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Mon 7/25: work 5-9, pick up items on the list Done while LJ was choking its chicken this afternoon
Tues 7/26: doc appt 4:50, Aladdin 7:30 @ 5th Avenue
Wed 7/27: laundry, errands*, finish packing, paint nails.
Thurs 7/28: hair appointment 3pm, Rainbow meeting 7pm, finish packing carry-on

Fri 7/29: bank to deposit Mr Pig, Target, ATM, movie 4:55pm, dinner with Keef 9pm, airport by 11pm.
Sat 7/30: flight leaves SeaTac 12:50am, layover Milwaukee, land Indy 10:31am WOO!

*errands: pick up receipt books for the Rainbow recorder/treasurer, drop off rent check, get cash, take out garbage, charge and sync various electronics
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Packing wizardry!

Ages ago, I got a 24" duffle bag from Target for like $10. It's been insanely useful. Last night I started packing for Florida, and as of this morning, it contains ten pairs of underwear, seven pairs of socks, a pair of jeans, 7 tank tops, 5 t-shirts, 2 long-sleeved shirts, a light hoodie, a pair of PJ pants, a dress, a bathing suit and cover up, a power strip, Zombie Dice ... and a Kitchenaid stand mixer.
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Short-term goal:
Rearrange stuff so I can easily get to and use my "kitchen" (such as it is) before bedtime Sunday.

Steps to goal:
1. Go through the pile on the floor next to computer table; I believe is mostly library books and wastepaper.
2. Pull out coffee table, put in front of TV at 90 degree angle to current computer table.

3. Move computer to coffee table. Remove current table.
4. Go through food cupboards. Contents have mostly been there since I moved. Be realistic about weeding stuff out.
5. Clear off kitchen counter.

Side goal: Take at least two dumpster loads out while doing this. Be brutal. (ETA: One down.)
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Wednesday to-do list, in no particular order:
1. Laundry, one load.
2. Finish packing: suitcase and carry-on bag (emphasis on Phantom tickets, cash, and vacation account debit card.)
3. Homework due Wed night: stats quiz.

4. As much homework due over the weekend as possible: nutrition quiz, nutrition project, 2-3 page history paper, 250 word history discussion post, 3-4 sentence history discussion response. (History due Sun 5pm, Nutrition due Mon noon.)
5. Sync/charge Vir, Lyta and Marcus
6. Pack up chargers for carry-on

7. Work 5-11pm
8. Finish disassembling desk for maintenance guy
9. Wash and straighten hair
10. Eat some lunch at lunchtime
11. 10:05am: check in and print boarding passes for Ari and me
12. Send Joyce our flight info so she can find us
13. Return Netflix

14. Plug Marcus in before going to bed.

Thursday morning:
1. Snag Marcus
2. Put his charger in carry-on.
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All the homework I have left: a 3-4 sentence response to a classmate's post. Everything else is done done done!!

Other to-do Thurs/Fri:
charge and sync iDevices (Thursday night, Friday afternoon)
pack up electronics and chargers (Vir, Marcus, Lyta, Talia) (Friday)
pack toiletries Friday afternoon
take out the garbage Friday afternoon
get cash Thursday evening
tidy up
turn off alarm clocks Friday morning
dinner with Ari Thurs 6:15
Rainbow meeting Thurs 7pm

lunch with [ profile] jadeejf on Friday 12:30
appointment Friday 3pm
sandwich making Friday 5pm
leave for airport Friday 9pm
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Homework left to do by Thursday night:

*History midterm: 2 1-page essays
*3-4 sentences in response to a classmate's post on the topic of evaluate the use of the phrase "world war" to describe WWI (requires that a classmate actually post something :P )
*2-3 pages on analysis of how WWI changed or did not change world history, see assignment sheet
*Next week's nutrition quiz (#7, 20 essay q, 25)

Homework I probably won't have the chance to do until Friday but really really hope to finish before leaving:
Homework I don't have to do until I get back YAY:

*Stats quiz, mailed out Fri 5/13 and due noon Mon 5/16 evening Tues 5/17

Other to-do Thurs night/Fri morning:
pack up electronics and chargers (Vir, Marcus, Lyta, Talia)
pack toiletries
take out the garbage
get cash
tidy up
turn off alarm clocks
lunch with [ profile] jadeejf on Friday
appointment Friday 3pm
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Ok, dammit. To-do lists, pre-Nashville edition.

