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Today was the first day of summer quarter, and when I got to the classroom I picked up my actual final grade forms from the instructor. (I got my final GPA listing online, but the grade forms break down my point totals by assignment.)

In my coding class, the grade slip for my final has written on it "Top of the class".

On my AP/Term/Path (Boy parts) grade form, not only did I get a 4.0 in boys, but I got 100% on the final exam. And on top of THAT, it appears that I only lost SIX POINTS in the entire class - and that by scoring 118 out of 124 on my midterm, which comes out to 95%. I got 100% on every single other assignment in that class.
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My grades got posted! My grades got posted! EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

AMA 120 - Front Office Basics: 3.9
AMA 121 - Patient Scheduling: 4.0
AMA 122 - Medical Records and Correspondence: 3.7
AMA 172 - Term/Path 3 (Digestive System): 4.0
AMA 173 - Term/Path 4 (Boys): 4.0
AMA 226 - Medical Insurance Coding 1: 4.0

Quarterly GPA: 3.93
Cumulative GPA: 3.87

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Dear School:


*pant pant pant*
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I got 95% on two of my midterms and a 98% on the third.

Took three finals last night, and will be taking the other three on Friday.

Mostly hermiting this weekend, aside from lunch on Saturday, [ profile] pixelwench's silent auction and bake sale, and picking Ari up from the airport Sunday night, unless I manage to finish all my homework and studying by Saturday night, at which point I might venture out of the house on Sunday. Alternately, I might lounge around in my pyjamas and read something other than a medical terminology textbook for most of the day, or keep crackin' on the sweater I've been working on.

I'll also get back in the swing of walking and updates after finals...I've been terrible. *facepalm*
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Dear Ginger:

Please remember in the future that Rent is a bad choice for movie-to-listen-to-while-doing-homework, because you get too busy singing along to pay attention to your work.

More specifically, it's a bad choice when you have 17 assignments to finish Sunday night for turning-in on Monday, and therefore don't really have the time to get distracted.

PS: LJ also qualifies as a distraction, you noob.
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School tonight. Midterms in Front Office Basics, Medical Records and Correspondence, A&P Digestive Systems, and A&P Male Genitourinary Systems. I don't anticipate any problems.

After this, 3 weeks left in the quarter.

Summer quarter will be 6 credits again, probably at least 4 in A&P classes - I need to get all 12 of those out of the way before I can take any of the transcription classes, and the two I'm in right now are only #3 and 4. If I take #5-10 this summer, they might let me take #11 and 12 concurrently with the transcription intro in the fall - must check with Meredith tonight. If not, I'll probably take 5-8 in the summer and 9-12 in the fall, and transcription in winter.

Actually, I might do that anyway - 6 terminology classes means an unholy crapload of making flash cards. I hate making flash cards. :P Besides, summer quarter is only 8 weeks. That'd be a lot of memorization in 8 weeks. Mayhaps I ought to go with #5-8, plus Communications in Healthcare and Patient History and Documentation or something. *ponder*


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