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Final grades for summer quarter:

AMA 174 AP/Term/Path Female Reproductive System: 4.0
AMA 175 AP/Term/Path Nervous System: 4.0
AMA 176 AP/Term/Path Endocrine System: 4.0
AMA 177 AP/Term/Path Musculoskeletal System: 4.0
AMA 178 AP/Term/Path Cardiovascular System: 4.0
AMA 179 AP/Term/Path Respiratory System: 4.0
AHM 124 Intro to Transcription: 3.1

Quarterly GPA: 3.87
Cumulative GPA: 3.87

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So this morning was mildly frustrating.

On the hip front: I had my follow-up exam today. Except it doesn't hurt anymore, unless I sit still for 3 hours or so. So he's all "Does it hurt when you bend like this? How about like that? How about when I push here? Here? There?" and I'm repeating "Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Well, that feels kinda weird, but it doesn't hurt. Nope. Nope." Finally he said "I really can't do much in terms of a diagnosis when it doesn't hurt. You said it flares up every two to three months? Come back the next time it flares up, and then we can get somewhere." And I said "Okay."

On the police report front: I called them Wednesday morning, and they said they could send a police officer out to take a report that afternoon, but I had to be home for it. So I took the afternoon off, and called them at 1:30, and they said that they'd have an officer out there within two hours. At 6:30, there was still no officer, so I grumbled, and we went to dinner and our evening plans. At no point on Wednesday evening or Thursday did they even call the phone number they'd insisted I give them to tell me that they weren't able to make it. I was annoyed. So this morning, I put on a suit after my doctor's appointment and went down to the police station directly. After an hour of sitting in their waiting room, I finally got to talk to an officer and give my report. The kicker? He needs to figure out whether it constitutes identity theft or regular theft, because if it's ID theft, the Bellevue PD has jurisdiction as I'm a Bellevue resident, but if it's regular theft, I have to go down to Tukwila's PD and file a report THERE, as the actual crime was committed there. *facepalm*

On the clothing front: Yes, I said I'm wearing a suit today. It's also the first time it's expected to go above 80 in like two weeks. It's ALSO the first time in memory that my office building is too warm to wear a suit jacket. However, the pants to the suit are the only dress pants I own that were purchased after I lost fifteen pounds, and therefore the rest of them are two sizes too big. So I have to decide whether I want to have them altered or buy new ones, or whether it's worth bothering with at all as this is the first time I've worn dress pants since before Christmas. (I may end up having the pair I like best altered, so that way I'd have one brown pair and one black-with-pinstripes pair.)

And now I'm at work, with very little to do, and I want a nap. And my fiancé is hurling himself out of a plane tomorrow morning, which makes me nervous. And my grades for summer quarter won't be posted until probably Thursday.
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Final exams and final grades for summer quarter thus far:
AMA 174: Final exam 95%, final grade 4.0 (99%)
AMA 175: Final exam 89%, final grade unknown (packet turned in 8/14)
AMA 176: Final exam unknown, final grade unknown (exam taken and packet turned in 8/14)
AMA 177: Final exam 88%, final grade 4.0 (97%)
AMA 178: Final exam 97%, final grade unknown (packet turned in 8/14)
AMA 179: Final exam 91%, final grade unknown (packet turned in 8/14)
AHM 124: Final exam unknown, final grade unknown (exam taken and packet turned in 8/14)

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Final exam grades for the summer quarter so far:

AMA 174: 95%, taken 7/10
AMA 175: 89%, taken 7/17
AMA 179: 91%, taken 7/24
AMA 178: 97%, taken 7/26
AMA 177: unknown yet, taken 7/31

I haven't turned in any homework packets, just taken the final exams. I've yet to take one on 8/7 and one on 8/14, and I need to turn in the homework packets for all 7 by the 14th, for quarter's end on the 17th. Which technically means I should get them all done before GenCon.
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Final exam grades for the summer quarter so far:

AMA 174: 95%, taken 7/10
AMA 175: 89%, taken 7/17
AMA 179: unknown yet, taken 7/24

I haven't turned in any homework packets, just taken the final exams. I'll be taking one on 7/26, one on 7/31, one on 8/7 and one on 8/14, and I need to turn in the homework packets for all 7 by the 14th, for quarter's end on the 17th.
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Today was the first day of summer quarter, and when I got to the classroom I picked up my actual final grade forms from the instructor. (I got my final GPA listing online, but the grade forms break down my point totals by assignment.)

In my coding class, the grade slip for my final has written on it "Top of the class".

On my AP/Term/Path (Boy parts) grade form, not only did I get a 4.0 in boys, but I got 100% on the final exam. And on top of THAT, it appears that I only lost SIX POINTS in the entire class - and that by scoring 118 out of 124 on my midterm, which comes out to 95%. I got 100% on every single other assignment in that class.
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Summer quarter starts on the 26th, and I'll be taking 6 terminology courses (Female Reproductive, Nervous, Endocrine, Musculoskeletal, Cardovascular and Respiratory Systems). I've been contemplating adding one more class and paying for it out of pocket - it'd only be another $72. (I heart my job - I get 6 credits worth of class tuition per quarter waived and only have to pay the fees, so I end up getting 6 credits for about the price of 1.5 credits. LOVE IT.) If I do that, I'll add Intro to Transcription over the summer. Still wibbling.

On the one hand, it almost doubles my out-of-pocket costs, but on the other, I just worked it out that taking 7 credits a quarter instead of 6 will end up getting me my certificates at the end of spring quarter 07 instead of summer 07.

Whoa. I just got sidetracked for like 30 minutes planning my school schedules for the next four quarters, plus making a list of class options to make up the difference between the number of credits in my certificate programs (39) and the number of program credits I need to be able to turn those certificates into an AAS (45).

Once I hit 45 program credits, I need 25 credits worth of general education and 20 credits worth of electives for the AAS in Applied Health Sciences. Problem is that most classes outside of my program are 5 credits - meaning that I either only take one class a quarter, or I take 2, but pay for 4 credits ($280) a quarter out of pocket. Maybe I can do something financial-aid-like at that point to cover extra tuition, fees and books*. I've got a year to think about it though.

*I'm kinda spoiled on books right now - 90% of the classes in my program take one of two books. I haven't had to buy a new textbook for any of my classes since Fall Quarter 2006. I'm not looking forward to having to buy new ones every quarter :P
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School tonight. Midterms in Front Office Basics, Medical Records and Correspondence, A&P Digestive Systems, and A&P Male Genitourinary Systems. I don't anticipate any problems.

After this, 3 weeks left in the quarter.

Summer quarter will be 6 credits again, probably at least 4 in A&P classes - I need to get all 12 of those out of the way before I can take any of the transcription classes, and the two I'm in right now are only #3 and 4. If I take #5-10 this summer, they might let me take #11 and 12 concurrently with the transcription intro in the fall - must check with Meredith tonight. If not, I'll probably take 5-8 in the summer and 9-12 in the fall, and transcription in winter.

Actually, I might do that anyway - 6 terminology classes means an unholy crapload of making flash cards. I hate making flash cards. :P Besides, summer quarter is only 8 weeks. That'd be a lot of memorization in 8 weeks. Mayhaps I ought to go with #5-8, plus Communications in Healthcare and Patient History and Documentation or something. *ponder*


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