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ATTENTION [ profile] 38 AND [ profile] amazonqueenkate.

I feel the need to share this picture with you both.

I assume you can figure out why :)
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ATTENTION [ profile] 38 AND [ profile] amazonqueenkate.

I feel the need to share this picture with you both.

I assume you can figure out why :)
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Packing wizardry!

Ages ago, I got a 24" duffle bag from Target for like $10. It's been insanely useful. Last night I started packing for Florida, and as of this morning, it contains ten pairs of underwear, seven pairs of socks, a pair of jeans, 7 tank tops, 5 t-shirts, 2 long-sleeved shirts, a light hoodie, a pair of PJ pants, a dress, a bathing suit and cover up, a power strip, Zombie Dice ... and a Kitchenaid stand mixer.
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Oh my god.

Game of Thrones Muppet Mashup.

Tyrion Fozzister is cracking me up:
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*dying of lolarity*

So I use Google Voice, which intercepts my voicemail then (a) texts me an automated transcription attempt of same and (b) emails me the automated transcription attempt and the voicemail file as an MP3. It is not a person attempting to transcribe the voicemail - just a computer. So it frequently comes out REALLY FUNNY.

The transcription I just got, emphasis mine:

Hi. This is burning. Griffin, managing director at the 5th Ave, theater, reminding you that today. You can give. Hey, and help us there between stretch dollars from the Seattle Foundation, every dollar you gave today. Chow, naked guest today between 7 AM and 9 9 And you know also be eligible to win two girls, The, feeling the IS. And in overnight okay bye bye. Please visit Ave dot org, and click on is based on our homepage, and you're halfway to making us the winner. We need your help to support this wonderful Theater. We all love. Thank you for your friendship, and support of the 5th Ave, bye bye to be removed from our phone list, you may call 1(800) 679-0847.


(My brain, she is already on vacation.)
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Amusement of the morning:

My packing list for my vacation in Orlando in July includes my winter comforter, several wool sweaters, and my stand mixer.
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There's something a little funny to me that I can't even quite articulate about a single purchase in my checklane at Target consisting of, in its entirety: beer, condoms, a pregnancy test, and diapers. Not in a negative way, necessarily - just .... amusing.
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Ari and I were going to go see Green Lantern after I got out of work tonight. However, we'd both heard neutral reviews at best, and more bad than otherwise. So when we got to the box office and my nerd-dar pinged the box office dude as a comic nerd (which he confirmed in his own words), the following conversation ensued.

Him: What are you guys seeing tonight?
Me: Depends. How was Green Lantern?
Him: Sucked.
Me: Really?
Me: Okay, hang on. We'll confer.

Ari and I step aside to discuss and agree that we do not want to pay full evening 3D price for a movie that the comic nerd in the box office says blows goats, and decide to see Super 8 instead. We get back in line.

Him: So what'd you decide?
Me: Is Super 8 a better choice?
Him: Significantly.
Me: Rock on. One please.

Super 8 was quite enjoyable, and I think we made the right decision. Thanks, comic nerd box office guy!
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Oh my god this is effing hilarious

Children's parody book "Go the F--k to Sleep"

available as a free audiobook


*dies and is ded of lolarity*
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Oh, how do I want these, let me count the ways.
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ginger: It has been two weeks since my last Qdoba.
ari: That sounds like the start of a confession.
ginger: *smirk*

Ari and I are now writing the Holy Book of the Burrito.

The First Psalm:

Thus sayeth the Jew:

1. Qdoba is my shepherd; I shall not starve.
2. It maketh me to sit down in wooden booths: it leadeth me beside the delicious food.
3. It restoreth my soul: it leadeth me in the paths of contentedness for its name's sake.
4. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of Chipotle, I will fear no crappy tacos: for thou art with me. Thy tortilla and thy queso sauce, they comfort me.
5. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine other options. Thou anointest my head with salsa; my Coke runneth over.
6. Surely goodness and deliciousness shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of Qdoba forever.

In the name of the taco, and of the burrito, and of the holy salsa, amen.
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Ari: *reaches out to pick up a twine bag full of decorative spheres* That's nifty.
Ginger: "It's a sack of balls."
Ari: "...moving on."
Ginger: "Oh, tell me you didn't see that one coming."
Ari: "...moving on again."
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Yes, I converse with my anthropomorphized possessions.

Marcus: "Do we really have to keep randomizing Marian Call ALL DAY?"

Me: "Yes. Yes, we do. Shut up and play."

Marcus: "Really? I am a PORTABLE COMPUTING DEVICE. You have Shuffles for this sort of thing."


Marcus: "Okay, but my battery will last longer if you abuse Lyta and Talia instead. Bitch."

Me: ".... ok, I'll let that go on account of you're speaking sense, but you beHAVE. I do not put up with cheeky electronics."
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Disclaimer: No energy beverages were involved in the making of this conversation.

Backstory: Ari is picking up my hair dye for me because the conveniently located Hot Topic closed down. I am picking up his hat post-cleaning for him because I will go past the Byrnie Utz hat shop after work.

(12:04] ginger: the hot topic on broadway is at 401 Broadway EAST.
[12:04] ginger: The Hot Topic is on the OTHER SIDE OF CAPITAL HILL.
[12:04] ginger: NOT MY SIDE.
[12:42] ari: Check. :)
[12:42] ginger: ALSO, I need a false nose and moustache.
[12:42] ari: Yeah, I know where HT is, I think. Broadway near where I used to love... wha?
[12:42] ari: er...
[12:42] ari: live.
[12:43] ari: I think I went there once in preparation for going to the Merc the one time I went there.
[12:43] ginger: that's sort of vaguely ... song-ish.
[12:43] ginger: "Once upon a time, there was a Hot Topic, near Broadway, near where I used to looooooooooooove...."
[12:43] ari: :D
[12:43] ginger: (Did I mention that I am way silly today?)
[12:43] ari: Hadn't thought of that.
[12:43] ari: I was beginning to suspect. :)
[12:44] ginger: In case the false moustache didn't give it away?
[12:44] ari: So, wait. Do you want me to pick one up at HT or not? I'm confused. :)
[12:45] ginger: wait, what?
[12:45] ginger: dude, there were like twelve conversations in there.
[12:45] ginger: HT is for hair dye
[12:45] ari: Heh. :)
[12:45] ari: And bleach.
[12:45] ginger: false nose is for Ginger is silly
[12:45] ari: Oh, ok. :)
[12:45] ginger: Broadway is for looooooooooooove
[12:45] ginger: and Byrnie Utz is for hats.
[12:45] ari: (is cracking up)
[12:46] ginger: (*is too*)
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Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again with expectation of different results.

Dear Ginger:

NO, when you stay up until midnight, you will NOT be well-rested the next day when your alarms go off at 6am. It may be totally worthwhile in some cases, which is cool, but "rested" just ain't gonna happen.

Today (work 8-4, work 5-11) is going to be a long em-effing day. *zzzz*
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My library says:

Starting today KCLS offers books by Fax! Simply go to the catalog, search for a title and click on the “Fax it to me!” button. Within 15 minutes you should start to receive your book by Fax. Later this month we will also start our music by Fax service-simply turn the volume up on your Fax machine and listen to the music! Movies by fax will be available soon. We fax you the movie and you turn it into a flip book!
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I had two customers and a coworker today inform me that they did not believe me when I said I was 30 - two of them insisted I couldn't be older than 20 or 21, and the third just KNEW I had to be a senior in high school.

Cracked me up. Go go gadget awesome genes.
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What? Perseus ends up with IO?? WTF.

Once the canon is over two thousand years old, you should just LEAVE IT BE.



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