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... she buried Cody in the rubber tree pot, and one of the buyers made a little grave marker out of two toothpics tied together in a cross with "Cody 2006" written on the crossbar - you can kind of see it in the picture.

And my ex-boss made me a condolences card and the whole department signed it.


10 February 2006 07:55 am
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10 July 2005 - 10 February 2006

Sigh. Poor fish. He was all kinds of active and swimmy last night when I left, but this morning I came in and he was just floating. No response to tapping on the bowl, putting in food, and his gills aren't moving.

My cube neighbors are upset too - they got pretty attached to my little fish.

Funeral update: The purchasing department has decided that he should be buried in the pot of the giant rubber tree in their lobby, which is right next to my cube, so that he can stay in his familiar surroundings.
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Back at work. Feels very strange. I only had one voicemail after being out for a full week. *cheer*

My fish was apparently not doing so hot last week (I made arrangements for someone to feed him while I was out, but it seems he was very listless and mopey), but he seems to be doing better now. My cube neighbors now think he maybe just missed me. :) I do need to top up his bowl though.

On the down side, my throat is still sore, I still sound hoarse, and I'm still really tired.
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My fish is so bored that he's blowing bubbles in his bowl. Poor fish. I'm bored too.
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My poor fish. He hates getting his water changed, because it means he gets stuck in the little tiny cup until it's changed and the water temperature resettles itself. So he's all kinds of grumpy.
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Doh! I forgot to bring in Cody's heater this morning. They kicked on the air conditioning in our building recently. :P
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Taking Cody home for the weekend - partly because it's a long weekend, and even though it wouldn't kill him, I don't want to make him go three days without food, and partly because they're bug-bombing our floor on Monday because the Payroll department has fleas for the third time in a month. :P

All hail to Ari, who is driving us home so I don't have to carry my fish in a smallish container on the bus! (I'll take him back on the bus, in a bigger container, but I didn't actually decide to bring him home til about an hour ago, so I don't have a bigger container with me.)
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oh, MAN. I just spilled a soda all over my desk, including a big pile of paperwork, my pencil cup, parts of my keyboard and my telephone. :P Luckily, I missed the fish.
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Cody has built a bubble nest at the back of his bowl.

My fish wants to have babies.

I find this very ironic.
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This is Cody's bowl :) The sign in front of it says

Head Fish
Revenue Cycle Mgmt

(That's the department I work in.)

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Cody is a red and blue betta, who lives in a 1.25 gallon brandy snifter on my desk at work. He has a plant, and he likes to play with his food.

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My fish is silly and likes to play with his food :)

I have peanut butter toast and cookies for breakfast :)

Stuff :)


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