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So this morning, I got all set up in my nice chocolate-brown suit with a blue blouse and my wedding shoes (which really are lovely with the suit, because they're not teribly traditional wedding shoes, but I love them) and set off for the courthouse for my 8:45 mitigation hearing on the ticket I got at the beginning of February.

Only I couldn't find the courthouse.

Finally, at 8:40, a nice lady at the Bellevue City Hall informed me that the county courthouse is on the OTHER side of Main Street between 5th and 6th Avenues SOUTHeast, and that I was at 5th and 6th Avenues NORTHeast, and I got to the courthouse and through the metal detectors and whatnot and sat down in the waiting area at 8:44 JUST in time for the clerk to call the 8:45 session into the courtroom.

Judge announced that because this was a mitigation hearing, all she could do BY LAW was reduce a fine, if it was warranted, or give a deferral, and that if one wanted a deferral, to just say that with no further explanations to expediate the process. They handled the cases in alphabetical order, so (being Ginger S. for 37 more days) there were several others to observe before my own.

Some people don't have any common sense. )

Then there were a couple straightforward deferrals and reductions, and then me. And I just said "Your Honor, I'd like to request a deferral." and she explained the terms of the deferral (no more tickets for one year from today or else I have to pay the fines for both, can't get another one for seven years, pay the deferral fee within 30 days) and said "But I don't think this will be a problem for you. From looking at your record, I can see that you don't get tickets."

So I have to pay the fee within 30 days, and all is well. So I got a breakfast sandwich and a soda (which the jerks at McDonalds only filled up 2/3 full coz I ordered it with no ice, grr, and I didn't notice til I was halfway to work) and did some post-office errands (the final fee for the wedding venue and the application/fee for our wedding license are now off in the mail, a box on its way to Holly, and a package for Joyce as soon as I write her address on it), and am now at work with nothin' to do. :)
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"Your honor, based on my 6 years of spotless driving history and the fact that the officer was evidently unconcerned enough about my speed to have no qualms about pulling me over by simply walking into the road in front of my car, I would like to request a deferral on the speeding ticket I received on February second."

Good idea or bad idea? :)


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