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Errands for tomorrow:

Return rental
Meet Ari, Ruby's, 9am - cinnamon roll french toast!
Trek out to Bothell to meet tow truck at Mira
Head down to the dealership in Southcenter to get Miss Mira as fixed up as possible
post office: send out secret santa gift, return Netflix

library: return book that is *cough* three months overdue *cough*
Bartell's: gauze pads and surgical tape, possibly ace bandage. Price out replacement ankles.
review pantry to amend holiday baking shopping list as necessary
ponder adding rice chex-ie (no gluten!) treats to holiday baking list, though it is already lengthy
Credit union to deposit Mr Pig
Bank to deposit check
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So the last 36 hours have been interesting, heh.

Mira and the Truck Drivin' Man: 1:45pm Thursday

I was stopped at a stoplight on the way to [ profile] lycantras's house for Thanksgiving dinner, with two pies in the hatchback and my new crockpot full of green bean casserole on the floor of the passenger side. All of a sudden I hear a loud THWACK and a loud grindy noise, and realize that I am being suddenly propelled forward car and all. After a second, it clicks that I have just been rear-ended by a semi, as given away by the GIANT MOTHER-EFFING SEMI GRILL that is all I can see in my rear view mirror, and that I am BY GOD STUCK ON ITS FRONT BUMPER, and I smack Mira's gearshift into neutral and start laying on the horn (meanwhile screaming WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU OH MY GOD YOU ASSHOLE.) After a block or so, he slows down, seeming to realize that oh hay that is not a bug on my car, and I am able to get back into gear and get free. I pulled into a parking lot, and he sllloooowwwwwly jacks around into the same parking lot.

Upon getting out of his truck, the first goddamn thing he says to me is "Your car is too small, how was I supposed to see it?" WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU OH MY GOD YOU ASSHOLE. He continued to make comments to that effect throughout the insurance-info-exchanging process, and I continued to say (very calmly) that while yes, my car IS small, she is still a licensed and registered road-worthy vehicle, and is at least five or six times the size of a motorcycle, and had he done the same thing to someone on a motorcycle he probably would have killed them, and that the size of other vehicles on the road does not negate his responsibility as a driver to BE AWARE OF THEM and not RUN THEM OVER AND SHOVE THEM DOWN THE DAMN HIGHWAY.

Paperwork and information exchanged, I went on my way (turns out the parking lot we pulled into is the very place to which he was supposed to be making his delivery) to Heather's and my low-tire-pressure light went on right about the time I got to her place. I was pretty sure the tire was toast. I took in the pies and the surviving green bean casserole, mopped up the spilled casserole with a handful of paper towels and a handful of snow, and helped get dinner on the table. :)

Thanksgiving dinner: Thursday evening

Fabulous stuff. Turkey and ham and two kinds of stuffing and about twelve kinds of mashed potatoes and two kinds of green bean casserole and rolls and all sorts of other good stuff I didn't even get to. And six kinds of pie. We ate and made merry and sort of half-ass watched Star Trek and four episodes of Firefly and hung out and had a good time.

Kieth happened to fall right into the category of people I needed: (a) access to a vehicle, (b) awake at 3am, (c) without other plans at 3am, and (d) willing to drive me to work at the aforementioned 3am. So he and his roomie drove me and Victor to our respective places (leaving Miss Mira with her handicap in Heather's driveway), then he was kind enough to return to take me to work at oh-dark-hundred.

Working big-box retail on Black Friday: Friday morning

I did not go to sleep on Thursday night. Got home that night, called my insurance company, did a bit of research into Mira-fixing options, arranged a rental until Tuesday morning, took a nice hot bath, read for a while. Went to work. Work was cake.

After work, I went shopping and did quite well - between Black Friday sales, coupons I'd been saving up, and various employee and store-card discounts, I finished my Christmas shopping and bought myself a new laundry hamper and a couple of tops for under $100. I picked up my rental car from Enterprise, where a Rainbow friend's husband tried to give me the hookup - I declined the free upgrade he offered me, on the grounds that smaller cars are better for me, so he instead noted it as having a quarter-tank of gas instead of the half-tank it had to save me a few bucks there. Nice guy. :)

Only in my world is a Chevy Aveo freakin' huge. :) Anyway, I came home and the PLAN was to wrap all my Christmas presents and stuff.

What actually happened: Friday afternoon/evening

My dad called right after I walked in the door - my sister had seen my Facebook post about the accident, in which I said "semi" and "I'm fine" and not much more detail than that, so they wanted to check in. After that, my insurance lady called to tell me that she'd talked to the semi driver, who had no issue telling her that it was his fault, he'd run into me because he just hadn't seen me, so I shouldn't have any problems having his insurance pay for my rental, my tire and my bumper repairs. Fab.

