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We're not going to talk about math.

Instead, we're going to look forward to March 31, which is when spring quarter starts, and Ari and I are taking History of the Middle Ages together. :)
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Note to self:
Flying into Detroit Thursday morning, flying out Monday afternoon. The information about your flights and the shuttle to and from EL is in your email. Print it out at work tomorrow. Visitation is Friday, funeral is Saturday at 2.

Note to everyone else:
I probably won't have time for any extra visits out of town - my mom gets dibs. Sorry in advance.

Query (devolving into random):
Is brown acceptable to wear to a funeral? I know black is traditional, but I just seriously don't have that much in the way of black dress clothes anymore - most of it is either brown or a complementary color that doesn't go as well with black. I dunno - I've only been to one funeral in my life, and at that one, the widow (my grandmother on my dad's side) wore red because it had been her husband's favorite color. (My paternal grandmother has buried three husbands, broke up with a near-fourth, and currently has a platonic male housemate.) Black slacks and a dark-colored-but-not-black sweater? Black slacks and a white blouse? *throws up hands*

Unexpected good:
I'll meet my little brother's fiancée before their wedding. Also will see my uncle that I haven't seen since.. um, since Grandma passed away 6 years ago. =/ Also - Fazoli's!

Stuff to do and packing list: )

What am I forgetting?
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Tonight, not so much with the good.

I not only failed my math exam, I bombed it utterly and spectacularly.
(Slight positive: I've already got more understanding of chapter 2 than I had of anything in chapter 1, and he throws out the lowest of the three exam scores. Still.)

I found out that as of tomorrow, my grandfather goes into hospice care, which means they're moving from treating his various medical issues to simply managing his pain and keeping him comfortable until he passes away since there's at this point nothing more they can do for him.
(Slight positive, I ... guess ...: Grandpa has been looking forward to passing away for a good four or five years now... does that count as positive? Sigh.)

I don't expect I'll be ordering anything from Newegg anymore. Dan's video card - about eight months old - utterly failed at the beginning of January, still under their warranty. I've been trying to get it replaced since January 8th. This morning, I called them up at 9:15 PST and made a polite fuss that I was tired of getting the runaround, tired of being told "We are going to blah" and "If you blah, we will blah" and none of that being followed through on, and informed the CSR that I simply wanted the refund that had been given me as an option since the video card was no longer carried by Newegg. The CSR assured me that my refund would be processed and I would see my refund within 3-5 business days. I got home to find an email timestamped 10:15am PST that they would be sending me a replacement video card, glad we could help you. Geez, I'm so fucking glad you people can communicate with each other. I replied to said email reiterating that I did NOT want the replacement item, I want the refund I was promised (since Dan got even more tired than me of waiting for them, due to HIM being the one without a workable video card for almost a month and went and bought a replacement locally this morning), and intend to call them AGAIN tomorrow and demand a supervisor.
(Slight positive: At least my husband is computer-enabled again. Makes him much less cranky.)

In general? Crappy night.
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Spectacularly failed my math exam. Yay.
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Recent happenings.

Good -
- lots of good WoW developments - several first-kills, a flaming horsie with fangs, level 50 and a water elemental named Fred.
- My baby brother proposed to his girlfriend on Christmas day, and she accepted. (Related weird: This means that my 25-year-old brother will have a 11-year-old stepson. Also weird: Both my younger siblings are dating people older than me. I am the only one who finds any of this weird.)
- I have about six knitting projects currently on needles.
- In correlation, I have about twelve million various movies/TV series in queue to watch/rewatch in the not-so-distant future.
- The girls did absolutely AWESOME at their initiation last night - every single one of them, including the pro tems, had at least a 95% accuracy rate on their parts. (They need to practice their square corners, IMO, but Michigan Rainbow was rather more formal than Washington Rainbow appears to be. Or maybe it's just that my mother advisor was a million years old and picky.)
- At the installation on Saturday, not only is one of the board members bringing me the OES Petition I've been waiting for for two months, but apparently the Worthy Matron will be there and I can meet her. Spiffy.

Bad -
- I had my first math exam last night. I think I might've eked out a good solid C. On the plus side, the rest of the class involves less graphing and more actual equations, and he tosses out the lowest of the three exams for grading purposes.
- The closet door behind my desk randomly fell off the track last night. This has been happening a lot in our apartment lately. I don't like it when sliding doors jump off their tracks for no explainable reason.
- Still waiting on both of my W2s and both of Dan's W2s. Feh.
- Coworker? So. So. So. Stupid.

Awesome -
- Who has plane tickets to Nashville for the third week of June? OH HAY THAT WOULD BE ME.
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So far: 6 episodes of Frasier, The Woodsman, Rainman, Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, 4 episodes of Heroes. About 4-6 rows to go on the back, plus sleeves and assembly.

KnitPicks Wool of the Andes Bulky in Redwood Forest - currently on skein #3 - on Denise needles, size 9 and 13.

Hoping to finish it up by the end of the weekend, but the next few days are quite busy, so I dunno.

Thursday: Work, first math exam (eep!), IORG initiation
Friday: Work, raid, movie night (?)
Saturday: Raid, lunch, IORG installation
Sunday: Raid ... hey, I can work on it around the raid. :)

ETA: Er, pattern! Knitty's Cherie Amour.


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