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Joyce, Ari, Cookie (the tiniest housemate), me, and W.

(This picture sorta cracks me up. I am not as tall as I look here - I'm wearing heels and a tall hat, and the three people shorter than me are all between 4'11" and 5'1". I'm only 5'5", and W is 6'4'". We joked that we needed our friend Zach too, who is 7 feet tall, to complete the set of cell phone bars.)
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The last time I graduated was 1998.

I'm not going to tonight's graduation ceremony for a couple of reasons.

So my next cap and gown will be blue-and-gold, as a UNCG Spartan, in 2014. :)
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Final grade for Summer 2007 quarter:

AMA 101 Communications in Healthcare: 4.0

Quarterly GPA: 4.0
Cumulative GPA: 43 credits, 3.87

Dear world:

As of this morning, I have officially completed certifications in Medical Reception, Medical Transcription and Medical Office Administration with a final cumulative GPA of 3.87.


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Dear North:
I would like you to post my summer grades so I can get all squeeful about having completed my certifications please and thank you.
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AMA 101 coursework done. Turning it in after work this afternoon.

After tonight, I shouldn't ever have to drive out to Northgate for school again. BCC is ten minutes from my house, if I hit every light on the way.

(And I should be "graduating" with my certifications after this quarter officially ends.)
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Quarter ends a week from today.
I expect to spend most of the weekend finishing up homework - a pile of transcription for one class and two papers (one due Monday noon and the other due Thursday 10pm) for the other.

When I go in on Monday or Tuesday after work to drop off the pile of transcription, I will also have to turn in the forms for my name change and holy hell drop off my three graduation forms for my certifications. I ran my degree audits this afternoon to make sure I wasn't missing anything that I didn't know about, and I'm NOT.

One class left - all three certifications still need me to take 2 credits of AMA 101 (yeah, it's the last one, heh - Communications in Healthcare). I may snag a couple extras that became a mandatory part of the programs the quarter after I started (Basic Psych Principles and Patient Prioritizing and Instruction - at 1 credit each, they're well within my tuition waiver, I won't be paying anything extra except about $5 each for the course packets :P), but I haven't decided yet for sure.

And then I will be done with North.

Once BCC gets back to me and tells me I can take classes there (community colleges don't reject people, do they? :P), I'll sit down with an advisor and go over a plan (which I need to make this weekend), but right now the plan starts with PHIL 265 (Biomedical Ethics: 1908) and PSYCH 100 (Intro to Psych: 5711) in the fall.

In the longer scheme, the plan is to do my AAS (a general Associate in Arts and Sciences, falls under a direct transfer agreement to most WA public universities) in the next 2 years, then let UW (Public Health) and WWU (Human Services) fight over me. Heh. :)


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