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Let's see if this one works.

Yesterday morning, I took my hedgehog to the vet. Her vet has insisted every time I've taken her in that she throws the absolute worst temper tantrums he's ever seen out of such a little thing. The office manager was firmly convinced that it was not a hedgehog making such a racket, but a human baby - and, when we straightened him out, dropped his usual polite and professional Scottish demeanor to look at me and gasp in shock, "Holy shit!"

Movie is not long - about a minute, maybe? - but it is noisy, and it scared my cat.

(She's fine, by the way. The epitome of hedgehog health, and today's visit was only her annual checkup and getting her nails trimmed. Though they ended up, after the point at which the video was taken, having to dope her up and knock her out in order to unroll her for her examination and nail trim. And then the little brat held her breath.)
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Neko has her annual checkup on the 17th at 9am.

I'm working on arranging audio/video.
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So Miss Thang got her nails done.

The vet barely picked her up before she started huffing and hissing and balling up - so in order for the vet assistant get to her feet with the clippers, the vet had to unroll her.

And then she started to scream.

And Ari about jumped out of his skin.

And the inner door opened - another vet assistant poked her head in, asking "What the heck is that noise?" I pointed at Neko, and she said, wide-eyed, "From THAT little thing?!"

We were all cracking up. She kept screaming for a good four, five minutes solid, then took a break before she started up again. The vet was afraid he was going to have to sedate her to get her trimmed, but he outlasted her, and all four feet are now neatly manicured. Looks like she'll have to go back for it every four months or so.

Hedgehog screams sound almost like baby cries, I guess. When we left, the receptionist asked if hedgies make noise. Ari said "Didn't you hear her a few minutes ago? Sounded like a baby crying, audible 3 miles away?" and the receptionist (a very nice Scottish fellow) also went wide-eyed and mouthed "Jesus Christ!" before expressing shock that such a tiny critter could make such a large noise.

Any rate, she's a healthy weight, full-grown now, and she'll be a year old a week from tomorrow. Vet said she was surprisingly well-behaved, just noisy - she didn't try to bite or stab (this time; last time she saw him, she deliberately stabbed him in the finger with her forehead quills before he went and got the leather gloves), she didn't struggle, just resisted when he tried to unroll her. He said she wasn't even breathing hard, nor did her heart rate increase, but he was starting to ache in the fingers from working against her. So she's in pretty good shape too. :)

Dan and I still need to figure out how to jury-rig her wheel so it won't come unscrewed if she runs in the wrong direction - I took it out of her cage after I came into the office one morning and found that it had fallen off the stand and she was caught underneath it like it was a bowl. Problem is, I can't find any other brand of wheel that's big enough for her and hedgie-safe. If we can't jury-rig the wheel, I'll have to start hunting up instructions for making my own.

Oh! And apparently despite what their website says, they do see domestic cats, so I can have all my critters seen at the same vet. This pleases me.
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Note to self: Miss Neko has a salon appointment at 9am on Saturday morning to get a manicure/pedicure :)

Edit for later amusement:
[11:47] shalicat: it occurs to me.
[11:47] Ari: ?
[11:48] shalicat: Neko is going to throw an even BIGGER temper tantrum this weekend than she did the last time I took her to the vet.
[11:48] Ari: Oh?
[11:48] shalicat: Coz the vet said she threw the biggest one he'd ever seen when he was trying to listen to her tummy with a stethoscope -
[11:48] shalicat: and this time, they're actually going to handle her paws and trim her nails.
[11:48] Ari: Oh boy.
[11:48] Ari: Can I go with?
[11:48] shalicat: Sure :)
[11:48] PyranF: It sounded terribly cute last time.
[11:49] shalicat: it SO was.
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I think Neko might like a 2-level cage after all. I just came into the office to find that she had climbed up on top of her igloo and was looking around. :) Alas, she slid down before I could find a non-crappy camera. (Partly because I don't have a non-crappy camera.)
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Hee. Neko was just napping on my chest in her hedgebag while I watched a movie.

