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What's in your handbag/pockets?

A tube of hand lotion, my depo injection reminder, an empty ziploc bag (wtf?), a tube of Blistex, my wallet, a checkbook from a bank account I rarely use, a packet of gummy bears, four hair ties, five pens, a fine-tip sharpie, the plastic holder with my work badge and bus pass, four dollar bills, and $3.02 in change.

Normally Marcus, Lyta and a pair of earbuds are in there too, but right now I'm listening to Lyta, so she's clipped to my sweater, and Marcus is on my desk.

I have no pockets in my clothing, but my keys are in my jacket pocket.

My tote bag, in the car, has in it a pair of antler-carved hairpins (which got totally overshadowed in the Awesome Hair thing, but are pretty damn cool in their own right), my stats book, a folder with my stats homework, a clipboard and notepad, scientific calculator (can you tell what class I have a midterm in tonight?), a half-dozen pens and pencils, and one in-progress leg of a pair of knitted bloomers.
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More things that baffle me on the EDL paperwork requirements, which requires either one item off List A or two items off List B to prove state residence:

My Washington voter registration card is on List B and therefore not sufficient by itself to demonstrate that I am a Washington resident - but my cable bill or a PHONE BOOK containing my name are both on List A and would be acceptable stand-alone documentation. (... really? A phone book is better proof that I am a state resident than my voter registration card?)

My auto insurance policy counts as a supporting document for residence on List B, but my residential lease, my state-issued car registration, and my car's state-issued title are all expressly on the "unacceptable documents" list.

A transcript or report card for the current year from a Washington educational institution would work as a List B item - never mind that one does not actually have to be a Washington resident to attend a Washington educational institution.

And finally, my Washington driver's license, despite being used to prove my identity, does not appear on either List A or List B of state-resident-proving documentation.
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While I was in Nashville, I purchased a Christmas ornament and had the people I was there to see sign it with a Sharpie marker. I would like to preserve these signatures as a memento.

The ornament seems to be made of some sort of plastic or resin. I know there are sprays that I can use on it that will seal in the Sharpie, but I don't know what they are. If anyone has any suggestions, please be as specific as possible - I don't want to test stuff out and find that it doesn't work when the ink starts to run from it, y'know?
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[14:12] [ profile] pyran: FSM Nativity:
[14:13] me: well then.
[14:13] [ profile] pyran: Today I learned what the baby Flying Spaghetti Monster looked like.
[14:13] [ profile] pyran: And... my left monitor just went purple.
[14:13] me: whoops. It can't handle the baby flying spaghetti monster.
[14:14] [ profile] pyran: Today I also learned that His Noodly Appendages can cause purple on the monitors of those who try to see Him.
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For the last seven or eight years, I've never gotten any trick-or-treaters, probably due to apartment living. This year, the manager told me that she's opening the building to trick-or-treaters, so I picked up a couple bags of mini candy bars to hand out.

However, either none of them are coming in, or they did the trick-or-treating last night when I wasn't home. I wasn't actually WANTING to eat two bags of candy bars. Oi.
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Blargh. Okay. Lincoln canned George McClellan during the Civil War for, to be succinct, being overly cautious and thus not filling his duties to the degree required. Apparently another president since then has done the same thing to another general, or so my instructor implies by the question "Why did Lincoln fire McClellan (twice) and what precedent did that set for future generations? Name a future president that made a similar decision and name the person who he fired."

But I am drawing a complete and total blank on who else it would have been, my book only goes through 1877, and all the generals I can think of to look up in later conflicts were pretty good ones. Help?

Edit: Thanks to [ profile] swingkitten9 (and her husband) and [ profile] stmachiavelli -- I believe I have my answer!
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In happier news, it is Friday, I am acing my classes, I am meeting up with [ profile] swingkitten9 and [ profile] totheleft for pancakes on Sunday morning, and today is some dude's birthday so he brought in an entire conference room full of huge cookies, brownies and other various sugary treats and told the entire floor to have at. So my lunch has been ridiculously tasty lemon cheesecake and half of a chocolate peanut butter brownie that started out about the size of my face.

(Nobody I've asked so far actually knows who the birthday dude is or what department he belongs to. We may all have just gotten poisoned by an Outside Force. But my GOD are these treats tasty.)
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I have a deep and abiding adoration for the music from The Prince of Egypt. Such an excellent soundtrack.
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Okay. 4.0 aside, I am hardly a math whiz. So can someone explain to me why it is that adding a class with its associated fees caused my last two monthly tuition payments for this quarter to go DOWN?? Because I am just not getting that one.

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I started watching House MD recently. I'm enjoying it immensely.

... that is all.

Today is slow. (But luckily, very neutral so far. :P )
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This week has been such a yo-yo, and it's only Thursday.
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Random: Reading about transorbital lobotomies makes my eyeballs hurt :P

(I can't resist the userpic.)
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How do you know when you're a grownup?

When you CAN have nothing but potato chips for dinner ... but you don't really want to :)
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Why is it that when someone posts to a community "God, this jerkface I had to deal with today totally (didn't tip/didn't help an old lady across the street/kicked puppies)!"

There's always someone who has to respond with great detail about how THEY (always tip/always help old ladies across the street/never kick puppies)?
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In the Small World chronicles, my mom just informed me that my brother's stepdaughter's teacher this year used to babysit my brother and I when we were wee small toddlers.

This is only slightly less amusing than my discovery in 9th grade that my science teacher had been one of the first female students to take my dad's class when the school at which he was teaching high school physics started allowing women to take the higher math and science courses.
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[Poll #1375824]

I've always pronounced it one way, but the guy reading the audiobook I've been listening to on my commute for the last few days has pronounced it the other way a couple of times now, so I'm curious.
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... and this is what the paper comes up with to write about? Cripes.
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PSA: I don't particularly care for any of the options in this year's presidential debacle. As such, this is my reminder to myself that, with very few exceptions, I do not discuss politics with people that I like, and my reminder to my readers that I would greatly appreciate it if election-related commentary (especially election-related commentary that has nothing to do with my actual posts) was kept out of my LJ.

Thanks in advance :)

-The Management
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PSA to any students or knowers of students (or anyone who wants to pretend to be a student, whatever):

Microsoft is doing a student deal on their latest Office suite, details here. Windows users only, dangit, but it includes both the standards (Word, Excel) and some more specialized bits (accounting software, note-taking software, Publisher, Access, etc), all for $60.

You do need a .edu email address to get it, and the documentation *says* that you need to be currently enrolled and prepared to show proof of enrollment. That said, Apple's student documentation says that too, and I've never had to show it for online orders. So *shrug* who knows.
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2005. 2006.

Was gas really under $2 a gallon just two years ago? I can't remember. I do remember filling up my old minivan when I was 17 at under $1/gallon.

I'll end up paying $4.23ish when I stop for gas on my way home today, assuming the prices don't skyrocket from what I saw this morning on my way to work.



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