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The streams have crossed! Pot Pipe Boy read Neckbeard's fanfiction!!

I read your fanfiction and I enjoyed it. I used to be a huge pokemon fan and I still find my self playing the gameboy games on occasion. I like how it tells you how dangerous the pokemon actually can be. Unlike the television show and movies they are not all friendly or just controlled by their trainers but they can go berserk and crazy and even turn to cannibalism, or eat humans. The part is a little gruesome and was not in the kids show, but i wonder if their was any of this in the Japanese versions of the shows. I used to be a huge anime fan and I have noticed the that remakes of Japanese shows that become dubbed are not very good at all and are best to be watched in Japanese with subtitles. They show you more details and characteristics and are not afraid to be a little gruesome. For example if you have every seen naruto it is amazing in Japanese but I could not bear to try and watch the English version on cartoon network.

Why am I not surprised?

Also, Neckbeard posts the following publicly to our class discussion board:

Can you email me (to my personal email) my current grade? I would ask using the angel Email but I am having trouble using it (and I have not been able to contact you via personal email in the past thus the weekly communications page).

I know that I am way behind on the Homework and that it is one of the major percentages. I had planned to do between now and next Wednessay (which I know is the last day to get them in. I was hoping having almost everything else be an A would help balance out all the late points deducted from the homework. My finals are this Friday and next Monday so on Tuesday and Wednesday next week the only thing I have that academic is your homework assignments.

I kind of took this course more to learn something interesting than to get an easy A or anything like that, so I wont be absolutely devastated if I end up having a horrible grade.

Joyce informs me that it would be inappropriate to reply with "Maybe if you spent more time on homework and less time on Pokemon fanfic you wouldn't have this problem."
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Someone finally read the Pokemon fanfiction. Neckbeard's response:

"THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! (sobs hysterically) "

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So the neckbeard who wants us all to read Pokemon fanfiction because it changed his quality of life?

He's started adding "can someone tell me that they have at least looked at the following: [link to Pokemon fanfiction]" at the end of Every Post He Makes to the class forum.
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There is a literal neckbeard in my dinosaurs class. Like, we all showed up for the field trip, and this guy has a by-God Elizabethan ruff of beard with no facial hair, I am not using the term as a euphemism.

He just posted a link on our class forum. To a website of Pokemon fanfiction. Informing us that this fanfiction has changed his quality of life. He would appreciate it if we would all go read it so that we may be enlightened by it.

This is also the guy who bitched at me for posting a picture of my traveling dinosaur on the general-discussion forum because it was irrelevant to the class.


Bless his heart.
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One of my classmates just posted a picture of a recently used pot pipe to the class website.

I went to my friends house and I saw that he had this amazing dinosaur pipe, I am going to say it was used for tobacco.

I thought of this class and I had to take pictures of it. Lets see if you can name the dinosaur.

It has a tail and kind of a long neck with spikes around its tail and back. And the dinosaur has short legs and looks like a

Dude. DUDE.



I sent him a private message, BCC'ed to the instructor:

So, you said back in your intro that this is your first quarter in college. As a point of reference, posting pictures of obviously-used drug paraphernalia with clever notes like "I'll just say it was for tobacco" on the college website is probably not the best idea.

Not judging - just saying, you might want to be a little careful in the future.

However, I totally admit I am judging the CRAP out of this dude.

ETA: Response from the instructor -

Thank you for copying me on this very appropriate and helpful message, Ginger. I have emailed [dude] with a similar explanation -- and have deleted that particular post. Dr. B.
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This weekend, I took the Ambassoraptor on my Dinosaur class field trip to the Burke Museum and on a trip with a friend to the Woodland Park Zoo. His trip reports, including some pictures, can be found here.

Ari went to the Burke with me, as the field trip was also open to friends and family. He helped my group with our assignment, and we generally had a good time.

That's my Dinosaurs instructor, posing with my travel dinosaur, in front of a dinosaur skeleton. I am terribly amused.

Afterwards, we went to Johnny Rocket's at the U-Village for burgers. Well, Ari got a burger. I initially got charcoal. :P I did finally get my burger though, and it was tasty. Then I went to work.

Monday at the zoo was a general blast. It was damn cold, and many of the animals seemed to agree, but as was established several times, it's frickin' February. Need to go back later in the spring/early summer. However, my three favorite exhibits to see at the zoo have always been the bears, the jaguars, and the snow leopards, and all three of them were as usual immensely cooperative.

The bear was chilling out like two feet from the glass.

The jaguar was chilling out like two feet from the glass.

And the snow leopard was pacing right up front by the fence, where he was super-visible through a window with some leaning or through the fence directly (which made for bad pictures, but was awesome in person).

And how better to cap off an outing to the zoo than a trip to Qdoba, really?

Post-zoo, I went home for a bit, then went to Half-Price Books, met Ari for a pre-movie cheeseburger, and we went to see Unknown, which was a fun little vaguely twisty thriller. And now I am vegetating over my trip report and occasionally dancing around my living room, because music is happy-making. :)

Tomorrow, alas, is back to work. However, there are some fun little plots a-brewin' for the next couple of weeks, one in particular which has me positively glowing with squee.
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Oh noez! After week 5 of my Dinosaur class, my grade is down to 101.43%! Whatever will I dooooo?

(Squee for the em-effing win, yo.)
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I got 106.67% on my first dinosaurs quiz :)
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Yes, I am by-God grinning like a madwoman at the scene where Dr Grant first sees the dinosaur and YAY WOO DINOSAURS. :D *poing*

("Oh my god, it's an interactive CD-ROM!!!" Oh, 1993.)


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