Time sensitive:
Check with Mom on the progress of the Grand Scheme Monday afternoon
Dinner with Ari (pizza at my house while I do things on the to-do list :P ) Monday night
Work Tues 5-9pm
Draft of English paper due Wednesday 9am
Print boarding pass Wednesday 2:54pm (or at least, before leaving work)
Work Wed 5-9pm
Look up and print out bus directions to work for Thursday morning

Not time sensitive beyond "before leaving":
Three required peer reviews on English papers submitted (any time after Wed 9am)
Finish wrapping gifts
Solve the jeans dilemma
wash and put away all the dishes
Ask very large favor of Ari
put away all non-packed laundry
Finish and submit music assignments #9-10
Put music lectures on Kip for study on plane, as final exam is the day after I return
Find appropriate sock yarn in stash for planned project
Make sure sock bag is stocked with required bits and pieces and size 1 needles
Clean out the fridge
Buy another box of big bandaids
Deposit one check
Get cash
Do that thing you can't post about
Pick up that thing you can't post about

Wednesday night before going to bed:
Plug in phone, Kip, Rudi, and Rikki to sync and/or charge (as applicable)

Last minute before leaving:
Pack up all electronics and chargers
Turn off alarm clock
Turn off Sheridan
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Packing list! *sproing*
(4 day trip, I'm a big one for including spares just in case.)

Jeans x2
Undies x6
Socks x6
T-shirts x6
green/brown puffy vest
black shoes
pyjamas and slippers
toiletry bag
4 sets of gifts
popcorn of doom
my phone bill payment to Joyce (aka, two boxes of tea)

chargers: Kip, Rikki, phone
knitting project x2
English book
Anthro book
Cap One and Chase cards
boarding pass
coat, hat, scarf, gloves
(will be wearing)
power strip
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I made a pot of soup yesterday and it is SO GOOD. *om nom nom*

I have tomorrow off completely, until the Rainbow meeting in the evening. The to-do list:

-clean the tub
-make a pot of sweet-and-sour chicken to pack up for meals (bubbling away)
-laundry, including bedsheets
-put away laundry and re-make bed (new flannel sheets!)
-pay bills
-work out the next couple of months' budget
-work on Christmas shopping lists ETA: started, but not enough to cross off.
-plan out a few more cook-en-masse meals to pack up
-make shopping lists for same if necessary
-make CHEESECAKE ETA: No can do. No sugar. :(

-take anthro midterm
-watch the movie to finish last week's music assignment
-do this week's music assignment
-get as much of this week's English assignment done as possible
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Already packed:
costume bits: boots, jeans, tank tops x3, leather bodice
regular clothes: socks/underwear/bra, t-shirts, pyjama top

Need to pack/clothing:
costume bits: circlet
regular clothes: 2 pair some variety of pants, pyjama pants, brown sneakers

Need to pack/stuff:
the library, god help me
miscellaneous GCL paperwork and records
chargers: phone, Kipling, Rudy, Rikki, Bagheera
associated electronics: phone, Kipling, Rudy, Rikki, Bagheera
Rikki's mouse
power strip
GenCon badge holder
knitting project (I know, shut UP)
drink mix packets

Need to remember:
boarding pass

Need to check with Wally about:
printer paper
pull-cart with wheels

I have to experiment - I may well get more carry-on room if I pack the library into a duffel bag as my "personal item" and just flatten my backpack into my rolly-suitcase for use once we get there, and if doing that means I don't have to check a bag, great. We'll see.

Kipling is proving very beneficial for my carry-on space - normally, my packing list for a trip that includes about 14 hours of airports and plans also includes five or six books.

That said, I still feel like this list is missing things. *racks brain*
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Mmmm busy next few days.

Regular work on Friday
Chaperoning a line officers' retreat Friday night through Saturday afternoon
Training shift at the greyhound kennel 5-7pm on Saturday
Estimating 4-8 hours of overtime Sunday
Regular work on Monday
Dinner with Sammy on Monday evening
Check in for flight and print out boarding pass early early Tuesday

Leaving for the airport 4am Wednesday for 6am flight

Not exactly time-sensitive, but needs to get done before 4am Wednesday:
Finish packing for Con
Supply and perform hair dye experiment
Library run

Finish reviewing Dresden RPG books
Get my nails done

Wheee :)
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Cookies are packed up -- I have them for (a) players who spent their XP before Con and (b) storytellers who were available to their players during downtime. Rawr. The peanut butter chips did not survive the heat wave, so they're chocolate chocolate-chip instead of chocolate peanut-butter-chip. I think people will cope. :)

In fact, I'm all packed, except for my computer, ipod and their respective sets of cablery. Woot. 4am Wednesday, here I come.
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Tomorrow's to-do list:

-go suitcase shopping :P
-make cookies
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It's that time of year again, folks.

Feel free to ignore my GenCon prep lists. :) )

Anyone know how to get creases (not like hard knife-edge type creases, but this-item-has-been-stored-in-a-box-for-a-year creases) out of non-suede leather?

Edit: The intarwebs tells me to hang it up somewhere warmish and the creases should just hang out. I wish I'd looked that up BEFORE the heat wave broke. :P
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So there was a great deal of traveling, and I should probably update about it.

