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GEOL 106 - DINOSAURS - 3.7

Total GPA for the quarter: 3.55
Total cumulative GPA: 3.63



(PS: New reader, I do not always type in caps and in sentence fragments sans punctuation. This is saved for spectacular news or extreme anger, and I just happen to be having a couple of spectacular days.)
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Grades round 1, from the online interface gradebook -

English 102: 3.9
Dinosaurs: 3.6

Should have the official everything posted tomorrow, hopefully.

Spring is for stats, nutrition, world civ and psych. I was originally registered for human sexuality, but I switched out sex for civilization (*gigglesnort*) because I need another global-type class for UNCG prereqs.
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I got 100% on the individual portion of my English final project. :) Final English grade: 94.9%. I think this will be a 3.9; the syllabus says 94-100% = 3.9-4.0. I'll take it either way.

Grades in general aren't due til next week. Preliminary math says that if I can pull at least a 3.3 in my in-person class, I'm looking at another Dean's List quarter. This is at least feasible - at mid-term self eval time, I gave myself a 3.3, and the instructors told me I was closer to 3.0, but I've done much better in the second half of the quarter and our final project was awesome. (Also, if my 94.9% is actually a 4.0, I only have to pull 3.2 in the in-person class to make Dean's List.)

Not bad for working 55-65 hours a week and taking almost double a full load of classes. *flex*
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Man. Daylight Savings Time is hitting me a lot harder this year than previous. Probably because this is the first year that I've already been brainwiped going into DST from the whole job-job-school-no-free-time thing.

But the end of the quarter is a week from today, and this coming weekend I'm going up to Victoria with Heather and Brian to go to the Royal BC Museum and have high tea at the Empress, and then I will have almost two weeks with only job-job to worry about, and after that all the school is online and can be worked around and I can breathe again.

The worst is over now and I can breathe again
/amy lee

So, yeah. Brain is toasty, but life is still good. :)
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I, uh, just wrote a three-page paper on the inherent privilege of "Oh, I don't see ______, I'm _____-blind, only the person counts, not their physical shell" and how, while there can be benefits to such a thing in a totally theoretical perspective, it's ultimately an irresponsible and demeaning thing to do in reality.

I may have spent too much time on LJ snark comms over the last few years.

I also wrote it using an example from a story in the reading about a woman who falls in love with a female bear. I'm not entirely sure how that part came to be, it was weird.
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Naturally, as soon as I made that last post and went to bed, an idea came to me. Perhaps I will write about how Paul Ruesesabagina (sp? book's in my bag) demonstrated leadership by NOT following Machiavelli's advice.

I was really hoping to get away from Machiavelli, but writing about how he was wrong might do just as well for my brain. :P
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I have a draft of a 4-6 page paper due at 5:30pm Wednesday and I have exactly zero clue what to write about. The goal is to analyze some sort of connection between several of the books and articles we've read, and the only thing springing to mind is something that half the class is already writing about. Otherwise, I am drawing a complete and total blank.

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I have just finished writing a paper about [ profile] pyran titled "Matzoh and Manischewitz" :)
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Quick rundown, by the by:

I currently have an A- in my English 102 class.

I currently have 102.27% in my Dinosaurs class - I've gotten 100% or better on every single assignment so far, with extra credit.

I think I have somewhere around a B+ or so in my paired classes, which counts as a double B+.

