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OO got my grades from winter quarter :D

AMA 102 Legal Concepts: 3.6
AMA 103 Ethical Concepts: 3.2
AMA 123 Daily Financial Management: 3.9
AMA 125 Intro to Medical Insurance and Coding: 4.0
AMA 171 AP/Terminology/Pathology 2: 3.8

Quarterly GPA: 3.75

Cumulative GPA: 3.83

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Answer Syllabus Objectives 1-7.

Ok. *looks at Syllabus Objectives 1-7*


1. Develop a foundation of medical insurance knowledge to facilitate completion of a claim.
2. Define insurance terminology.

3. List examples of medical insurance coverage and compare the differences.
4. Explain the significance of DRGs.
5. Apply managed care policies and procedures.
6. Apply third party guidelines.
7. Complete and code a sample insurance claim form.

Ok. 3 and 4, I can do, no problem. I could do 7, IF they'd given me a sample form and anything to work with, but I can't complete a form without the form and some sample data. I guess I can spout off a list of random definitions for #2, but how the hell do I "answer" "Apply managed care policies and procedures" or "Develop a foundation of knowledge"????

Edit: Response from the instructor:
You write how yu acomplished this by completing the packet

Just like that, down to the missing letters and punctuation. *snort* I like the other instructor MUCH better.
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Dear whoever wrote this syllabus:

Why am I supposed to explain laws related to a medical practice's financial management when there is absolutely nothing about them in any of the class materials? :P

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Final class list for school (though it won't become official til next week; under the terms of my tuition waiver, I have to register between day 5 and 10 of the quarter):

AMA 102 - Legal Concepts in Healthcare
AMA 103 - Ethical Concepts in Healthcare
AMA 171 - AP/Terminology 1 - Skin & Senses
AMA 123 - Daily Financial Management
AMA 125 - Intro to Medical Insurance and Coding

I need to make a calendar for school to keep track of deadlines and demos and whatnot.
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Friday: )

Saturday: )

Sunday: )

Monday: )

This morning, I slept in a few minutes extra, packed my lunch, and drove to work (instead of bussing). Tonight, I have to go to school after work, because it's the first night of the quarter. Syllabus packets and books for me!
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Well, I think I've picked my courses for next quarter.

AMA 125 - Introduction to Medical Insurance and Coding
AMA 171 - AP/Terminology/Pathology 1 (Skin and Senses)
AMA 123 - Daily Financial Management

4 credits total, I think. I know 125 is 2 credits, and that 171 is 1 credit - I forget whether 123 is one or two credits, and I don't have a current list handy 123 is 1 credit too. Any rate, it's still less than the 6 credits I get tuition waivers for. :)

Woo :)


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