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Under the heading of good news, my 4.0 in math finally posted.
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So much grrrr.

Stupid math instructor assured us all on the last day of class, which was 12/16, that our finals would be graded ASAP because he had to turn in grades by the end of the day on Friday 12/18, because the school would have final grades posted on Monday 12/21, and if we wanted to know what our final exam score was, we could email him.

It is now halfway through 12/22 and the school still does not have grades posted.

His email address is neither on the syllabus nor in the school's directory. (Amusingly, he's not listed as teaching any classes next quarter either at my school or the other school he teaches at.)

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1. I am seriously cuted out that the winter holiday header for the main LJ page includes a decorated moose. :)

2. Math final is done, I'm pretty confident in my success, the instructor says that grades are due Friday and should be posted on the school website on Monday. We'll see.

3. Today was the last day I fill in my age on a form as 28. Rawr.
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Third exam, outta the park. Final is Wednesday. If I get a 93 or better, I *should* (if my math is right, hurr durr) come out with a 4.0, and so far I've done 92/92/100 on the exams.
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The exam that was supposed to be on basic trig, functions and logarithms? Half trig, half algebraic functions, and nary a logarithm in sight. Glory day.

Yes, I love trig. Trig is what causes me to place higher than I should on math placement tests. Geometry is awesome too. Algebra is fine. But precalc is one of the two classes I failed in high school. (The other was physics. My father, who taught high school physics for seventeen years, was not pleased.)

ETA: HOLY FUCK what is wrong with my math instructor. He made us spend half the class period doing problems with SLIDE RULES. This is not relevant to anything else in the class, plus the guy is absolutely inept at explaining anything, so after he explained how to use the slide rule to the class, he then had to go around and try to explain it to each group individually because he wasn't making any damn sense to anyone.
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So. Right now, with one regular exam and the final to go, my calculations say I'm holding a 4.0 by literally 0.03%. I don't think I can keep it, alas. I'd have to get a 95 average on both the remaining tests. It'll be close - I've gotten 92 and change on the first two. If I can maintain that, I'll come out of here with a 93.8 overall, a high 3.5. (The grading scale on the syllabus says 95 for a 4.0 and 90 for a 3.5, I dunno if there's an interim point.)

And considering my history with math? I will so take that. :P

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Can I even tell you how much I am disturbed by how often I have to correct my math instructor. Seriously.

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Groovy. 37/40 on my first exam. I'll take that.

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Dear math instructor:

Maybe next time you should, I dunno, generate the answer key to your exams BEFORE printing them up and passing them out next time, so's you don't have one of your students coming up to you twice during the exam to point out how you've made one of the problems unsolvable. Just a thought.


PS. Yes, two different issues in the same problem. Yeehaw.

the problem, for the curious )

Any rate, tonight was the first exam in my math class, and I'm reasonably sure that I aced it. May even have ace-plus'ed it, considering there was extra credit.
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I'm quite certain my math instructor is within two years of my age. I can't tell whether he's a titch older or younger.

This is mildly wacky in my brainpan.
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Again, I placed into calculus.

Guess what math class I am NOT taking.

Intermediate Algebra for me, yeehaw.

Perfect score on the English placement too. Rawr.
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Placement tests -- yeehaw! *zoom*

(PS: Yes, I'm going back to school. I have all manner of educational plans made. Rawr!)


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