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Bleach phase two was immensely successful, like, almost platinum white-blonde successful. Picture when I get home, for those of you who haven't seen it on Facebook. I left yesterday before I could get it uploaded. Color comes today :)

Last night and this morning is/was the Rainbow line officers' retreat - sort of a bonding thing for our five kids in the top end leadership positions for our assembly. We went to Buca di Beppo for dinner, and had an excellent meal of chicken cannelloni, baked rigatoni and prosciutto-stiffed chicken, and then the kids wanted to see how far we could all get on Beppo's special brownie sundae. The thing was bigger than my head, included like twelve brownies and a mound of whipped cream and house-made gelato, and was served in a martini glass about a foot across. Between five kids and four adults, we polished the whole mess off, and my GOD was it tasty.

When we got back to the mother advisor's house, the kids goggled over her dog, and then watched Zoolander. I sacked out shortly after midnight, and - per usual for me on weekends - was wide awake without the aid of an alarm by 6:30am. (I realized this morning that I forgot to turn my own alarm clock off before I left. I should put that on my GenCon list, heh.) I'm not sure what the morning holds, but I'm told that things should be done here around 1, and I have a training in Woodinville at 5.

I also have about four or so hours of work to do tomorrow, stuff that has to be done before Monday, but I think I can do all of it from home.

Wheeee. :)
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Dear MyHospital,

I did a lot of weeding through clothing piles yesterday. As such, I have two garbage bags full of gently used shirts and pants in relatively average sizes that I would like to donate, preferably to an institution that will give them to people who need them rather than selling them. Why do you make it so difficult for me to find out who administers the hospital clothing stores? I know we have them, because of ED patients who have their clothing either ruined when they get here or cut off for treatment, or homeless patients in our downtown clinics, or assault victims whose clothing is frequently kept by the police as evidence, among other things. I just want to find someone to take these clothes and redistribute them to people who need them. This should not be as hard as it is.


Dear Social Worker of my acquaintance,

Thanks for looking into it further for me, since your department is generally the one doing the distribution. "I know we hand out clothing from a central storage area, but I'm not sure who actually handles that storage area or who would take donations. Let me check into that for you." You rock.

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These days, my time seems to be occupied mostly by things what begin with W.

Ok, not so time-occupying, except in that I need to be there. (With the exception of today, where I missed half my IMs because I was working on a big pile of junk. Dammit.) However, a couple of weeks ago I put in my notice at BYVS, and this past Saturday was my last evening there. They were sad to see me go, and the manager assured me that I was welcome back at any time.

19 more days, and then I will not have to worry about any of it anymore, except the name changing, which is cake. (Been there, done that.) For now, I have to finish and print the programs, print out the ceremony/notes, pick up the wedding license, polish up the weekend schedule (which will mostly affect me and my houseguests), pick out and order plants for centerpieces, poke anyone who hasn't RSVP'ed yet to do so, final fitting on my dress, and we MUST MUST MUST clean the office and bedroom before the in-laws show up. (They will demand a tour, as they've never seen this place, and in the current state of affairs, I'd be embarassed to show them anything beyond closed doors.) (On a less stressful note, 2 weeks from RIGHT NOW, I will be preparing to leave to pick up my Joyce from the airport! Woo!)

Watching movies and working on various crafty projects:
These two things go hand in hand, pretty much. I currently have 4 knitting projects in various stages of "on the needles", ranging from "I just need to frigging buckle down and finish the damn thing" to "I have 18 days to finish this if it's going to be ready at my wedding rehearsal" to "I just cast on last night and probably have to rip and try again with smaller needles". I'm also 90% done with sewing a dress that may be either my wedding rehearsal dress or my going-away-from-wedding dress, with another pattern/fabric combo ready to go. As to movies, I didn't like Children of Men because it was boring, turned off Notes on a Scandal when Dame Judi Dench started macking on Cate Blanchett, boggled at the evilness of the nuns in The Magdalene Sisters, and totally lost it when Anya wanted to know why Joyce didn't just get back in her body and drink fruit punch in the Buffy S5 episode "The Body". (I should be finishing season 5 this weekend.) I picked up Center Stage and Jesus Christ Superstar on VHS for fifty cents each, Ari and I started Babylon 5 Season 5, and I have an HBO miniseries on Elizabeth 1 that I'm very much looking forward to. And I think my bridesmaids are conspiring to have me watch Steel Magnolias at my hen party, so I need to remember to make sure I get hold of it for that night. :)

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Crafting: The right-hand front of the Easy Lace Duster is done, and I'm about 1/4 of the way through the left-hand front. I am beginning to get seriously annoyed by pattern directions that want you to decrease in lace, but can't be bothered to tell you how best to do so. If I wanted to figure out half the directions by myself, I wouldn't have paid $6 for a pattern, y'know?

