Mayoke: "Well, alright. Do you lick your butt at the table?"
Baine: "Of COURSE not. That's my brother."
Valor: "Hey, how do you do that sliding thing!?"
Baine: *facepaw*
Flufftard: "Will you be my friend will you will you we can slide on the floor it'll be sweeeeeet!"
Valor: "YEAH! Let's go slide! And then we can block the stairs!"
Flufftard: "Block the stairs block the stairs block the stairs WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE block the stairs block the stairs! Hey, do you ever chase the snobby cats? I like that a lot!"

Now for those who find chatty cats amusing: [ profile] cat_convos!
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One month from TODAY I get a [ profile] clockworktomato :D

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There are now PLANE TICKETS to go with the ticker!!

:D :D :D


16 July 2006 11:02 am
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Holly, please to be reminding me that I had things I needed to mention to you about Edward Scissorhands and Thom Yorke.

I got the 2006-2007 season booklet for the 5th Avenue Theatre this weekend, and now I have "Tonight" from West Side Story stuck in my head. They have 3 shows out of 7 this year that I want to see!
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Tee. There is ticker-ness.

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3-Day: I have been slacking on my training for the last couple of weeks, between preparing for finals and taking trips. I am teh sux0rz. On the fundraising front, my little thermometer is currently sitting at $2270 of $3300, formerly $2200. Why yes, Virginia, that means I have met my minimum, thanks to quite a few of you lovely folks! The fundraising link is on the sidebar of my journal page, and I'll repost it later today, as I missed the first Monday of the month.

Crafting: I finished the Reid for [ profile] pixelwench's fundraising auction and started a new project last weekend - an Easy Lace Duster in KnitPicks Merino Style, in Coal. I finished the back last night and started one of the fronts, plus I've done the two lace cuffs for the sleeves.

Family: Joyce and Jeff get into town tomorrow night, so we'll be having resident company on and off for the next week-ish. The nephew podling was in the hospital ER for a few hours last week with a crazy-high fever, but all seems to be well now (or if it's not, nobody's told me otherwise). My grandmother and her platonic lifemate get into town on the 30th, passing through on their way to an Alaskan cruise, and Dan's family arrives the next day to stay for just over a week. Ari went to Vegas this weekend and, as I requested, brought me back more "Hello Kitty" style Star Trek t-shirts like my "Qapla' Klingon" one - a Ferengi one that says "What's in it for me?", a Vulcan one that says "Live Long and Prosper", and a Borg one that says "Get assimilated". I squee'ed.

Gaming: Kedria's L31 now. Other than that, not much.

New Years' Goal: Crappy. But I'm currently within 6 pounds of my goal range. (Well, more specifically, I've been keeping to most of the subgoals just fine, but I've not been tracking any of it.)

Reading: I've plowed through about 3/4 of the works of James Patterson lately, and have started rereading everything that Matthew Reilly has written. I think some Harry Turtledove rereads will be next, plus I have all the Little House books out of the library.

School: I took three of my finals last Wednesday, and the other three are tonight. Summer quarter starts at the end of the month, and I'll be taking 4 terminology courses (Female Reproductive, Nervous, Endocrine and Musculoskeletal Systems), HIV/AIDS, and Medical Insurance Billing.

Watching: Lots. Last weekend, I rented five movies from Blockbuster on Saturday, watched and returned them, and rented 3 more on Sunday. I've finally concluded that I need to stop trying to watch collaborations between Tim Burton and Johnny Depp. Dan and I have started watching season 1 of 24, and Sunnie came to our Babylon-5 viewing night last week.

Wedding: I'll be checking out our photographer's portfolio at GenCon, and Sammy and I came to an arrangement about wedding catering. (Of course, shortly thereafter, Dan grumped about me not consulting him about food, as he doesn't remember that I said "Sandwich board, appetizers, desserts?" and he said that sounded fine. But we've got time to make alterations if necessary.) Need to collaborate with Joyce and Anjela - hopefully we can squeeze in a bit of fabric shopping while Joyce is in town!

Work: Pretty light. We're in my downtime half of the year, but I've got some non-urgent stuff I've been working on. There's a big scary baby shower today that I've been roped into helping with. o.O I'm not sure how this happened. First, I wasn't going. Then I was going. Then I was going and bringing a giant fruit salad (which was actually kind of fun to make). Now I'm helping set it all up too. Ay, well. I don't really have much else to do. :)


23 May 2006 10:33 am
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As I'm sure most of you know by now, I have two cats in the vicinity of four and a half years old. (They're six months apart, so I tend to average their ages.)