Unfortunately, the movie was boring me to sleep, and I didn't want to fall asleep with a hedgie on the loose, so she is now back to napping in her cage, and I am going to bed.
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So Little Miss finally outgrew her original wheel. Last night, I went to Petco to get her a bigger one - she's been playing in it pretty much ever since, including tipping it over to hide under it once (before I secured it to the side of the cage), and I think she just tried to put her jingly-ball in it. And she was sleeping on it when I got up this morning.
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School's done. Waiting on 5 out of 6 grades, the other is a "4.0 A+++".
Power's back.
Weekend was cold. Hedgehog is safe, thanks to G&A, and back at home. Still cranky though.
I'm 26 now.
Yay convertible mixer/stick blender! Must make cookies. For testing purposes. Really.
Must start finish holiday shopping.
Eragon was good - Casino Royale was unfinished, thanks to the burnt-out projector bulb.
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Today my Little Miss is four months old :)

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So my little girl threw the biggest temper tantrum her vet has ever seen out of a hedgehog.

The vet resident unrolled her so the vet could listen to her heart with his stethoscope and feel her tummy, and she did not like it one bit. After a minute, she rolled back up very forcefully and started to scream! I'd read, in my pre-adoption research, that hedgehogs who are upset or hurt will vocalize. I figured a squeak or something - they're little! But no - they scream. And scream and scream. He set her on a pad on the counter, and she started huffing and puffing, only she was huffing and puffing so much she was bouncing herself up off the counter. The vet, resident and I couldn't stop laughing. She was so cute in her indignant-ness.

She is, however, the epitome of hedgehog healthiness.

The convo upon our return home:

Baine: So?
Valor: *wide-eyed* What did they DO?!
Baine: It must've been terrible!
Valor: And then what?
Baine: *mutters* That can't have been it....
Neko: And then I PUFFED AT THEM! And I YELLED! And I BOUNCED! And they laughed at me and gave me a treat.
Valor: ....I hate you.
Baine: No sympathy. NONE.
Neko: ....but it was TRAUMATIC!
Baine: Come back when they TAKE YOUR TEMPERATURE.
Valor: Maybe THEN we'll feel bad for you.
Neko: o.O PAWS!!
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Last night, I put Neko's wheel back in her cage and set her on it. She jumped out and ran away from it.

This morning, when I went into the office, she'd pushed it over. So I set it back upright. She ran over to it, turned it a bit with her front paws, and pushed it over again, then turned and walked away from it. I set it up again. She turned it a bit with her front paws and one back paw, leaving the other back paw firmly planted on the floor of the cage, then pushed it over again and walked away. She does not seem to have any interest in the wheel.

So I took it out again.

Then she pushed everything - her igloo, her toys, her tube, and her litterbox, but not her food bowl - to the middle of her cage and went back to running laps around the outside of the cage. When she stopped for a snack and a drink, I put her furnishings back where they originally were to see how she'd respond - she pushed them all back to the middle and ran some more laps. Maybe she just likes to run!

But last night, she was having a heck of a time playing with a jingle-ball (designed for ferrets, so a bit sturdier than the ones I've seen designed for cats) inside her igloo.
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Neko has been running laps around her cage ever since I came into the office ten minutes ago. (She just now stopped for a break in her igloo.) So funny. :)

She's gotten huge! She's grown a good inch or so in the almost two months that I've had her, and her green spot is almost entirely gone now. I think she might have like....2 or 3 quills left with green on them.
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Dear Neko:

Why is it that when you have my lap and two different surfaces of my desk to choose from, you REALLY REALLY REALLY want to the side, where there is nothing even remotely interesting except a four-foot drop to the floor?

Love, the human who feeds you and occasionally wakes you up from naps.

PS: Next time you decide to run on the keyboard, wait til I have an LJ update window open and can post it with the subject line "Paws on a Keyboard!"
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So I've been letting Valor and Baine and Neko get accustomed to each other. Last night was the second time - I herded everyone into the bathroom and let them wander. (Pictures from the first time can be found here.)

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Valor and Baine met Miss Neko this evening.

Valor was rather inquisitive, but Baine was wholly unimpressed.

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Original goal:
1) Ari would build his new computer.
2) We would switch cases and video cards between Nagi and his old computer, and he was going to give me an extra half-gig of RAM.

Actual result:
1) His RAM: not so worky in my machine. I have PC133, he had DDR something. No extra RAM.
2) His video card: not so worky in my machine. Suspicion is that the card itself is not so worky - further experimentation is continuing.
3) Case swap was successful. Nagi now has 6 case fans, rather than the insufficient ONE that she had before.
4) Aforementioned case swap took long enough that there was not time for us to build Ari's new computer.
5) I broke a nail. :(
6) There was, however, some hedgehog time. :)
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*so cuted out*
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Her name is Neko. :)
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Hedgehog pictures! )

Still wibbling between two names, I expect to make a decision tonight. :)


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