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Can I tell you how awesome it would be if Seattle-ites did not forget how to drive at the first drop of rain.

It should not take me an hour to get home from First Hill. :P Even at rush hour.
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In today's edition of "Things That Make You Go WTF"...

In .... oh, 2002? I spent the holiday season working at a calendar store. As such, I flipped through every dang datebook the store carried, because absolutely NOBODY is at the mall shopping for calendars at 9am on the first Saturday in November, and I was frequently bored. At some point, I picked up the Seattle datebook. Now, the company has a line of several city themed datebooks, and at least the Seattle one is black with a red foil imprint of the city skyline on the cover. Part of the gimmick is that it has info about the city in it, such as contact info for the city government, transportation, and tourist information. I was shocked, in late 2002, to see that the Seattle datebook still provided contact information for the Kingdome. For the link-slow, the Kingdome done got blowed up in March 2000.

So I just happened to notice the 2008 Seattle Datebook in the hospital gift shop. Same black and red cover. On a hunch, I picked it up......

Sure 'nuff, it gives a phone number and address for the Kingdome.
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*bouncy dance*

I get to go to a museum tomorrow! *bounce dance boogie*
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Weird of the Day:

A Jehovah's Witness (or at least, someone representing them, as he was handing out copies of The Watchtower and has been doing so on the same street corner for at least two and a half years) wearing a t-shirt reading "Otaku: Get Your Freak On".
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So on I-90, there's a large bridge between Mercer Island and Seattle proper, with a tunnel at each end. When I drive to work, I go through this tunnel, and when I come out on the Seattle side, there's a sign reading


I'm not quite sure what this sign wants.

Is it reminding me to turn on my headlights now that I'm out of the tunnel, as the tunnel is reasonably well lit? But if it's dark enough to warrant headlights when I come out, it would most likely have been dark enough to warrant them when I went in, and would it really be worth turning off the headlights for the minute or less it takes to get through the tunnel?

Or maybe it's reminding me to turn them off, because while the tunnel is reasonably well lit, I can see why one would want the headlights on when driving through it anyway, coz well, it's a tunnel. But...who cares if the headlights are on during the day? I mean, my mom's car has headlights that DON'T turn off. Car is on, ergo headlights are on. And I can't see any big deal with having them on during the day. It's not like they're going to hurt anyone.

So what's up with the sign, brain trust? And why is the question mark on a second line? :)
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Dang. o.O

Initiative 957

If passed by Washington voters, the Defense of Marriage Initiative would:

* add the phrase, "who are capable of having children with one another" to the legal definition of marriage;
* require that couples married in Washington file proof of procreation within three years of the date of marriage or have their marriage automatically annulled;
* require that couples married out of state file proof of procreation within three years of the date of marriage or have their marriage classed as "unrecognized;"
* establish a process for filing proof of procreation; and
* make it a criminal act for people in an unrecognized marriage to receive marriage benefits.

The Washington Defense of Marriage Alliance seeks to defend equal marriage in this state by challenging the Washington Supreme Court’s ruling on Andersen v. King County. This decision, given in July 2006, declared that a "legitimate state interest" allows the Legislature to limit marriage to those couples able to have and raise children together. Because of this "legitimate state interest," it is permissible to bar same-sex couples from legal marriage.

The way we are challenging Andersen is unusual: using the initiative, we are working to put the Court’s ruling into law. We will do this through three initiatives. The first would make procreation a requirement for legal marriage. The second would prohibit divorce or legal separation when there are children. The third would make the act of having a child together the legal equivalent of a marriage ceremony.

Absurd? Very. But there is a rational basis for this absurdity. By floating the initiatives, we hope to prompt discussion about the many misguided assumptions which make up the Andersen ruling. By getting the initiatives passed, we hope the Supreme Court will strike them down as unconstitional and thus weaken Andersen itself. And at the very least, it should be good fun to see the social conservatives who have long screamed that marriage exists for the sole purpose of procreation be forced to choke on their own rhetoric.

On the one hand, I can sort of see the angle - on the other, the statement we hope the Supreme Court will strike them down as unconstitutional makes me a mite nervous - what happens if it backfires? :P (Answer: Thirty years from now, Dan and I will be preparing for our 10th wedding. Heh.)
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Oh, man. A construction crane collapsed in Bellevue last night, killing one man and damaging four buildings heavily. They haven't figured out what caused the collapse yet.
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Dear Seattle:
Please warm up. I'm registered for an 8k walk Sunday morning, and it'd be really nice if I didn't have to do that in a damn parka. Also, stop raining. 45 and rainy is not happy Ginger weather.
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And in random news today, the county I live in was officially renamed. Now instead of being King County, after some William Rufus DeVane King dude who was apparently a slaveholder, it's Martin Luther King Junior County after, well, duh.

How the heck am I going to fit "Martin Luther King Junior County" into all those state forms that want to know what county I live in? :P

Edit: Apparently the renaming was voted on as a bill 19 years ago, but only signed into actual LAW this morning.


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