I sat down in front of my tv to watch a bit of movie and wrap. My router was being a pain, so watching movie was not worky. (It was one of those things where if I just left it alone for a while, it worked fine later.) I wrapped one present, realized that I have no gift tags left, and noted that my vision was totally blurry, because I was now going on ... 36 hours with no sleep. I put the present on the table, staggered up the ladder into my bed, and zonked out for three hours. Then I got up, zoned out a bit more on the floor, and came over to my computer to write this post. I *think* I am going to try to wrap a couple more presents, and then go back to bed, because I work at 8am tomorrow and am still currently yawning like a jaw-cracking thing.
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I'm totally working from home.

I've gone to the post office.
I did all the dishes.
I started a chicken a-roasting in my new (RED!) crockpot.
I'm about to start making pies.

That's all work, right? :)
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I spent most of the day finishing up the blankie of loveliness that I posted, while watching a marathon of the special features on the Lord of the Rings extended disc sets. (I still have about two and a half discs worth of features to get through.) In addition, we had a quite tasty dinner.

menu and commentary )

I did not, amazingly, make a dessert. However, at some point probably this weekend, there will be the beginnings of Christmas baking. Experiments with fudge and peppermint bark, probably at least a couple different kinds of cookies, we'll see what else if anything.

I went to Target, though not until after sunrise. It was remarkably painless. I came away with gifts for the podling, my sister, my sister-in-law, and a handful of stocking stuffers for those people for whom I am stuffing stockings. I think at this point the only people I haven't either planned, started, or acquired a gift for are my mom and Dan's dad, both of whom are hard to shop for. (My mom told me where she'd like a gift card to, if I go that route, but I'd prefer not to.) On top of that, all the gifts that I have thus far acquired are wrapped and the two stockings are mostly stuffed, and should be done by the end of the day. I'll have boxes going four, possibly five ways this year, so I need to work on acquiring shipping boxes and probably more tins/containers for the yummies that people are getting to make up for my skint Christmas budget.
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Okay, Joss, what the HELL. Can you go thirty seconds without killing one of your more fun characters? Good grief.

I just started watching the first season of Angel this morning, got through almost half of it today. Yes, I know I'm about ten years behind. I'm enjoying it though -- I bought seasons 1 and 2 together in a package deal from Target for $18 a couple of weeks ago, and I think that come payday, I'll probably get seasons 3 and 4, which they still have packaged together for $20.

And yes, that's what I do on weekends when I don't have Rainbow events -- I run errands, grocery shopping and that sort of thing, and otherwise, I spend most of it vegged out on my couch with knitting, my tiny computer, and a very large DVD collection. I expect I'll add homework to that list once school starts at the end of the month.

I also made bread today, though not either of the two kinds of bread I'd originally intended to make. Just a plain old loaf of crusty wheat bread, rather than the molasses-wheat I usually make (no molasess or powdered milk) or the soda bread I'm still tossing around the idea of. Quite tasty though.
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Dear Blizzard:

I hate you. Seriously. It was bad enough having to dig coffee beans out of talbuk poo in Nagrand. Then you made me feed laxatives to oil-covered wolves and dig something out of their poo. But THIS was just beyond the pale. Do you have anyone working there who is not a twelve-year-old boy?


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My Thanksgiving weekend to-do list was mostly successful. I got the package and wrapped the contents, rented and watched Beowulf but not Kinky Boots, did 3 repeats on the blankie, got 4 levels on toons (3 on Kedria and 1 on Kemori), finished the set of repeats on Swallowtail, blocked Project A, did a load of laundry, and went to Denny's with the boys.

I shorted myself one repeat on the blankie, didn't put away the laundry, and didn't make a loaf of bread. But in general, I'm gonna call it a pretty good weekend. My Giftmas shopping is all done, just waiting on the last two things to arrive via UPS on Monday or Tuedsay -- it's all wrapped and packed up ready to go out. And this is WEIRD for me. Usually I'm finishing this stuff up around the beginning of January.
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Goals to accomplish between now and Monday:

If the effing post office delivers my package like they're supposed to on Friday, wrap the contents. But they probably won't. What will PROBABLY happen is, Dan and I will be sitting at home doing practically nothing, but when I walk out the door, there will be a "we tried to deliver your package but you weren't home" card stuck in it, because our mailman doesn't bring our packages up -- they leave them in the postal truck and bring up the card pre-filled-out, then just stick the card in the door and walk away without even knocking most of the time, which means I then have to go to the post office the next day and wait in a 45-minute line to get my package. [/tangent]

Ahem. Let's try that again.

