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I'm reminded this morning of something my dad told me at the end of winter quarter that I don't think I ever posted about...
People always used to ask your mother and I why we didn't push you kids to go to college right after high school. We told them that you were only seventeen, and you didn't know what you wanted to do - but once you figured it out, THEN we'd push you to go for it. It may have taken you seven years, but you sure seem to know what you want to do now - so keep going!
This is actually my ..... fourth? try at going to college. I failed a bunch of business classes at Lansing Community College right after high school. Then I took a couple of general classes at BCC three years ago, but wasn't interested. Tried the marketing route a year or so after that - no interest there either.

My grandfather promised each of his grandkids $2000 for college expenses - now I'm really wishing I hadn't wasted it on classes I didn't know if I would be interested in, and had instead waited to redeem the promise until I knew my route.

But now I have one year left in Step One of Operation: Get Educated, and I am excited. :)

Step One: Certificates in Medical Office Administration and Medical Transcription. Estimated completion: June 2007.
Step Two: An AAS in Allied Health Services. Estimated completion: Somewhere between August 2008 and August 2009, depending on courseload.
Step Three: A BS in Public Health Administration. Estimated completion: No clue, but I would guess around 2013, if I keep going half-time like I currently am.
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Summer quarter starts on the 26th, and I'll be taking 6 terminology courses (Female Reproductive, Nervous, Endocrine, Musculoskeletal, Cardovascular and Respiratory Systems). I've been contemplating adding one more class and paying for it out of pocket - it'd only be another $72. (I heart my job - I get 6 credits worth of class tuition per quarter waived and only have to pay the fees, so I end up getting 6 credits for about the price of 1.5 credits. LOVE IT.) If I do that, I'll add Intro to Transcription over the summer. Still wibbling.

On the one hand, it almost doubles my out-of-pocket costs, but on the other, I just worked it out that taking 7 credits a quarter instead of 6 will end up getting me my certificates at the end of spring quarter 07 instead of summer 07.

Whoa. I just got sidetracked for like 30 minutes planning my school schedules for the next four quarters, plus making a list of class options to make up the difference between the number of credits in my certificate programs (39) and the number of program credits I need to be able to turn those certificates into an AAS (45).

Once I hit 45 program credits, I need 25 credits worth of general education and 20 credits worth of electives for the AAS in Applied Health Sciences. Problem is that most classes outside of my program are 5 credits - meaning that I either only take one class a quarter, or I take 2, but pay for 4 credits ($280) a quarter out of pocket. Maybe I can do something financial-aid-like at that point to cover extra tuition, fees and books*. I've got a year to think about it though.

*I'm kinda spoiled on books right now - 90% of the classes in my program take one of two books. I haven't had to buy a new textbook for any of my classes since Fall Quarter 2006. I'm not looking forward to having to buy new ones every quarter :P
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Oh! And also on the good news front, as of last night, I am the newest accepted student into the Medical Office Administration certification program at Local Community College. :D I register in May to start in June.


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