Valor is the orange tabby on the left, and the older of the two. Sometimes I think he thinks he's a dog. He almost never makes any vocalizations, unless something is Terribly Wrong like he's all wet or in a cat carrier. Or if he sees me go to bed. He's seriously the world's biggest mama's boy - if he sees me go into our bedroom and shut the door and not come right back out, he'll cry and paw at the door. Drives Dan bonkers, because he doesn't meow - it's this horrible SOMEONE IS KILLING ME RIGHT NOW IN A VERY GORY MANNER AND THEY DIDN'T EVEN GIVE ME TUNA FISH FIRST yowl. He's also afraid of heights, and likes to snuggle with me, especially when I'm trying to do something else. And he gives me kisses. He's not the brightest crayon in the box though - he still hasn't figured out that eating the artificial Christmas tree makes his tummy upset, and that just because the fake tree and the broom sorta LOOK like plants, that doesn't mean they're edible. But he's a sweetheart.

Baine (his full name is Valor's Baine, creative spelling intentional) is the brown and grey tabby on the right, younger by 6 months. I'm pretty sure he's mostly Maine Coon, because he's HUGE (16.5 pounds!) and dramatically fluffy, and he never grew into the size of his paws. He's a big stickler for feline dignity. Hates to have his fur ruffled, very rarely tolerates pets for more than a minute or two and gets VERY indignant if he's picked up. But if he doesn't feel that people are admiring him enough, he'll do this. If someone is in the shower and doesn't close the bathroom door tight, he'll wait in there to make sure they don't drown. And when he was younger, he learned that if he body-checked [ profile] joyce's door hard enough, he could open it. (Alas, he learned this at night, and [ profile] joyce woke the rest of the house up screaming when her door banged open at 2 in the morning. He doesn't do that much anymore though.) He potty-trained himself when he was about 8 months old, and for a year, we lived in a house with a sign on the toilet lid reading "If you can see this, the cat will pee in the sink. Please lift the lid. And stop laughing, we can hear you from the living room. It's not our fault, he trained himself. We said stop laughing!" He got over his "I'm too good to pee in the catbox" thing though once we moved out of that place, but he would still rather pee in the toilet than the box. Can I tell you how weird it is to have to wait for your cat to be done in the bathroom when you're getting ready for work in the morning?

Oh. He was named Valor's Baine because I got him the day Valor got fixed, so 7-week-old Baine was all bouncing around and wanting to play, while doped-out Valor (who was about a quarter-pound into the 6-to-12-pound sedative dose, so he'd gotten enough sedative to knock out a cat almost twice his size) just wanted to sleep, and Baine just wouldn't back off and Valor was too dopey to do anything like bat him away or even hiss. (But not too dopey to try to jump onto the windowsill when I wasn't looking. See aforementioned "not brightest crayon in box".)

Sometimes I feel kinda bad that Valor gets more pets and cuddles than Baine does, but then it occurs to me that if Baine wanted more pets and cuddles than he gets, he would probably come over for pets, or jump into my lap, or even not struggle like mad when I pick him up or run away when I go to him for pets. But Baine didn't get so stand-offish til he was a year and a half old or so - before that, he was a mama's boy too.
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Do you prefer salty snacks or sweet snacks? What kinds of snacks do you like?

What is your favorite article of clothing and why?

If you could take any 7 people you know (friends or family) on a week-long vacation, who would you take and where would you go?
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Yoinked from [ profile] songs_of_winter, though it goes around all the time...

001. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
002. I will respond by asking you five questions of a very intimate and creepily personal nature. Or not so creepy/personal.
003. You WILL update your LJ with the answers to the questions.
004. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the post.
005. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

Answers to Miz Em's questions: )

Questions from [ profile] telesilla:
Read more... )
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3-Day: Training is going well. The weather is getting to the point where I prefer to walk outside rather than in, as long as it's not raining. I've found that if I make a loop from my house to Crossroads by one road and back by another, it's about 3.25 miles - the last couple of days, I've been walking to do errands like returning movies to Blockbuster and books to the library to get my walking done. On the fundraising front, my little thermometer is currently sitting at $1595 of $2200. The fundraising link is on the sidebar of my journal page, and I'll repost it the first Monday of each month (namely, tomorrow). I've made some discoveries about things I've been doing unconsciously that have been causing pain, and working to implement possible solutions.

