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End result on the Kafka paper: 94%. I lost 3 points for 2 free-standing quotes (that is, quotes that weren't embedded into sentences) and 3 points because he didn't like my semicolons. Apparently my analysis was fabulous and bang-on. Thanks, [ profile] jadeejf :) Coffee's on me next time!

He also called me on my unapologetic and blatant avoidance of self-reflection in the self-reflection section of my essay: "I will grant you some breathing room on this paper because you’ve just completed 101 with me and are pretty familiar with the process, so this part isn’t that new to you as it is to a lot of the other students — but if you submit another self-reflection like this that sort of blatantly and unapologetically fails to engage thoughtfully with your own writing process, you are not going to get points for it. So, if you find yourself totally lacking in places to change or grow in the next paper, send your draft to me beforehand and I will find problems for you to reflect on. :) "

Which, well, I won't argue with what he said, because I really didn't engage thoughtfully with my writing process. But I am, sometime tonight or tomorrow, going to dig out my 101 papers and email him to lay out the problems I'm having understanding what he's looking for in self-reflection, because I never got it in 101 either. I tried looking at my writing process from several angles, including "I had a hard time coming up with a topic for this essay, but here's how I found it" and "I did not connect with this story at all until I looked at it from a different angle and was able to better apply it to my own life because," but none of them have been what he's been looking for, and I am clearly not understanding the goal of this section of his assigned papers. So I will ask him for some more specific details as to what he wants, and ask if someone who did what he considers a good self-reflection might be willing to share it with me so I have an example to work from. And if that doesn't work, and I STILL can't figure out what he wants, then by god, I'll send him the drafts of my next couple of papers and he can sure 'nuff find things for me to reflect on.


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