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Final grade for Summer 2007 quarter:

AMA 101 Communications in Healthcare: 4.0

Quarterly GPA: 4.0
Cumulative GPA: 43 credits, 3.87

Dear world:

As of this morning, I have officially completed certifications in Medical Reception, Medical Transcription and Medical Office Administration with a final cumulative GPA of 3.87.


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Dear North:
I would like you to post my summer grades so I can get all squeeful about having completed my certifications please and thank you.
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I was positive that, even after she threw out the questions about readings that hadn't been assigned, I'd still bombed my 101 final.

I just picked up my grade sheet for it.


Hot damn.
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AMA 101 coursework done. Turning it in after work this afternoon.

After tonight, I shouldn't ever have to drive out to Northgate for school again. BCC is ten minutes from my house, if I hit every light on the way.

(And I should be "graduating" with my certifications after this quarter officially ends.)
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Quarter ends a week from today.
I expect to spend most of the weekend finishing up homework - a pile of transcription for one class and two papers (one due Monday noon and the other due Thursday 10pm) for the other.

When I go in on Monday or Tuesday after work to drop off the pile of transcription, I will also have to turn in the forms for my name change and holy hell drop off my three graduation forms for my certifications. I ran my degree audits this afternoon to make sure I wasn't missing anything that I didn't know about, and I'm NOT.

One class left - all three certifications still need me to take 2 credits of AMA 101 (yeah, it's the last one, heh - Communications in Healthcare). I may snag a couple extras that became a mandatory part of the programs the quarter after I started (Basic Psych Principles and Patient Prioritizing and Instruction - at 1 credit each, they're well within my tuition waiver, I won't be paying anything extra except about $5 each for the course packets :P), but I haven't decided yet for sure.

And then I will be done with North.

Once BCC gets back to me and tells me I can take classes there (community colleges don't reject people, do they? :P), I'll sit down with an advisor and go over a plan (which I need to make this weekend), but right now the plan starts with PHIL 265 (Biomedical Ethics: 1908) and PSYCH 100 (Intro to Psych: 5711) in the fall.

In the longer scheme, the plan is to do my AAS (a general Associate in Arts and Sciences, falls under a direct transfer agreement to most WA public universities) in the next 2 years, then let UW (Public Health) and WWU (Human Services) fight over me. Heh. :)
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Next quarter is going to be so weird. I'll still be taking seven credits, like I have been - but it'll be in only two classes. The AMA classes for my program so far have mostly been 1 credit, with a few 2-credit courses - the program is designed to be easy to break down and take part time. So when I've been taking 6 and 7 courses a quarter, it's still only part time as far as credits go.

But next quarter, I have one of the few 2-credit AMA courses (Communications in Healthcare) and a 5-credit course out of the business department (Customer Relations) - and that's it.

Summer will be the last of my 3 transcription courses, at which point I will have completed the requirements for all three certificates I'm getting, plus English 101 (because the terms of my tuition waiver specifically exclude English 100, 101 and 102 at the University of Washington, but not at any of the community colleges, so I figure I might as well get it out of the way while it's free).

And hopefully, in June or July, I'll find out that I got accepted to the UW. *crossing fingers like whoa*


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