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....not only can I not get to the Humane Society to volunteer this morning, I can't get home either because every damn road in Bellevue appears to be closed for the Virginia Mason marathon.

Edit: Finally made it home, 30 minutes later. For reference, the HS is about 10 minutes from my house.
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I've not posted about this at all, but lately I've been desirous of canine companionship. I grew up with a dog, my friends had dogs, my grandma had dogs, but Dan and I have agreed that while we both would have interest in having a dog, we don't want to get one until we have a yard.

So I popped in to the Seattle Humane Society to inquire about volunteer opportunities and have gone to two orientations - one a couple of weeks ago discussing the role of volunteers and the various opportunities, the other this past Saturday training on animal behaviour and handling. I should be starting regularly on Sunday mornings this next weekend, working in their dog program.

However, the animal handling training involves both cat and dog handling, because there are some volunteer positions that will be interacting with both, and it's easier than setting up two separate classes. (For reference, my class only had seven people in it - three dog program people, one cat program person, and three in various handling-everything programs.)

The dogs we met were all very friendly and sweet (I was shocked, a bit, by Sam the pitbull/dalmation mix - I'm not generally a fan of short-haired dogs, but she was ridiculously cute, and the sweetest dog ever) and really excited to see new people. And then after the dogs, we went up to the cat annex. (Cats are in two areas of the shelter - some have cubbies in the adoption office, others are in a separate cat area, and they get switched around every so often.)

Someone else took their turn at popping a cat out of its cubby, and she wiggled loose and jumped down and came over to me. I crouched down and reached out to pet her, and she flopped over on her side, wrapped all four paws around my forearm, and started alternating between licking my hand and rubbing her head on it. When I picked her up and put her back in her cubby, she reached out through the bars and patted my hand with her paws while I was re-latching the door. SO cute.

And that is another reason why I'm working in the dog area rather than the cat area. Minimizing temptation. Heh. :)


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