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A quick note that you missed three questions on the exam. This qualifies as a grade of 4.0.

Congratulations on an outstanding academic performance.

You missed the following questions:

Read more... )

Once again, congratulations on an outstanding academic accomplishment. I hope that you enjoyed the course, as I certainly enjoyed having you as a student. I most sincerely appreciate your understanding about my misplacing your paper, something I have not done in a great many years. I will submit a notice to change your grade, but these things often take a week (or two) to work through the system. If it presents a problem in the interim, please let me know.

Thanks again,

By my math, this makes my spring quarter GPA 3.97 (5 credits of 3.9 and 6 credits of 4.0) and my cumulative GPA 3.67. Flex.
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Well, that's sorted then. :)

email exchange with Volcano Field Day instructor )

So, rock on. My VFD grade will be corrected and my GPA will probably bump a couple hundredths. (VFD was only one credit.) Depending on how long the school takes to reflect the correction, I may have to send an email of explanation to one of my scholarship committees (as they require a transcript after spring quarter to be submitted to them by 7/15), but I think that should be a non-problem.
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I got a 4.0 in history, as I expected.
I got a 3.9 in bio, which is awesome, as I'd only expected about a 3.5 or so.

I now have to email Grizzly Adams and find out why, exactly, I got a 0.0 in Volcano Field Day*.
The summer class I was going to take has been canceled.
I am having several personal issues and several medical issues.

In general, today is just goddamn fired.

Edit: email response from VFD instructor )
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Blargh. Okay. Lincoln canned George McClellan during the Civil War for, to be succinct, being overly cautious and thus not filling his duties to the degree required. Apparently another president since then has done the same thing to another general, or so my instructor implies by the question "Why did Lincoln fire McClellan (twice) and what precedent did that set for future generations? Name a future president that made a similar decision and name the person who he fired."

But I am drawing a complete and total blank on who else it would have been, my book only goes through 1877, and all the generals I can think of to look up in later conflicts were pretty good ones. Help?

Edit: Thanks to [ profile] swingkitten9 (and her husband) and [ profile] stmachiavelli -- I believe I have my answer!
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Boo: Bio test today.

Yay: It's on genetics. :)

I have a ridiculously deep and abiding love for Punnett squares.

Edit: ok, so the unit we were being tested on was genetics. The TEST was 75% evolution, most of which we never even touched on on class. GRRRRRR.
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I managed to go all winter long without seeing snow, for only the second time since I moved here, until I go on a field trip in LATE MAY and find it snowing at Johnston Ridge. Apparently this is the first time in nine years, Grizzly Adams says, that it has been anything less than beautiful and sunny on this field trip. Naturally.
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VOLCANO FIELD DAY involves an honest to god yellow school bus. I haven't been on one of those in fifteen years.
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My volcano instructor, swear to god, looks like he should be sitting on a country store porch chewing tobacco and playing checkers. He's wearing jeans and a raggy plaid shirt, with suspenders and a belt, and is bald on top with a fringe of bushy hair around it and a big crazy-mountain-man set of whiskers. Dude is hilarious. I'm really looking forward to this field trip -- I have GOT to replace my camera before Sunday.
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Not only did Bru give me 100% on both of last week's history assignments, he left me this comment:

"Interesting. I don't think I've ever had ANYONE cite Lex as a source. Enjoyed it."

So amused :)
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I totally just quoted Lex Luthor from Superman Returns in my history homework, describing how the finite nature of the earth pertains to the Indian removals of the early/mid 1800s.

At least SOMETHING useful came out of that piece of junk movie.
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Wow. My history instructor's comment on one of my essay questions on the last test:

"Very well done. You should be teaching this to the class. I wasn't very successful. Bru"


I'm kind of bummed that he only teaches two classes and that after this quarter I will have already taken both of them.
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97% on my second bio test. Rawr.


Bonus! I also got a couple history grades back, 30/30 on my second unit essay and 47/50 on the second unit test. So far, I have 94.7% in my history class overall.
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I had technical difficulties on my first history test (a fire alarm went off in my building right as I started and kept me standing out on the sidewalk until after my time allowed was up), and I guess a bunch of other people in the class had issues of some sort, because he offered a make-up test. If you get at least 48 points on the make-up test, your grade on the first test will be raised to a max of 44/50.

