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Scene: My Friday evening.

Ginger, what are you doing in that picture?

Well, beloved reader, I am getting my 30th birthday present to myself, which I have been planning for almost three years. (And a little early, because I'd pay double or more in Seattle than I did in Michigan. :P )

We backtrack.

For many and many and many a year, I have had two best-beloved dear friends. They have supported me through more trials and complications than I like to think about, and when just EVERYTHING in the world seemed off-kilter and out of whack, these two ladies have always been steadfast voices of reason, fully prepared to pick up bricks in my defense with one hand while hugging me with the other arm. Words cannot express how important they are to me.

It has, for the majority of those many and many years, been a great source of boo-itude to me that they live way far away, but despite the many many useless states in the middle of this great country that come between me and them, the world wide intarwebs says that they are only a zap away.

There is a line in one of my favorite songs:

these lines of lightning mean we're
never alone, never alone, no no

So I sort of adopted it, quite a while back, and began mulling a plan over in my brain. This past Friday, after almost three years and countless long roads, that plan came to fruition.

Joyce on my left, for heart. Holly on my right, for strength.
(Which is, of course, not to say that they don't both exemplify both virtues amazingly.)

Ah, ladies. I love you both :)


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