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Things I learned from my lobotomy paper: "Swiggle" and "bop" are not words that should be used in descriptors of brain surgery.

quote cut for them as are squicky about eyeballs, like my dear husband )
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Weekend accomplishments, based on the original list:
I wrote and submitted my essay on Friday, took my exam* on Saturday morning, successfully completed all the Rainbow stuff** on Saturday afternoon/evening, got all my grocery shopping done on Sunday, and finished most of my questions for the class of suck. I also knitted 107 rows on the Olympic Vivian (which is the body almost all the way up to the underarms), and would have gotten farther except for a bollixed cable pair I have to fix before I continue. (Simple fix, I did one of the two last night, but then I wanted to go to bed. I'll fix the other tonight.)

And while I knitted, I watched a veritable Hugh Jackman movie fest, along with a couple other unrelated movies. (Equilibrium, Amelia, all four X-Men movies, Kate & Leopold, Swordfish, and The Prestige, plus several episodes of Babylon 5 with Joyce.)

* I got a 39/50, which on the one hand isn't great, but on the other, means my overall grade in the class is now something absurd like 337/350, so I'll take it.

** It was a two-assembly event, and each assembly was supposed to bring and set up half the reception. Our assembly did our half, and the other assembly brought part of their half (cream puffs) and forgot part of their half (punch), and didn't show up to set up any of their half until 15 minutes after the reception started, at which point we'd already set it up for them. We sent out one of our people to buy ingredients for a last minute punch, which turned out quite popular, but there is quite a bit of disgust with the other group right now among the adults.
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This weekend and the next couple of weeks might make me crazy.

At 6pm, the Knitting Olympics start.

I have a one-page essay, on a topic which will not fit on one page, due at some point. (I have not written it yet.) Written and submitted. I even made it fit on one page, with some judicious font sizing. (10.5 font FTW. :P )
I have a 50-minute history exam.
I have to meet Rainbow people at the bank at 12:30pm to switch over this year's check signers.
I have a large Rainbow event with practice and setup starting at 2, and the event running until about 9:30 or longer.

I have a fairly extensive grocery shopping trip planned, which will involve four different stores in three different towns (and frozen/cold-perishable goods at each, so I'll have to go home in between to drop them off).

I have four sets of questions due for my Class of Suck, two sets of which are on a book I haven't actually read yet. So I have to read the book sometime in there too. Edit: But the two that aren't on that book are done, so I can just copy/paste them to post them on the class discussion board.

The Knitting Olympics run from tonight through 2/28, just like the regular Olympics. I selected Vivian as my project for this year.

During those 16 days, in addition to this weekend's plans listed above, I have:
*Spring quarter registration opens on Tuesday 2/16; as there are only 24 openings in VOLCANO FIELD DAY, I need to get registered post-haste Tuesday morning if I want in.
*Another 3-4 page essay, two sets one set of homework questions, and another exam in my history class. Edit: Completed one set today, need to turn in.
*History class meetings on both Wednesdays.
*Weekly assignments, usually multiple readings with multiple sets of questions, for my Class of Suck.
*An OES meeting and a Rainbow meeting.
*Several Rainbow events that I already agreed to chaperone/help out with.
*The OES wine tasting and silent auction fundraiser, for which I am the chairman of the kitchen committee, is 2/27. I will also have at least one, if not two, committee meetings during this timeframe.
*A 1500-word research paper on the history of the lobotomy and its impact on modern medical ethics that is due on 3/2 and a major portion of my grade in the Class of Suck.
*And oh yeah, I work M-F 8-4ish.

I believe my experiments with giving up caffeine are off for the next few weeks.

Also, bob bless slow days at work.
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Random: Reading about transorbital lobotomies makes my eyeballs hurt :P

(I can't resist the userpic.)
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Ok, so while I hate my bioethics class (just the class and the format, not the actual material), and am not doing anywhere near as well as I should be in it, I currently have earned 114 out of the 116 points possible thus far (two 100% assignments and one 96% exam) and expect a high grade on my 100-point paper that I turned in last week.
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Research paper topic request emailed to my bioethics instructor:

I'd like to do my research paper on the history of the frontal lobotomy as a treatment for mental illness, with an eye (er, no pun intended?) to how the lack of informed consent laws at the time of its initial use affected that history, leading to the negative reputation the lobotomy now bears.

... Not that I want to go lobotomizing people for fun and profit, you know. It's just one of those things that might not be as demonized today if it hadn't had such a horrific start, which is an interesting concept to me.

This was my third idea, after the first one was way too huge for the scope of the paper (1500 words max :P ) and the second one didn't have enough acceptable source material (he specified books over any other options) available that I could find.

Also, I am not enjoying the bioethics class. It's an online discussion-board-format class. The instructor does not participate. So basically, I'm learning two things: One, MY opinions on the readings, and two, that my classmates for the most part can't type coherent sentences. So much hate for the discussion-board format. Writing-intensive is fine, just don't make me interact with my classmates. :P

Spring quarter, hopefully, will include US History to 1877 (with the same instructor as my 1877-current, who is awesome), General Biology, and VOLCANO FIELD DAY, which is a one-credit class that consists of two 2-hour lectures and an all-day field trip to Mount St Helens and counts as a lab, and yes, it's in all caps in the class schedule. :)
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My history instructor reminds me of Ian Holm, and is utterly cracking me up.

Pre-emptively, I love the way the class is set up.

But my GOD, there seem to be some dumb people in here.
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"Ginger O'Lastname (Student ID# xxxxxxxxx) has my permission to enroll in the online Bioethics course, PHIL 111." Woot! Now I can order books.

That means that my winter quarter classes are US History 1877-present and Intro to Bioethics. Rock on.
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For investigation purposes, my winter quarter second class options as of today and their book requirements, plus prices as per the school's bookstore:

Read more... )

Unfortunately, my two top options are problematic -- my first pick would be the Women's Studies course, which is on Thursday nights. Just like my Rainbow meetings, my OES meetings, and my Rainbow board meetings (for which I have just been elected secretary). My second would be the chemistry, but that's a lot of price on those books, and there's not much wiggle room as they're not exactly books, but access to a specialized online instruction system.

Barring those two options, the Bioethics course is my top pick of what remains, though again that's potentially a lot of book. I'm trawling Google for cheap books; anyone have any specific suggestions for finding them? ISBNs are in the post.
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Totally apropos of nothing:

God DAMN am I looking forward to my US History 1877-present course next month :)

My greatest interest in American history spans about 1850-1950. I think I'm going to try to take pre-1877 spring quarter.
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Bob bless my winter quarter history instructor (who's name, amusingly, is Bob). I do not wish to pay $90 for my textbook, so at Joyce's recommendation, I emailed him to ask about the feasiblity of using an older edition of the book, which I could find on Amazon for $10 including shipping.

He replied:

Right on. Get the cheaper text.



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