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I got a 4.0 in history, as I expected.
I got a 3.9 in bio, which is awesome, as I'd only expected about a 3.5 or so.

I now have to email Grizzly Adams and find out why, exactly, I got a 0.0 in Volcano Field Day*.
The summer class I was going to take has been canceled.
I am having several personal issues and several medical issues.

In general, today is just goddamn fired.

Edit: email response from VFD instructor )
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School brain-dump, feel free to ignore!

Today is 6/4.
Summer quarter starts on 6/28.
I can register for summer classes on 7/2.

My first pick for summer class has only 5 seats open still, and I've already been told that they won't allow overloads. So I'm looking for alternatives, and I have a few options.

(Holy crap. I just spent an hour and fifteen minutes on the phone. I NEVER do that. WTF. Anyway.)

My options, in mild order of preference:
Wicked Witches, Private Eyes and Femme Fatales, hybrid, 10 credits - 5 seats (sadface)
Philosophy of Religion, in person, 5 credits - 26 seats, $16 for both books
Intro to Poli Sci, online, 5 credits - 12 seats, $70
Intro to Literature, online, 5 credits - 12 seats, $50 book
Intro to Film, online, 5 credits - 9 seats, $60 book

I really wanted the first one because it meets almost all my remaining requirements that don't involve a specific number of credits. However, doing a 5-credit summer course is much much much cheaper than a 10-credit one, so there's that at least.

The big issue I'm having is that I have to have 15 credits each in areas of social science, hard science, and "visual, literary and performing arts" -- and most of the VLPA courses are so unbelievably not interesting to me. (Of course, as one might expect for a social sciences major, 90% of the classes that I WANT to take are in that area. Naturally.) The 10 credits for the Wicked Witches course would all qualify as VLPA, which was certainly another bonus in its favor. Lit and Film will also qualify as VLPA, but Film has a stupid-spendy book (mmm latest edition, feh) and I'm marginally hesitant to try to take Lit online, because I have a sneaking suspicion that it will involve lots of discussion boards, which I haaaaaaaaaaaaate. Poli Sci and Philosophy of Religion both are social sciences areas, and after the current quarter I'll have 15 credits of social sciences. But I have to have 15 more credits of electives anyway, so they'd still be useful.

Requirements: 15 credits each of social science, hard science, and VLPA, 30 credits of other electives, 10 credits of English 101/102, and a 5-credit qualitative reasoning course. After this quarter, I'll have 15 credits of social science, 6 of hard science, 15 of electives, and the QR course done. Fall is English 101 and Bio Anthro, plus OH YEAH I have to take at least 12 credits all next year instead of the 10 I've been doing because I found out today that I won the other scholarship I applied for too but one of the requirements for that one is that recipients must be full-time students.

Also note to self, I need to take my two scholarship award letters to financial aid and ask them how we need to work this out with my scholarships plus my tuition waiver. Oi. Where was I? Anyway, school. I dunno what to take this summer, but if I want any of the online classes, I need to email the instructors and get a permission letter to add the class late.
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Bad: I have been informed by the instructor of the class I really REALLY want to take this summer that they fully expect the class to be full before I am able to register and that due to the intensive nature of the course and the compressed time frame of summer quarter, they will almost certainly not allow overloads. I can understand this, but it makes me grumpy. So I'm keeping my eye on that one and a few other options.

Good: I am, however, now registered for my fall quarter classes: Biological Anthropology and English 101.
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The description for the class I'm hoping to take over summer quarter:

C1 . Wicked Witches, Private Eyes and Femme Fatales, Hybrid

Was the Wicked Witch of the West really so wicked?  And is she really dead?  Just how solitary were those private eyes of the 1940's?  When did the femme fatale first sashay her way into popular myth and what is she good for besides breaking hearts and wrecking homes?  Explore the many ways mythology works its mayhem and magic in human life.

I think this sounds fantastic, and I'm really hoping it's not deceptive.


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