So I just took the make-up test, and while I have to wait for him to grade the essay questions, I got 42 points on the multiple choice/true-false/matching questions already, and the essay questions offer up to 15 points each.
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Each of my weekly history assignments is generally two sections -- one section of "Identify each of the following and explain the significance," where each of the following are events, people or concepts, and then one section of short-answer questions.

Last week, one of the "Identify and explain" was Benjamin Franklin. I identified and explained the significance of Ben Franklin, then threw in as an afterthought that he was portrayed, quite well, by Tom Wilkinson in the HBO miniseries "John Adams."

This week, one of the "identify and explain" is Charles, Lord Cornwallis. So, after identifying and explaining the significance of Lord Cornwallis, I am quite amused to add as an afterthought that he was portrayed tolerably well by Tom Wilkinson in the 2000 film "The Patriot."

The thing about this that amuses me the most though is that Tom Wilkinson also bears a very strong resemblance to my history instructor.
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Books read: 30, including 3 audiobooks in the car.

Knitting projects finished: Absolutely none. I haven't had much knitting time in April, alas, and most of it working on larger projects.

Weight lost: 3.38 pounds.

Miles walked: 61.

Happy: I currently have 4.0's in both my biology and history classes, got a 95% on my first bio test, Dan has a job for the next few months, my baby brother got married, Dan and I had our third anniversary, and I got my iPad ZOMG.

While I fell off the watching-what-I-eat wagon for a bit there through the second half of April, I'm going to call it a general success. Rawr.
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95% on my first bio test. Rawr.
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Ok, my bio class is kind of annoying me. In class is all fluffy group work - making POSTERS, for god's sake - and then all the book reading is done as homework and never discussed in class. Yet the exams are all on the book reading that ... is not getting discussed in class. So basically I'm teaching myself biology at home and spending seven hours a week in class doing fluffy group work. The instructor is nice and all, but I wish she'd just TEACH instead of trying to make it "fun."

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Okay. 4.0 aside, I am hardly a math whiz. So can someone explain to me why it is that adding a class with its associated fees caused my last two monthly tuition payments for this quarter to go DOWN?? Because I am just not getting that one.

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I got into VOLCANO FIELD DAY and general biology for spring quarter.
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This weekend and the next couple of weeks might make me crazy.

At 6pm, the Knitting Olympics start.

I have a one-page essay, on a topic which will not fit on one page, due at some point. (I have not written it yet.) Written and submitted. I even made it fit on one page, with some judicious font sizing. (10.5 font FTW. :P )
I have a 50-minute history exam.
I have to meet Rainbow people at the bank at 12:30pm to switch over this year's check signers.
I have a large Rainbow event with practice and setup starting at 2, and the event running until about 9:30 or longer.

I have a fairly extensive grocery shopping trip planned, which will involve four different stores in three different towns (and frozen/cold-perishable goods at each, so I'll have to go home in between to drop them off).

I have four sets of questions due for my Class of Suck, two sets of which are on a book I haven't actually read yet. So I have to read the book sometime in there too. Edit: But the two that aren't on that book are done, so I can just copy/paste them to post them on the class discussion board.

The Knitting Olympics run from tonight through 2/28, just like the regular Olympics. I selected Vivian as my project for this year.

During those 16 days, in addition to this weekend's plans listed above, I have:
*Spring quarter registration opens on Tuesday 2/16; as there are only 24 openings in VOLCANO FIELD DAY, I need to get registered post-haste Tuesday morning if I want in.
*Another 3-4 page essay, two sets one set of homework questions, and another exam in my history class. Edit: Completed one set today, need to turn in.
*History class meetings on both Wednesdays.
*Weekly assignments, usually multiple readings with multiple sets of questions, for my Class of Suck.
*An OES meeting and a Rainbow meeting.
*Several Rainbow events that I already agreed to chaperone/help out with.
*The OES wine tasting and silent auction fundraiser, for which I am the chairman of the kitchen committee, is 2/27. I will also have at least one, if not two, committee meetings during this timeframe.
*A 1500-word research paper on the history of the lobotomy and its impact on modern medical ethics that is due on 3/2 and a major portion of my grade in the Class of Suck.
*And oh yeah, I work M-F 8-4ish.

I believe my experiments with giving up caffeine are off for the next few weeks.

Also, bob bless slow days at work.


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