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I had really really really really really bad nightmares all night. Got no useful sleep. This seriously sucks, yo.

And now my cat is being a psychotic little jerk who still has not learned that raising a ruckus from 4am until when I get up is Not The Way To Get What He Wants.
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Cat. A word to the wise.

Smart kitties do not start yowling and whining and body-checking the door at FOUR O-GODDAMN-CLOCK IN THE MORNING. Smart kitties recognize that "Hey, my food bowl is empty, but my people don't starve me, so I'll just chill until they wake up, like they do every morning, at which point I will give a politely plaintive meow, and the chick with the kibble will refill it. S'cool." and that yowling and whining and body-checking the door at FOUR O-GODDAMN-CLOCK IN THE MORNING just might cause said chick with the kibble to make your chubby butt wait. :P

But you're not terribly bright, so you go for the yowling and whining and body-checking at FOUR O-GODDAMN-CLOCK IN THE MORNING. I'm used to this. As usual, I ignored you until my normal getting-up time at 6:30. I keep hoping that one of these days, it will register with you that no matter how much you yowl, I will not get up at FOUR O-GODDAMN-CLOCK IN THE MORNING. But you are not bright, and almost six years has taught you nothing. So I exited the bedroom, noted that you and your brother were both present and possessed of all limbs, tails, ears and eyes, confirmed that the reason for your yowling was the empty food bowl, and went to get dressed. Because seriously, cat. You weigh sixteen pounds. (Note: He's mostly Maine Coon. He's supposed to be that big.) Five more minutes? Totally not going to cause you to waste away :P and I have no pressing need to wander around my house naked toting a 20-pound bag of cat food before sunrise. So your fuzzy butt can wait.

And then I was dressed, and the food bowl was refilled. And from 6:40 when I refilled it to 7:10 when I left the house, YOU DID NOT TOUCH THE DAMN KIBBLE. You instead followed me around from room to room, meowing pitifully and sprawling gracefully for admiration any time I looked at you exasperatedly and snarled "CAT, WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT?" (Because I am not at my most chipper before sunrise.)

I swear to muffins, the next time there is whining and yowling and body-checking at FOUR O-GODDAMN-CLOCK IN THE MORNING, there will be CATSKIN EARMUFFS.
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Baine was being particularly cute this morning.

I don't know why there are always pennies on my floor in pictures I take. )

Also, I made a really tasty dinner for a few people on Monday night. I didn't get a picture of the main course before we all tore into it, but

the salad and dessert were quite tasty. )
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So I've been letting Valor and Baine and Neko get accustomed to each other. Last night was the second time - I herded everyone into the bathroom and let them wander. (Pictures from the first time can be found here.)

cut coz I crossposted it to cat_convos )
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Valor and Baine met Miss Neko this evening.

Valor was rather inquisitive, but Baine was wholly unimpressed.

pictures )
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Dan fell asleep on the couch last night, and I could not get him to wake up. So I figured Ok, he doesn't have to go to work tomorrow, so he doesn't need the alarm clock. Either he'll wake up in the middle of the night and come to bed or he won't, whichever. I have to go to bed NOW. And I went to bed.

This morning, he was still on the couch. I wandered over to see if he was any more awake, and he totally is not. But since I was talking to him, he kept making these little "hmf" noises. (Very cute.) And Baine apparently thought he was conversing. So there was

Dan: *hmf*
Baine: *chirp?*
Dan: *hmf*
Baine: *chirp?*
Dan: *hmf*
Baine: *chirp?*
Dan: *hmf*
Baine: *chirp?*

Until Baine finally got tired of the game and wandered off to chirp at Valor instead. Speaking of Valor, he's also the target of another of Baine's new favorite games.

If I don't close the door all the way when I'm in the shower (which I don't usually, as leaving it slightly open keeps the mirror from fogging up, unless someone other than Dan is in my house, which is rare while I'm showering) one or both cats will usually come in. As far as I can tell, they just want to make sure I'm not drowning, because they'll sit there on the bath mat while the shower is running, and as soon as it's off and I'm out, they're gone. Except sometimes, one of them will hop up on the edge of the tub between the inner and outer shower curtains to watch the water. So if Valor does this, Baine will tackle him from the OUTSIDE of the shower curtains and try to push him into the tub. So far, he's only succeeded once, then Valor slipped and fell right back into the tub because his back paws were all wet and slippery from having been shoved into the tub the first time. Since Baine started playing this game, he himself has declined to climb on the edge of the tub. Smart feller, though he outweighs Valor by a good 25%, so he has a distinct advantage in games of "push".

I heart my menfolks.


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