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*loads up*

*looks up My People*

Julian, NC: 94.
Muncie, IN: 91.
Holt, MI: 89.
Denver, CO: 86.

Bellevue, WA: .... 64.

*temper tantrum*

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I appreciate the Denver airport for their plethora of available electrical outlets (Midway had, like, NONE), but I do not appreciate the fact that they KEEP LEAVING THE DAMN DOORS OPEN. People, it is 34 degrees outside, according to the pilot. Ah well - boarding in fifteen min or so.
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I woke up late this morning, didn't get a chance to stop and pick up some soup for lunch like I'd intended - just threw yet another container of applesauce in my bag. So I figured I'd go to the cafeteria. They have soup every day, relatively cheap.

Soup of the day: Chicken coconut curry. Alas, I don't like coconut or curry. (Note to self: The soups the rest of the week were things like salmon bisque, french onion, and split pea. Pick up some damn canned soup on your way home. But Friday has clam chowder, which is much yummy pastede on yay.)

Maybe pudding! They have pudding every day too!

Pudding of the day: Tapioca. Yuk.

Does the salad bar have applesauce on it today? Maybe I could get more applesauce.

Applesauce: Not on the salad bar today.

Hrm. I don't really LIKE cottage cheese, but I could eat it, and it would be protein.

Cottage cheese: All gone, except for one that looks.......not edible.

Side note: The ONE time the cafeteria has a GOOD kind of pizza - sausage and pepperoni - instead of something weird like pineapple and feta, or olives and canadian bacon, or anchovies and onions (??) naturally HAS to be a day when I can't eat solid food and would cheerfully trade my mother for a piece of pizza I could eat.


Lunch: A carton of chocolate milk and a tiny container of applesauce.
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I feel crappy, and I think I pulled something in my shoulder this morning trying to turn off Dan's alarm clock. WTF Dan's alarm clock was doing going off at 5:30am when DAN HADN'T EVEN GONE TO BED YET, I have no idea. But I am tired and cranky and ouchful and my tummy hurts and I do not want to go to work and I have to anyway.

Ok, I'm done whining for the moment. Carry on.

PS. Dear hip, don't you even fucking DARE.
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Rent tonight!
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Today feels like it should be a Friday.
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Nyarr. Today is bad.
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Is it time to go home yet? Rgh.
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Augh. Tired. Plus I need to stay up late tonight, so I can go to bed early tomorrow, so I can get up ASS early on Wednesday...*sleepy girl*
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I hate when the Blue Angels come to town. :P
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I am SO not ready for it to be time to get up yet.
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I am FREEZING. *sniff*
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Okay. Back to the day going SO SLOW part. *facepalm*

less than two hours left....
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ooooomigawd. Is it time to go home yet? Today is going SO slow. *facepalm*
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Urk. *dies*

Going to try - really really try - to stay awake til 9.

After that, all bets are off.
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Okay. A few deep breaths, some helpful comments, 2 phone calls and a bit of caffeine later, I am less frazzled. This is doable. Two more days. I can handle two more days.

Contemplating a trip downtown at lunchtime to pick up lunch from Mrs Fields and See's. :P
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It is way too early in the day for today to be sucking as hardcore badly as it is already.

Update: Okay. It's looking up slightly. At least my boyfriend's car isn't going to get towed out of our parking spot today because I couldn't move it for repavement because he took the keys with him. Still need to find out if they're going to need it moved while we're gone, because towing fee plus 2.5 weeks worth of storage fees are not a pleasant thing to come home from vacation to find, and if so, to figure out how I'm going to be able to move it. AAA can unlock it for me, but that doesn't do any good if I can't turn it on.

Dear Ginger: Thou shalt not cry at work. This is dumb. Yes, it's been a shitty week. Cope.
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Mrgh. Dying of sleepiness.

Want nap.
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gah, today is going SOOOOO slow! *facepalm*


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