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When I am queen, no software anywhere, EVER, will include an initial "The" when alphabetizing lists. An optional setting to turn on the inclusion of an initial "The" is acceptable. But if no option is available, the default will be NOT to include it.

This brought to you by the annoyance of trying to alphabetize my movie list and having like .... half my movies filed under T. Dammit.
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Dear Microsoft Word:

I hate you. No, seriously. I utterly completely and totally despise you. Let's recap the last half-hour's issues:

1. This is a computer in a state office, so hardly top of the line technology, but it does have a 2.4gig processor and a half-gig of RAM. It should not take four minutes to scroll, using the scroll wheel of my mouse, two pages up.

2. It should not take forty-five seconds to switch from one MS Word document to the other.

3. It CERTAINLY should not take a minute and a half to copy and paste from one to the other, nor to change a block of text to red font.

4. And why the unholy cheesemonkeys does copying cells from one numbered table and pasting them to another numbered table not only remove the numbering in the second table, but replace the numbers with funky bullet points - IN THREE DIFFERENT STYLES?!

One of you Microsoft-working people, go find the Word team and shoot them in the kneecaps. Please.

(I would totally be using OpenOffice, if only I could expect it to be compatible with the macros I have to use to convert the Word docs into fee sheet format.)

Also, I would just like to say how totally unfair it is for someone in this open-plan office to be eating some super-delicious-smelling bbq and not have enough to share with everyone else.
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Argh. Something keeps utterly reeking of pot, and I can't figure out what it IS. Unless someone's managing to smoke pot in their cube up here on the fourth floor. But it's just whiffs here and there of super strong pot smell.


Today is not good.
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And the list of people what need to be slapped just keeps growin'.
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Posted here, so's not to go picking fights in other folks' journals who don't really need it right now:

I hate - HATE HATE HATE - when people think it's perfectly okay to bring their own high-horse agendas into other folks' journals and make with the lecturing. Just because I don't say, for example, "Hey, I'm gonna wear pink on Tuesday. PS, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DO NOT LECTURE ME ABOUT HOW EVIL YOU THINK WEARING PINK ON TUESDAY IS!" doesn't mean that it's okay for you (generic you) to flippin' lecture me about how evil it is to wear pink on Tuesdays and assume that I can't possibly have done any research on such a thing and that I just woke up some morning and went "Hey, I know, I'll wear pink on Tuesday just for the sheer hell of it because I have nothing better to do."

Keep your (again with the generic) agendas to places where they belong, people.

PS: I hate pink, so I would never wear pink on a Tuesday or any other day. Just sayin'.


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