Family: We had awesome visitness with Joyce and Jeff, who left this morning to head back to NC by the Long Way. During that visit, there was also visit with Jill, Chas and Kit, which involved a road trip with El Ari, and we all had a darned good time.

Gaming: Absolutely nothing. I think I logged onto WoW and flew around a bit on griffons, and that was it.

New Years' Goal: I'm within 6 pounds of my goal range. Back on the bandwagon. I keep slacking on weekends. *facepalm*

Reading: I read the entire Little House series over the last week, except for The Long Winter, which I read half of this morning on the bus and will finish on the way home tonight. Also more Matthew Reilly. Adding Harry Turtledove rereads to library list today. Must also reload the PDA with e-books. (New PDA battery should be arriving tomorrow-ish.)

School: Grades are supposed to be posted today, but they aren't yet. *huff puff* (This section grew into a life of its own over the course of 45 minutes - further noodling post to come.)

Wedding: Joyce and Anjela and I went fabric shopping on Saturday. We have bridesmaid dress patterns! (Yes, HAVE, as in they were all on sale for $2, so we snapped them up.) I found a brocade that's pretty much what I had in mind for the main part of my dress, though I've been recommended to check out the special occasion fabric ROOM at the Northgate Pacific Fabrics, so I'll make my way out there and look sometime this week - but if I don't find anything I like out there, I think I'm going to pick up the brocade on Saturday, as I have a 1-day-only-coupon for 50% off any one cut of fabric. We found a couple of possibilities for part A of the bridesmaid dress, but nothing leaped out at us for part B of the bridesmaid dress or part B of my dress.

Work: Putting out lots of little fires this morning.
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3-Day: Training is going spectacularly. On the fundraising front, my little thermometer is currently sitting at $1715 of $2200. The fundraising link is on the sidebar of my journal page, and I'll repost it the first Monday of each month (why, that would be today!). I did a 6.25-mile walk this weekend, with no breaks longer than waiting for a traffic light to change so I could cross the street, and had no problems with it. :)

Crafting: I ripped the summer Eris back, except for the cable yoke - I wasn't liking the way it was working out. I'll try again later, but I've got some other stuff I need to get done first. While I wait for my Knitpicks order, I started working on my Flirty Ruffles shawl again. Also, last night I put longer straps on one of my bags, and it's pretty darned near perfect for what I had in mind.

Exercise: Walking, dance, need to get my bike down.

Family: I go to visit my grandma in a couple weeks, and it turns out that she and her whatever-he-is-these-days are going to be coming through Seattle at the end of June for a cruise to Alaska, at the same time that Dan's family is coming into town for a visit. Joyce and Jeff are coming in mid-June, and I'm going to visit Jill at the end of May as well.

Gaming: Kedria's L30 now. Other than that, not much.

New Years' Goal: 9 out of the last 10 weeks have been 100%. I've lost 15 pounds roughly since I started this whole schtick - 5-10 more to go.

Reading: I'm reading a couple of books right now that I....totally can't remember the names or authors of. *facepalm*

School: Doing well. Everything's on track. :)

Watching: I watched Robin Hood: Men in Tights and What A Girl Wants the other night. I've been lax on my movie-watching, because I've been a bit lax on the knitting.

