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7 mile walk in lovely weather = first sunburn of the year. Glory day.

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Okay, I lied. The stupid comments are only the most irritating thing about sunburns for the first day or two.

After that, the most irritating thing becomes the part where sunburns trigger skin issues. All my life, I only ever got zits when I was sunburned, and always in the same place. So now I have a zit square in the middle of my chin, as well as cold sores on the right side of my top lip and at the outside corner of my right EYE (and GOD DAMN does that one suck).

Effing sunburn. *scowl*
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So the stupid coffee shop double-booked our girls for the car wash today. Three months, the arrangements have been made, yet when some other group called up on Thursday, all of a sudden we were magically not in the reservation book anymore. So we rescheduled the car wash til next Saturday and instead took the girls who showed up to Grass Lawn Park with the picnic lunch we'd arranged, my badminton/volleyball set, and a handful of other park toys (frisbees and the like). A good time was had.

And I proved, yet again, that sunscreen doesn't work on me. Even though I applied 50 SPF, I am bright neon pink in the arms, neck and face.

How sad is it that I'm so accustomed to being sunburned that the part that bothers me the most about it is not the actual burn, but the dumb questions/comments I get from people about it?

The two worst offenders:

"Hey, you're sunburned!" No, seriously? I somehow missed that.
"Are you sunburned?" No, I just had a bad accident at the Nordstrom's blush counter. (I actually used this response on someone tonight. Heh. And I've actually gotten this one even when I was sunburned to the point of blisters.)


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