Crafting: I have about an inch and a half, plus toe shaping, left to go on a sock I've been working on for months :P (I put it down and procrastinated about picking it up again - but it's sock #2, so I'm trying to power through it.) I'm on the hem parts of the summer Eris, with 1 cable corner of 4 done and the second one in progress - after that, just the sleeves will be left. I finally found the duster pattern I had that I've been looking for, and I need to pick a good kid's sweater pattern.

Family: Dan did not tell his parents I was pregnant for April Fool's this year. *whew* I have plane tickets to go visit my grandmother in Arizona in May, and I'm looking forward to that. I need to find out the dates of Dan's family's visit this summer, because there's a training camp I'd like to go to if the two don't overlap.

New Years' Goal: Stellar. Not only have I been meeting my goals at 100% for six weeks straight, that means I got a 100% for the month of March.

Reading: I have a hyoooge pile of library books. I finished "And the Dead Will Rise" and started "The Lady and the Unicorn."

School: Quarter starts tomorrow. I'll be taking 2 anatomy/terminology classes, patient scheduling, front office basics, Coding 1, and....I'm totally drawing a blank on the last one. Feh. (Edit: The last one is Medical Records and Correspondence.) For winter quarter, I got an overall 3.75 GPA, bringing my cumulative GPA to 3.83.

Watching: I watched "Memoirs of a Geisha" this weekend, and liked the movie much better than I remember liking the book. That said, I haven't read the book since it came out. I may reread it. I've also been watching Ice Princess and The 4400 - cute and interesting, respectively.

Wedding: Same old. I am not a bridezilla.

Work: I got a raise effective April 1 :)
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The last sleeve attachment and the edging ended up only taking 3/4 of a movie - on the other hand, it was the extended version of Return of the King, so it's the equivalent to a movie and a half, so I was STILL right on. Rawr. :)

This weekend, I wash and block.

And tomorrow, the 2006 (Knitting) Olympics start!

PS: I hate knitting attached I-cord edging. I did before, and this has not changed.
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I said earlier: Let's see...half a movie to finish sleeve 1....a movie and a half for the first part of sleeve 2....

Sure 'nuff - finishing sleeve 1 took an hour of Resident Evil Apocalypse (including the sleeve seam), and the first part of sleeve 2 took Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and about half of Mulan. Rawr.
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Background: I have a Super Sekrit Knitting Project that I want to have finished before the 10th so it's out of the way in time for the Olympic Knitting Challenge. I need to finish sleeve 1, knit all of sleeve 2 (including another band of the awesomest cabling EVAR), put the whole thing together, and knit an edging on it. Plus I have to pick up the knitting needles for the Olympic Rogue.

It is now the 7th. I have three evenings to finish the SSKP.

Let's see. I get home from work at 5, and I go to bed around 11....that's 18 hours to finish the Super Sekrit Project if I don't do anything else. :) Let's see...half a movie to finish sleeve 1....a movie and a half for the first part of sleeve 2....3 movies for the rest of sleeve 2....a movie for assembly, and a movie for the edging. That's 7 movies, averaging around 2 hours per movie, so I should even have time to eat! :)

And yes, that's how I estimate how long it takes me to knit any particular project.

"How long did that take you so far?"
"I watched Moulin Rouge, Philadelphia, the 10th anniversary Les Miserables concert, and Blazing Saddles." or "A season and a half of Smallville."

This is actually part of why I'm starting a knitting scrapbook - so I can keep track of what I'm watching while I'm knitting :)
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[Poll #665430]

PS: "Ticky button!" is "Yes" in I-don't-know-them-but-I-want-to-click-a-button-ese. :)
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So I've come to a conclusion, after knitting for three years myself and seeing lots of people knit in public.

I think Anjela and I are the only people I've ever seen knitting continental-style. (Though Emma, I can't actually remember whether you continental-knit or English-knit. *blush*) Anjela and I are also the fastest (not necessarily most prolific, but speediest) knitters I know.

Any time I see someone knitting on the bus, they are universally knitting English-style. (In English-style knitting, the needle and yarn are on the same side, so one has to let go of one's needle and manually move the yarn around it to form the stitch, while in Continental knitting, the yarn is on the opposite side and one simply reaches across and scoops up the yarn WITH the needle. More specific comparison found here.) I don't.....GET it. I honestly don't understand the advantage of English-style knitting - it takes way more effort. And this morning on the bus, I finished 3 rows of 200 or so stitches in the same length of time it took the lady across the aisle to finish 3 rows of about 24 stitches - because she had to stop every stitch and manhandle her yarn.

Can someone who English-knits explain to me the advantages over continental-style? I mean, I'm totally willing to accept that there may be a spectacular benefit that has just never occured to me - but I can't fathom what it would be. :)


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