--Stop and get more lace-sized stitch markers
--Grocery store (wish me luck)
--Dishes, clean up the kitchen

The rest of the weekend:
--Go to the post office Saturday morning to retrieve the package that they won't deliver on Friday :P Holy crap, it came TODAY.
--Wrap the contents of said package. Thursday
--Block Project A Friday
--Rent and watch Kinky Boots and Beowulf (Ed Wednesday: Beowulf rented, Kinky Boots was out.)
--At least 4 repeats on Blanket Panel C (Ed Friday: 0.5 repeats down)
--At least 3 levels total on any L68+ WoW toons (Ed Thursday: 2 down on Kedria)
--Finish the current set of chart repeats on Swallowtail Friday
--A load of laundry Friday
--PUT AWAY laundry
--Saturday night Denny's run
--Whip up a loaf of bread. Mmmmm.
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I have been more ridiculously productive this year with my Giftmas preparations than ever before. It's not even Thanksgiving, and I already have purchased and wrapped 75% of my gifts!

Wrap the three gifts currently en route from Amazon (for my mom, my brother's family, and a local friend)
Finish a *censored*
Finish a *censored* (yes, there's two of them -- two different items for two different people.)
Put together the gift basket of random yummy for my in-laws
Acquire, pack up and ship boxes: Michigan, Illinois, Tennessee, North Carolina

Furthermore, speaking of Giftmas, it comes a week after my birthday. I have been asked to provide a birthday/giftmas wishlist, so feel free to skip the cut.

eminently skippable )
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Heh. First time in .... eight years that I haven't been packed for Con a week beforehand. No tiiiime.

for my own reference )
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So ludicrously productive today.

I have:
played Kedria for half a level
read The Romanov Prophecy
had lunch with Ari
gone grocery shopping (2 weeks worth of groceries for under $75 rawr)
cleaned out the fridge
put away the groceries
taken out four trips worth of junk and boxes turned up in the re-org
vacuumed where Dan's desk used to be (for the love of god, goldfish crackers and raw pasta crushed up under the desk?!)
moved the table from the office back out to the front room (which involved dis- and re-mantling it)
moved my bookshelf, my treadmill and my papasan from the front room into the office
put away the games
put my crafty stuff in the office
put away the extra storage cubes - either in the closet, if we don't need them, or wherever we need them for use
decluttered the bathroom
replaced the shower curtain liner
fixed something for myself to take to work for lunch tomorrow (3 days worth of rice, chili beans, corn, and tomato glop)
put the couch back in place in the living room

Yet to do:
reorganize the bookshelf with yarn and books as appropriate
put coffee table back in place in the living room (I can't move it solo)
figure out what I want to fix for dinner

Edit: Details on the grocery shopping and cheap-but-fast-and-tasty recipes now included in commentary.
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To-do list this morning:

get up
take vitamins
get dressed (done, except for pants) I have pants on now.
clean desk
clean coffee table
go to grocery store for bottled water
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Awww yeah.

Done so far this morning:
-Walked 2.79 miles
-Gone to Target: Returned one pair of shorts, bought a new pair of shorts for me, a bathing suit and vitamins for Dan, 2 new sets of oven mitts (one of the two mitts we had got accidentally set on a burner, and had big holes in it), and a bottle of lotion to keep in my purse.
-Replenished my own vitamin supply at the Vitamin Shoppe
-Bought thread to match my new dress at JoAnn's so I can make the alterations I need to make to it
-Gotten cash at the bank
-Gone to Safeway for dried pineapple (it makes an AWESOME snack)
-Mailed in a 3-Day donation and my grandfather's Easter card
-a load of laundry
-confirmed with Ari: Ride to airport, checking on cats, and loan of camera
-checked us in for tomorrow's flight and printed boarding passes

Still to do:
-Lunch with Zoe and little one at 12:30
-dishes (after dinner)
-top off food and water dishes
-make said alterations to new dress (adding spaghetti straps - front ends are sewn on, need help placing the back ends)
-download a new supply of e-books
-if the bathing suit ends up not fitting Dan (I know his numerical size, but they were sized S-M-L), exchange it
-walk another 3.21 miles
-shower and shave mah laigs (most likely post-walk, as it wouldn't make any sense to shower and then go get sweaty again)
-remind Dan to take out the garbage and recycling before bedtime (because leaving them in the house while we're gone = eww)
-finish packing


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