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As if I wasn't awesome enough. :)

Back in November 2008, I passed a certification exam giving me letters after my name, but classifying me as an apprentice due to lack of actual professional experience. So I was Ginger O'Lastname, CPC-A.

I now have sufficient professional experience as a medical coder, according to the governing body of accreditation, and am no longer an apprentice.

I am now Ginger O'Lastname, CPC.
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Dear LJ Brain Trust:

How does one appropriately list one's professional association memberships and certifications on a resume? (Not job hunting, I just like to keep it up to date.)

Right now, I have the following sections -- Administrative Employment, Customer Service Employment, Volunteer, Education, and Skills.

I figured I could just add one that was, well, "Professional Associations and Certifications", but I don't know what sort of details one puts about those things on a resume, never having had one before. :) (Where "one" means a professional association/certification, of course, not a resume. I've had plenty of those.)
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That makes me Ginger O'Lastname, CPC-A :D
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Well then.

The study materials for the CPC exam include, along with the study book:

-a pre-test (to be taken before doing any studying for clarification of what needs to be studied)
-a post-test (to be taken after studying)
-a FINAL test (to be taken when you think you're ready for the official certification exam)

I took my pre-test today, without having done any study or review as they asked. All the tests are set up the same way as the actual certification exam - 300 minutes, 150 multiple choice questions in three categories (anatomy/terminology/billing/management [aka "misc"], general coding, and specialty coding).

As far as the study guide is concerned, a passing score is 63%/72%/60% on the three sections. I haven't yet been able to find out the OFFICIAL passing score - need to keep looking for that.

But I'm not TOO concerned, because on my I-haven't-studied-a-lick-pre-test, I got 65% / 92% / 91%, for an overall score of 87%. I think I oughta brush up on my misc a bit :)

But at this rate, I may well be ready for the certification exam BEFORE the diagnosis codes change on October 1 :) Which means I need to talk to my boss about who's paying for the exam. Because it's $300 for the exam and $70 for the mandatory membership in the professional organization.


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