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Hot damn! I ate a big pile of salad AND A TINY SLICE OF PIZZA!!! (The lettuce in the salad was shredded, bob bless the deli at the North Campus building, and the pizza I'd cut into dime-sized bites, but what the hell! It was PIZZA!) *cheer*

The only on-campus meeting for my class was tonight. Most of the other students work in the health care industry in some way or another; in fact, three of them besides me work at my hospital, and a fourth is a coding supervisor for the external coding group we've just started working with in the past six months. It sounds like it'll be an interesting endeavor - no tests or anything, grades are based on participation in discussions and how you demonstrate application and understanding of the learned concepts in said discussions. Reminded me of what I was positive was an educational structure based on some Greek philosopher, but it does not appear to be Socratic in nature, so I'm not entirely sure what I was thinking of.

Winter is going to be the ugly quarter though - I'm going to need three classes, all of which will need to be taken That Quarter. Math - because my math placement results are only good through winter quarter, and I don't want to have to pay to take the damn placement test again. BTS 168 Database Applications - required as either a prereq or concurrently to the next MEDIT class. And MEDIT 220, Healthcare Informatics Standards - the second of three MEDIT courses. (Compounded, naturally, by the fact that each MEDIT class is only offered one quarter a year - fall for the first, winter the second, and spring the third. So if I miss one, I fall a year behind.)

Ergo, my Christmas list will probably consist of about $300 worth of Southwest gift certificates and Lots Of School Moneys. (Dear parents: I mean it. School > Ugly Moose. In fact, School even > NON-ugly moose.)
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So, a few months back, I saw an ad on the bus for a new certificate program at Bellevue Community College - specifically, in the field of Medical Informatics, healthcare-specific IT. Considering that my final goal is to end up working in public health administration, this sounded like something right up my alley, only I couldn't figure out how to fit another 45-credit certification into my schedule or plans.

I looked at it again last night, and they condensed it - made some of the more basic classes (keyboarding, computer applications for noobs, things like that) prereqs instead, and now it's a 30-credit certificate of completion.

Just so happens that the AAS-Transfer degree I'm planning on requires 30 credits worth of electives.

The three core classes - MEDIT 110, 120 and 130 - are offered only in fall, winter and spring quarters respectively....but 110 has six seats open currently, and when I emailed the program director explaining my education history, current employment and future goals, along with the fact that I can't register til the third day of the quarter due to my tuition waiver, I got this in reply:

Delighted you will be joining us; both your recent classes at North Seattle Community College, current employment and goals are all an excellent fit. I anticipate no problem with your tuition exempt enrollment, and look forward to welcoming you to the class.

So it looks like Fall 2007 will be MEDIT 110 - Technology Fundamentals in Healthcare.
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Today's frustration:

Due to the terms of my tuition waiver, I can't register for classes til the second week of the quarter, which is Oct 1-5. I'm bored out of my damn skull today, so I'm flipping through the course options and looking at some of the stuff I was interested in taking.

Closed. Closed. Closed. Closed. Closed.



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