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(Note: I'm talking fit like comfortable to wear as-is with no tailoring, not fit like available in the correct size.)

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Feel free to expound in comments, of course.
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An AMA post has me wondering a couple of things, braintrust.

1. Localized disaster (fire, flood, who knows) is heading your way. You have ten minutes to grab up what you can carry (bags are okay, but someone in your household has to carry it all, no cars or vehicles) and get out - what will you grab, and how well would you be prepared if this happened today with no notice?

2. Do you have some sort of record of your belongings in the event that you have a fire, flood, break-in, whatever and have to make a claim with your homeowner/renter insurance? If so, what kind of documentation do you have, and how specific did you get? "400 paperback books" vs a detailed list of book/author, for example, or serial numbers on electronics, things like that. Do you keep pictures of your belongings with this record?
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So, as previously mentioned, one of my New Year's goals this year is to do things that are touristy, and I have several various travels planned. As such, I have decided to follow in the footsteps of [ profile] kitiara's Willard and [ profile] yesthatjill's Flat Sara and designate a dinosaur companion to accompany me on these travels and have his picture taken in many places.

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In keeping with the movie theme, f'list, riddle me this:

If you could only watch three movies again ever, but you could watch them as many times as you wanted, what would they be?

ETA my own answers, as of right this moment: Keeping the Faith, Sliding Doors, and Dangerous Beauty. The first two are pretty well cemented - the third one occasionally changes.
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If I were to have a ringtone for you in my cell phone, consisting of 1-4 lines of a song lyric (or other music), what would it be?
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Scenario: You are at work in a 5-floor office building where each floor has one restroom labeled "Men" and one restroom labeled "Women." You go to use the restroom and find that the restroom you would normally use is blocked off and posted as closed for cleaning.

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I was thinking about The Crying Game this morning, and for some reason, it left me pondering, and wanting to hear other folks' pondering, about the nature of romantic love between people who are sexually incompatible (... I can't get in trouble for spoilers on an 18 year old movie, can I?) ) Or, really, any other incompatibility that is long-term and largely not changeable, be it physical, emotional, mental or something else - this was the first one that sprang to mind.

But further thoughts left me totally unaware of where I might post this, as far as LJ communities go, to get the sort of intelligent discussion I was interested in without being bombarded by inanity or hassled about my White Cis Hetero Privilege or something. (Speaking of which, apply disclaimers as appropriate to the asterisks behind the cut, I'm aware I made assumptions based on evidence and may well be wrong.)

And also, I figure that being on my f'list, you guys have figured out that I am not always the best at wording things and that if I come off like a total jackass in any of my phrasings by accident, you will go "Uh, hey, your pants are showing..." rather than immediately turn around and post me to [ profile] sf_drama :P
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1. Are you "brand-loyal" when it comes to gas stations, or just whatever's close at hand when you're ready to fill up?
2. What sort of price difference (per gallon/liter) are you willing to go out of your way for to get cheaper gas?
3. Do you keep track of your gas mileage, either down to the decimal points or just a loose estimate in your head?
4. How big is the gas tank on the vehicle you primarily drive?

my answers )
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Preliminary stipulations for the purposes of this poll:

For question 1, a device that makes phone calls without Skype or some other VOIP software counts as a cell phone, regardless of whatever other features it may have. Yes, the iPhone may have features that make it usable as a PDA, MP3 player, etc etc, but for the purposes of this poll, it ONLY counts as a cell phone.

For questions 2 and 3, I'm asking only about ways and features that you USE your phone. If your phone *can* do a particular thing, but you don't use that feature, it doesn't count. Example: My phone has a calendar where I can schedule my appointments, but I don't use it, so I would not check that I use my phone as a calendar or as a PDA replacement.

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So on today's episode of "Who's acting inappropriately?"

Jane goes out to eat with her mother. As her mother is paying the check, the male waiter leans over to Jane, pointing out the scars on her inner arms, and says "I can see your arms and I want to let you know I can help you. I've been there. I hope you quit soon, but if you have trouble, here is my number." Hands her his number and walks away.

Upon arriving home, Jane calls the restaurant manager and tells her about Waiter's comment, adding that she found it inappropriate and offensive. The manager agrees on both counts, apologizes profusely and assures her that Waiter will be spoken to.

Who's the ass -- Waiter, for getting nosy, or Jane, for reporting a just-trying-to-help Waiter to his boss? And does it make a difference that Jane's scars are from a heroin addiction from which she is now one year clean?

Scenario yoinked from a community post elsewhere.
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If cucumbers are vegetables and pickles are jazzed-up cucumbers ...
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A question of etiquette! (Southern ladies, I'm lookin' at you!)

Bride gets contacted by a female Relative of her future husband, who explains that Relative would like to host a wedding shower in Bride's honor, with the intention of introducing her to other female relatives of said future husband. As such, Bride's mother is not on the invitation list. Bride gets all puffed up and informs Relative that if her mother is not invited, Bride will not attend either.

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Does your opinion change based on their physical proximity to each other -- whether they all live in the same town or one of the three (Bride, Relative or Mother) lives elsewhere? Does your opinion change if the Bride will end up having more than one wedding shower thrown in her honor?
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Caveat: Disregarding extenuating circumstances or specific persons or whether you're already partnered/married or the part where in 46 states you can't marry someone of the same physical sex as you and all that jazz. This is a purely generalized black-and-white question. But do feel free to elaborate or extenuate or something in comments :)

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Where do you go clothes-shopping?
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If you discovered that your significant other were a bona fide superhero -- think Spiderman, Superman, Batman, etc -- would that be a dealbreaker for you?

Think about it -- they're on-call to save the fair city of New Gothamopolis 24-7, a life fraught with danger, supervillains plotting their demise at every turn... strutting around in skin-tight spandex in front of God and country all the time... having to always be paranoid about concealing the secret identity...

Could you deal with it? Would it matter if they had Powers, a la Spidey or Superman, or No Powers, like Batman?
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For "spouse", I'm willing to accept those of you who are in relationships where you might as well be married as well as those of you who actually are married.

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Caveat: By "Masonic organizations," I mean any of them - the Masonic Brotherhood themselves as well as the Order of the Eastern Star, Rainbow, Job's Daughters, or DeMolay.

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If you wanted a laptop sleeve - not a full bag, but merely a sleeve that you could tuck into an existing bag - what sort of features would you want on such a sleeve, if any? Pockets for accessories and cords, lace, bells, fringe? Or would you prefer simply a plain slipcase with no extra pockets, frills or furbelows?


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