Wedding: We have a full wedding party now, and less than a year til the wedding. Dan vetoed my wedding cupcakes idea. Time to start rolling on the planning. :)

Work: Pretty light. We're in my downtime half of the year, but I've got some non-urgent stuff I've been working on.
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3-Day: Training is going spectacularly. On the fundraising front, my little thermometer is currently sitting at $1715 of $2200. The fundraising link is on the sidebar of my journal page, and I'll repost it the first Monday of each month. I've found several good paths in my neighborhood for training walks: one 3-mile loop, one 4-mile loop, and one 4.5 mile loop. Annoyingly, I'm getting into a part that involves 5-mile walks. :P Oh well - six works just as well, or I can fake it :)

Crafting: I've got the summer Eris still on needles (need to finish the hem cabling and the sleeves), plus three more projects I need to order the yarn for. I've been toying with ideas to make an organizer pouch for a bag, and also a summer dress or two.

Exercise: I started a new belly-dance session last night - it's a shorter session though due to the holidays at the end of May. It's nice enough that I'm going to start riding my bicycle for my cross-training, I think.

Family: Dan and I loved our trip to Vegas. I'm going to visit my grandmother in a couple of weeks, and Joyce and Jeff are coming to visit in June. Yay!

Gaming: Nephari waived her DNR order and let Orithoc resurrect her after being slain by a Death Slaad, after the boys pointed out that without Nephari, they can't go on through the dungeon, since she's the only melee character. I do, however, intend to start putting together my moose druid character. Karrec has the first 3 pieces of her Dungeon 2 set and is working on getting the next 3. Kedria hit L29 and is well on her way to 30.

New Years' Goal: I ended my streak of 100% by forgetting to eat fruit or veggies on one day, but then started up another one the very next week.

Reading: I've been chowing through books on the e-reader. I read a series of four trashy romance novels while we were coming to and from Vegas, and I've been reading the first book in the Abhorsen series (I forget if that's the actual name of it, but whatever) by Garth Nix.

School: So far, I'm on schedule. Though I need to work the vocab-only classes into the schedule too, they've fallen by the wayside so far as they don't have any in-class-required components.

Watching: Armageddon. That's........yeah, that's about it. And I re-watched Rent the other night. Ari and I are going to watch some B5 tonight :D

Work: Pretty light. We're in my downtime half of the year, but I've got some non-urgent stuff I've been working on.
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3-Day: Training is going well. The weather is getting to the point where I prefer to walk outside rather than in, as long as it's not raining. I've found that if I make a loop from my house to Crossroads by one road and back by another, it's about 3.25 miles - the last couple of days, I've been walking to do errands like returning movies to Blockbuster and books to the library to get my walking done. On the fundraising front, my little thermometer is currently sitting at $1595 of $2200. The fundraising link is on the sidebar of my journal page, and I'll repost it the first Monday of each month (namely, tomorrow). I've made some discoveries about things I've been doing unconsciously that have been causing pain, and working to implement possible solutions.

Crafting: I have about an inch and a half, plus toe shaping, left to go on a sock I've been working on for months :P (I put it down and procrastinated about picking it up again - but it's sock #2, so I'm trying to power through it.) I'm on the hem parts of the summer Eris, with 1 cable corner of 4 done and the second one in progress - after that, just the sleeves will be left. I finally found the duster pattern I had that I've been looking for, and I need to pick a good kid's sweater pattern.

Family: Dan did not tell his parents I was pregnant for April Fool's this year. *whew* I have plane tickets to go visit my grandmother in Arizona in May, and I'm looking forward to that. I need to find out the dates of Dan's family's visit this summer, because there's a training camp I'd like to go to if the two don't overlap.

New Years' Goal: Stellar. Not only have I been meeting my goals at 100% for six weeks straight, that means I got a 100% for the month of March.

Reading: I have a hyoooge pile of library books. I finished "And the Dead Will Rise" and started "The Lady and the Unicorn."

School: Quarter starts tomorrow. I'll be taking 2 anatomy/terminology classes, patient scheduling, front office basics, Coding 1, and....I'm totally drawing a blank on the last one. Feh. (Edit: The last one is Medical Records and Correspondence.) For winter quarter, I got an overall 3.75 GPA, bringing my cumulative GPA to 3.83.

Watching: I watched "Memoirs of a Geisha" this weekend, and liked the movie much better than I remember liking the book. That said, I haven't read the book since it came out. I may reread it. I've also been watching Ice Princess and The 4400 - cute and interesting, respectively.

Wedding: Same old. I am not a bridezilla.