Pre-traveling: Dan left for Chicago on Sunday, 6/27, and I had the house to myself for several days. That hasn't happened since before we got engaged, for the record, which was in May 2005. I did massive organization and cleaning sprees on my desk, our bedroom and the linen closet. All three of the bedroom closet doors are accessible now. I don't have to have mountaineer's gear to get to my desk. This is awesome. I also saw a movie and attended several Rainbow functions, including an installation ceremony and reception, a ritual competition practice, a board meeting, and a planning meeting for Grand Assembly, as well as taking an evening to spend lounging around my house doing ... well, pretty much the same things I do when Dan's here.

Chicago: Thursday 7/2 to Monday morning 7/6 )

Michigan: Monday 7/6-Thursday 7/9 )

Grand Assembly, Friday 7/9 to Sunday 7/10: )

All in all, I had good travels, and now I'm glad to be home. Especially since I have ten days of company arriving TOMORROW NIGHT ZOMG. *rockin' booty dance*
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Originally uploaded by shalicat
Yarn organized!

... pretty much? :)

(If you're curious enough to actually go to the Flickr page, there's notes on the pic.)
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I bought a pair of CD/DVD storage boxes recently, and I really like them for organizational purposes. However, I'm starting to think they were on sale because they've been discontinued, which makes me sad, because I'm looking for more of the disc sleeves they came with. Each box came with 40, but has room for 60-80 total. I'll probably end up with at least one more box, but I still want more sleeves than the boxes come with.

The whole kit and caboodle is the Memorex CD & DVD File-n-Store Box, and I purchased it at Target. The actual part I want more of is the sleeves that came with it, or something similar -- they're double-sided sleeves to hold two discs, and have little hooks like on hanging file folders. Problem is, everything I'm finding falls into one of two categories: EITHER they're double-sided two-disc sleeves, OR they're hanging sleeves in a 8.5x11 size to hold 4-8 discs. Basically, what I want is that first link with hanging-hooks. Preferably inexpensively. :P Anybody have any ideas?
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Note to self:
Flying into Detroit Thursday morning, flying out Monday afternoon. The information about your flights and the shuttle to and from EL is in your email. Print it out at work tomorrow. Visitation is Friday, funeral is Saturday at 2.

Note to everyone else:
I probably won't have time for any extra visits out of town - my mom gets dibs. Sorry in advance.

Query (devolving into random):
Is brown acceptable to wear to a funeral? I know black is traditional, but I just seriously don't have that much in the way of black dress clothes anymore - most of it is either brown or a complementary color that doesn't go as well with black. I dunno - I've only been to one funeral in my life, and at that one, the widow (my grandmother on my dad's side) wore red because it had been her husband's favorite color. (My paternal grandmother has buried three husbands, broke up with a near-fourth, and currently has a platonic male housemate.) Black slacks and a dark-colored-but-not-black sweater? Black slacks and a white blouse? *throws up hands*

Unexpected good:
I'll meet my little brother's fiancée before their wedding. Also will see my uncle that I haven't seen since.. um, since Grandma passed away 6 years ago. =/ Also - Fazoli's!

Stuff to do and packing list: )

What am I forgetting?
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Recent happenings.

Good -
- lots of good WoW developments - several first-kills, a flaming horsie with fangs, level 50 and a water elemental named Fred.
- My baby brother proposed to his girlfriend on Christmas day, and she accepted. (Related weird: This means that my 25-year-old brother will have a 11-year-old stepson. Also weird: Both my younger siblings are dating people older than me. I am the only one who finds any of this weird.)
- I have about six knitting projects currently on needles.
- In correlation, I have about twelve million various movies/TV series in queue to watch/rewatch in the not-so-distant future.
- The girls did absolutely AWESOME at their initiation last night - every single one of them, including the pro tems, had at least a 95% accuracy rate on their parts. (They need to practice their square corners, IMO, but Michigan Rainbow was rather more formal than Washington Rainbow appears to be. Or maybe it's just that my mother advisor was a million years old and picky.)
- At the installation on Saturday, not only is one of the board members bringing me the OES Petition I've been waiting for for two months, but apparently the Worthy Matron will be there and I can meet her. Spiffy.

Bad -
- I had my first math exam last night. I think I might've eked out a good solid C. On the plus side, the rest of the class involves less graphing and more actual equations, and he tosses out the lowest of the three exams for grading purposes.
- The closet door behind my desk randomly fell off the track last night. This has been happening a lot in our apartment lately. I don't like it when sliding doors jump off their tracks for no explainable reason.
- Still waiting on both of my W2s and both of Dan's W2s. Feh.
- Coworker? So. So. So. Stupid.

Awesome -
- Who has plane tickets to Nashville for the third week of June? OH HAY THAT WOULD BE ME.
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I have kept my checkbook balanced for two whole weeks!!

The secret: Skip all the fancified computer programs - Quicken, Money, even Excel - and get a damn 3-column accountant's ledger. :)


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