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So pulling a semi all nighter seems to have worked surprisingly well.

[ profile] pyran had to catch a 6am flight to Chicago for his parents' joint 60th birthday party this morning, and since I regularly have sleep issues that keep me up past midnight even when I go to bed at 10, I figured it would be easier to stay up past 4am and grab a few hours sleep once he was dropped off rather than to wake up early and then try to get back to sleep after (or spend my day having been awake since 3 on 2.5 hours' sleep).

I spent a good chunk of the wee hours of the night reading the book for the new Dresden Files RPG, ripping a 30-disc audiobook, watching part of 2012 on Netflix streaming, and bouncing all over Wikipedia, but none of that would have helped me stay awake and coherent at all were it not for the simultaneously excellent conversational abilities of [ profile] darkwolf_childe, who works nights and has access to IM. Bob bless Mike.

So Ari showed up here, and we left for the airport, around 4:15am. There were a couple of buckets of caffeine, I dropped him off, and then home I came, where I set a couple of alarms and fell into bed at 5:15. So uh... now I'm awake after about 3 hours of sleep, but I *am* awake, and I'm about to go take one of my kids out, with her mom's okay, and stuff her full of tasty breakfast whilst we commiserate about a month of wildly see-sawing life.

I don't remember the last time I stayed up til sunrise outside of GenCon. :P
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Ok, so it's been rainy, and it still has barely broken 55 more than once or twice this year, but by GOD, if Seattle is going to be bright and sunny for a change, it's going to do so at 6am when I just got to bed three hours before.

I'm too old for this :) I can only do all-nighters at GenCon, apparently. (Oh hay, slightly less than three months now.)
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Melatonin night 2:

Again, 3mg SL 9:10pm.
Lights out 9:30pm.
Result: Same as if I don't take it, hours to sleep and then tossing and turning half-awake most of the night.

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First use of melatonin:

Lights out at 9:50. Still tossing and turning at 11:10. Must have fallen asleep in there somewhere, but I was wide awake again at 2am, and stayed that way til the alarm went off at 6. UGH.


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