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What the chickens. My printer is possessed. First it started printing in tongues, then when I picked up the weird pages to go show my coworker, I got a paper cut.

I have announced that if it starts spitting out pea soup or rotating on my desk, I am going the hell home.
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Ok, f'list, what do you do when the toddler wandering around the lobby of the office building escapes her mom, comes over and grabs hold of the edge of your bag, and follows you onto the elevator?

I opted to make this face


and get off the elevator again, in case it closed before mama retrieved her podling, and say "I think this is yours?"
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There is ... an employee in the purchasing department wandering around in a union suit.

A full wrists-to-collar-to-ankles union suit.

It's white with blue flower print.

And she's wearing it with heeled pumps.

I boggle.
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Okay. It was weird when the toiletries basket in the restroom contained leave-in conditioner.

It was absurd when the toiletries basket in the restroom contained bubble bath.

But I have absolutely no WORDS for when the toiletries basket in the restroom contains an aerosol can of bug spray.

Also, I got fussed at this morning for "sneaking up on someone" and causing her to drop her badge when she was swiping it on the stairwell door.

Lady? This is an echo-y stairwell. I'm wearing flip-flops, walking on concrete stairs, my keys are clinking on my belt loop, my bag keeps bumping into the railing, and I AM BY-GOD HUMMING "IF I ONLY HAD A BRAIN". How did you not hear me coming.
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So, I told Holly about this a week or two back, but I forgot to post about it.

Someone put some random froofy soaps and lotions in the ladies' room at work, the kind of stuff that women tend to get in a gift basket from relatives who really don't know what to get them so they default to "bath products," along with a sign about "Feel free to use these products and add your own contributions!"

A couple of days later, other people had added more stuff. More scents of lotion, mostly, someone added a bottle of hairspray.

A couple of days after THAT...

[09:44] me: someone brought in some fancy soap and stuff, scented hand lotion, and put it on the bathroom counter last week with a sign about "feel free to share your own".
[09:44] Holly: ...
[09:44] Holly: Weird.
[09:44] me: which is fine, okay.
[09:45] me: ... so today, the toiletry selection on the restroom counter includes leave-in conditioner, body wash, and fsking BUBBLE BATH?
[09:45] Holly: O.o
[09:45] me: that's about the face I made.
[09:46] me: I was like "Body wash... well, that's fancy soap.... spray-on conditioner, weird but not too much weirder than hair spray, but ... BUBBLE BATH?"

The bubble bath is still there.
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So as of October 1, we have a new dress code at work. Pretty much the only effect on me is that I can't wear blue jeans to work anymore (but black or khaki or any other color denim is okay).

But among other things, the new dress code specifies that we cannot have unnaturally colored or patterned hair, such as green, purple, striped or ... plaid?


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