Work: I got a raise effective April 1 :)
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3-Day: I've done mostly 1-hour, 3.3 mile segments this week, plus one 80-minute 4.4 mile walk. The official training schedule starts Monday, 3/13. It includes non-walking workouts too, so on Monday, I'm going to my first bellydance class to see how I like that. On the fundraising front, my little thermometer is currently sitting at $1310 of $2200. The fundraising link is on the sidebar of my journal page, and I'll repost it at the beginning of each month. On Friday, I ordered a book on sports nutrition from Amazon - that should be here on Tuesday. I have a physical on Thursday, partly because I haven't had one in years and partly because of the training I'm starting.

Crafting: I've got 11 repeats done on the box lace scarf, out of 48 total. Also finished the cable yoke on the summer Eris, and started working on the body.

Family: The care facility my grandfather has been in had a fire last week. Nobody was injured, but the facility will be closed for a few months. Mom found a different one that she thinks he'll be less unhappy at anyway though. (I don't talk about it much - but my grandfather is clinically depressed, in the early stages of Alzheimers, and suffers from pretty bad heart disease - all he wants to do is go back to the house where he lived with my grandmother, who passed away four years ago, and wait to die. Mom is, obviously, not enabling this wish, and he gives her some pretty hellacious flak about it. I feel bad for her.) Anjela's been overseas for this past weekend, and Ari took some pretty good pictures of me today involving boots, a motorcycle, and a trashy dress, but Mark gets first dibs on displaying those.

New Years' Goal: Good. I made all my goals last week, third time in a row.

Reading: Still working on Imajica - I only read it on the bus, and it's fromping huge. I've also been reading "Healthy Cooking for Two" and "Reading Lolita in Tehran".

School: Finals this week. Ugh. I have left 2 sets of questions, 1 2-page essay, and 3 in-class assignments before I take the actual tests.

Watching: We're on Season 7 of DS9 - enjoying it muchly. I got the A&E documentary "Shackleton" from Netflix, but instead of sending me both discs, they sent me disc 1 twice. Humph. I've finally stopped watching Rent on the treadmill, after getting through it three times, and watched Con Air this morning instead.

Wedding: Nothing new.

Work: I'm contemplating asking my boss about the possibility of doing 4 10-hour days at work instead of 5 8-hour days - the extra weekday off would give me some time at home to myself for homework and for some of the school meetings I have to go to that are scheduled during the day that I currently have to take time off for. My 1-year anniversary of permanent employment is coming up too - I think I get a raise for that. :)
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Dear Visual Basic:

I grok that you're giving me an Error 9.
After some research, I grok that an Error 9 means that I have somehow referenced a non-existent array element, not specified a number of elements, referenced a non-existent collection number, or specified an invalid element.

But would you PLEASE give me a clue as to WHERE in the 30 pages of code the problem is so I can figure out which of those things I did and how I need to fix it?!

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Help! I have Windows 2000 and Excel 2002, and I want to know how to make Excel stop opening all my workbooks in the same Excel window so that I can (a) look at more than one at a time, and (b) switch back and forth between them with just the taskbar. Anybody have any ideas?
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I just got back from our annual benefits fair, where I picked up a metric ton of literature for stuff that I really don't have any interest in because that's how I got them to give me free stuff. Whee :) A half-dozen pens and a cheapo bookbag later, I got to a credit union stand that I did in fact have an interest in, because credit unions tend to have good rates on financing for loans and credit cards. Lo and behold, if I opened an account with the credit union, they would give me $30 and a free lunch bag. So now I have a lunch bag and a credit union account. :)
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oh, MAN. I just spilled a soda all over my desk, including a big pile of paperwork, my pencil cup, parts of my keyboard and my telephone. :P Luckily, I missed the fish.
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Awwwww yeah.

I figured out how to recode our form-creation program so that it populates the form with the correct information and produces it in triplicate, all by myself, without any help from real programmers or even the Help file.

*does the geek-booty dance*
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My boss caught me just as I was leaving for the day to let me know that Monday is my official first day, and what my salary will be (!), and that I'm going to the orientation two weeks from Monday, because it's too short notice to get me in Monday and they do orientation every two weeks (but no big deal, because I've already been working there six months, what's another two weeks *grin*).

Hell fucking YES.

This is the first real job with like..sick time, and benefits and stuff, that I've had in almost two full years.

This weekend....I order my tree.


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