Not bad for doing time and a half in school while working two jobs. :)
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Oh dear. This quarter, my English instructor's intro questions include things like "If you got a tattoo, what would it be?"
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Dear self: Pick up library holds and pay fines tomorrow.
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Note to self: textbook edition

ENGL 111 / CMST 230:
Leadership Can Be Taught - Ordered from Amazon - delivered
The Power of Collective Wisdom and the Trap of Collective Folly - Kindle, received

The Prince - On hold at the library - ready for pickup
Julius Caesar - On hold at the library - #2 in line
Always Coming Home - On hold at the library - ready for pickup
An Ordinary Man: An Autobiography - Ordered from Amazon - says shipped
Daughters of Copper Woman - Ordered from Amazon - delivered
EasyWriter with 2009 MLA Update: A Pocket Reference - Already have

Dialogue and The Art of Thinking Together - On hold at the library - ready for pickup

ENGL 102:
Autobiography of a Face - Ordered from Amazon - says shipped
Metamorphosis & Other Stories - Ordered from Amazon - delivered
Tyranny of the Normal - Ordered from Amazon, received
One Of Us - Ordered from Amazon, received
EasyWriter with 2009 MLA Update: A Pocket Reference - Already have

GEOL 106:
DINOSAURS - Ordered from Amazon, received
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Registration successful!

I am now registered in winter quarter for:
Small Group Communications and Intro to Lit - 5:30-9:30pm M/W
Composition II - online
DINOSAURS - online

Yay :D
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So in the realm of things that may or may not turn out to be a good plan, I went to the advising office at school today and pointed out that I need seven 5-credit classes to finish my degree, and that if they let me take four* of them winter quarter, I can finish a quarter earlier than planned. The advisor looked at my grades and said "Well, that looks good... You sure you're going to have time for this?" I said "Well, uh, pretty sure." And she said "Okay then..."

So, pending my actual registration on Monday morning at 8am, I will be taking Small Group Communications, Intro to Literature, Composition 2 and DINOSAURS. These four classes will cover, collectively, my last ten VLPA credits, my communications requirement, my comp 2 requirement, and five Natural World credits. Also, as a bonus, it will be heavy on the reading and writing and light on the studying, which I think is probably good for an overload quarter. Comp 2 and DINOSAURS will be online, the Small Group Comms and Intro to Lit are linked classes meeting M/W 5:30-9:30.

*Full-time is 12 credits, or 2.4 classes. Registering for 18+ requires advisor approval. But hey, this is only for 12 weeks, right? Also, credits 16-20 are waaaaaaaay cheaper than summer quarter credits 1-5. That said, I may still be batshit insane for doing this. Dunno; we'll find out.

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The winter class schedule was released today, and registration starts on 11/8 (a week from Monday). So I started looking through it.

I knew, going in, that I was taking a pair of linked courses for winter quarter, because [a pair of linked courses] is a requirement for my degree program, and they only offer 4-6 pairs per quarter, and only one of those is ever offered either online or evenings. The one for winter popped up that met a bunch of other requirements too, so I already knew that I was going to take it - I just needed the reg numbers.

First two winter classes:
ENGL 111 (Intro to Lit) and CMST 230 (Small Group Communications), reg numbers 1216 and 1104, M/W 5:30-9:30pm.

And then I needed one more class, which had to be online (because evening classes are either M/W - thus occupied - or T/Th, which would preclude me attending any of my Rainbow or OES events), so I sorted the schedule by online classes and ran down the list. At this point, I have two sets of requirements that I still have to fill.

cut because I ramble and nobody else really cares )

So. The list of possibilities.

-I could take the stats and get it out of the way, because it's offered online. This was my default plan before looking at the class schedule, but I'll keep looking just in case.
-I could take Comp 2; my current Comp 1 instructor is teaching a Comp 2 with a bio-social focus online in winter quarter and I like him well enough.
-I could take World Civilizations; all my social science requirements are filled, but it would still count as an elective, and I do like history.
-General Psychology or Human Sexuality could be moderately interesting classes and fit under electives.


Every winter, one of the geology instructors teaches an online course titled simply DINOSAURS. Angels sing and t-rexes roar - I AM TAKING DINOSAURS AS MY THIRD CLASS.

All the other options are available pretty much any quarter, and the DINOSAURS class, being based in the Geology department (GEOL106, reg number 9505), qualifies as the other 5 science credits I need beyond the stats class :)

As a side note to myself, this means that spring should include stats and comp 2.


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