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Why It Is A Good Idea To Return Your Own Rented Movies: A Cautionary Tale.
by Ginger

Once upon a time, there was a princess who had rented a (not very good) movie from the Royal Video Store. She asked either her husband or the palace bootboy to return it for her, but she forgot which one.

After a few days, she got a call from the Royal Video Store, asking where their movie was? She said "It should have been returned a couple of days ago." They looked, but could not find it.

The princess saith unto the husband and the palace bootboy, "Which one of you did I ask to return this movie for me?"

The palace bootboy said "Oh, oh, it was me! And I returned it on Tuesday!"

But the Royal Video Store was not pleased, and still could not find the movie, and lo! the princess was obliged to pay fifteen gold coins, a sum far exceeding the movie's actual worth, as a replacement fee for the missing movie.

Then, a year later, the princess happened to glance into her husband's carriage on her way out to run errands, and poof: there was the missing video on the floor of his backseat.

Now the princess is the grumpy owner of a movie that was pretty much drek to begin with, out her fifteen gold coins, and not sure whether she's more mad at the husband for forgetting to return the movie, or the palace bootboy for having assured her that he did when he really didn't. Feh.
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Community pet peeve Part 2:

When someone who is not American posts a story to [ profile] customers_suck that happens to involve an American tourist, why does half the community turn out to comment "I apologize on behalf of America" and "Not all Americans suck!" Gah.
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Effing ARGH.
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Dear Seattle:

News flash. It is fucking June. Why am I still having to wear my fucking COAT in the pouring fucking RAIN in fucking JUNE. I hate you.


I should have moved somewhere with a summer. *scowl*
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Can someone please pass a message to the trio? Because "through the grapevine" is literally the only chance I have at attempting to communicate with them.

This morning, I - again - stubbed my toe on a tackle box in my living room, labeled in gold paint "De's Miniatures". It occurred to me - again - that said tackle box has been in our possession for almost two years - it was left in our spare room eight months before we moved, we moved it, and that move was over a year ago. I would've thought that De would have wanted her Miniatures back by now. But on the other hand, if De wanted her Miniatures back by now, someone certainly could have called us to say so. Our phone numbers haven't changed since they moved out here, though they changed theirs at least once or twice and not let us know. And I KNOW they have mine, since one of them called me two hours before my wedding for the first time in six months to wax poetic about how terrible they were for not keeping in touch, how they hadn't known the wedding was coming up, and oh by the way they just wanted to know, were they invited?

But ever since they moved out here, they rarely answered their phones. They never returned messages. We both called them repeatedly for TWO MONTHS to get them to give me back my desk that they borrowed, and when they did so, it was filthy. They've never even MENTIONED returning the $400-odd worth of computer parts that they borrowed "until they could get their own" two and a half years ago. And when we COULD get hold of them to make plans to hang out or whatever, they'd bail on us last minute - if we were lucky. More often, they'd just never show up.

I digress. Point is, can someone who still actually has a way to contact them let them know that they have two weeks to arrange with me for someone to retrieve De's Miniatures before I throw them away or donate them to the local game shop or something? (Don't just give me their phone number to call them, please - I'm not putting any effort into this after making this post. Been there, done that.)
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Gnar. I've been tired for like....three weeks. No matter how much sleep I get, it's crappy sleep, and I don't know why, and it's really starting to tick me off. And I'm having a hard time dragging my butt out of bed much before 7, which is okay for now when I'm driving to work and have to leave between 715 and 720, but isn't going to work at ALL next week when my coworker comes back and reclaims her parking pass and I have to be out the door no later than 645.
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I cannot begin to verbalize how cranky I am this morning.

That is all.


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