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Eye doctor appointment a week from tomorrow.


biggish pic, sorry )

See, I'm stupidly picky about glasses. The height of the frames, specifically. It drives me buggy to see the edges of my glasses in my peripheral vision, especially at the top. I found frames in 2002 that I love and have just been getting the lenses replaced in them every 2-3 years since. My glasses have 38mm high frames and are pretty much the perfect shape for my face. I love them. I've been wearing them for almost a third of my life now, so anything else looks weird.

Everything I'm finding, when I look, is either less than 35mm or more than 41mm. However, those big silly leopardy ones up there are 39mm. So I'm thinking I may get new lenses put in my current glasses - yet again - with my vision benefit, but splurge out of pocket (gasp, $8 a pair!) on a backup/fun pair, or tinted sunglasses pair, or both, in the big silly leopardy frames. They're the size I like, but drastically different enough from my everyday ones to make a noticeable difference (rather than feeling like there's something wrong with my beloved glasses).

And no, contacts are not an option - I do not poke myself in the eyeballs. Plus, I've been wearing glasses since I was 4 - I think I look really odd without them.
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End of the saga:

Another couple of tests later, and apparently the doc was right/left challenged. My prescription was accurate, and my perception that my left eye is worse is primarily because my right eye is dominant. At least, that's how the tech and the doc explained it to me, based on my previous exam results and inspection of my current pair of eyeglasses. All seems to be well.

On a different note, I'm trying and trying to get a 6.5st/in gauge on a yarn that says it should get "5.5st/in on #5-7 needles". I'm still getting 5.5 on size THREE. I daresay I'll try smaller tomorrow, but I suspect I'll probably end up adjusting the pattern - I'm not entirely sure I want to do a project bigger than socks on size 1 or 0 needles. :P Not that I have anything but DPNs in size 1, or any size 0 at all.
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More adventures in eyewear!

I'm pretty sure I'm going to go for Options 1 and 1b. So I looked up my prescription this morning (as I have access to my medical record online, <3 my insurance) in preparation to order the sunglasses from item 1b, and I have confusion.

During my eye exam, the doc noted that my left eye seemed to be rather worse than my right. I concurred, as that has been the case all my life. (In fact, even with my glasses on, if I'm focusing on something, it's not unusual at all for me to close my left eye so I can be sure I'm seeing it clearly. Some people squint, I close my left eye.)

However, when I looked at my prescription this morning, it says

OD: -3.50 -1.75 x 180
OS: -2.75 -1.00 x 015

For those of you who don't need glasses, OD is right eye (Latin oculus dexter), OS is left eye (Latin oculus sinister), the first number in each is my actual prescription, and the second and third numbers refer to the astigmatisms I have in both eyes. A negative prescription number is nearsighted, a positive one is farsighted, and the farther it is from 0, the worse your eyesight is.

So what that prescription says, overall, is that my right eye is worse than my left.

Yet...the numbers are pretty much the same as my last prescription was two years ago (OD -3.50 -1.75 x 180 / OS -2.75 -1.25 x 015). I am very confused. (Or else I'm totally wrong on the "farther from zero = worse" thing.)

Also, as quoted from my previous post: "scaled back a bit, even, as he said the right eye scrip seemed a mite too strong" - yet according to my EMR, my RIGHT eye scrip has stayed the same, while my LEFT eye scrip got scaled down a bit on the astigmatism end. Very VERY confused.

Edit: Possibility arrived at during conversation with Ari. Maybe OD/OS means right/left from the doc's perspective, rather than mine? Stage right/left vs house right/left sort of thing?

More edit: Nope. Doc is simply very confused on right and left. Or maybe HE was talking about his right and left instead of my right and left without thinking about it.
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The great Choose Your Own Adventure of eyewear!

So my prescription is SLIGHTLY changed in one eye - scaled back a bit, even, as he said the right eye scrip seemed a mite too strong. (My left eye is WAY worse than my right.) Do I NEED new glasses? No, not technically. However.

Issues with my current glasses:
1. The frames came with magnetic clip-on sunglasses. (Historically, this has been the only way I've been able to WEAR sunglasses - I've been wearing glasses since I was 6, and couldn't ever justify prescription ones, and my eyes are too bad to skip the scrip and wear regular ones anyway. And I don't do contacts. Period. End of sentence.) At the end of summer 2006, I put away the clip-ons because I wouldn't need them over the winter and didn't want them to get lost. *sigh* And haven't seen them since. Yeah, I know. I'm just that awesome.
2. My current frames are five years old. I got them in 2002, got the lenses replaced in December 2005, and the frames are now discontinued. (Because of this, I can't replace the missing magnetic clip-ons.) They're still in fine shape, just old and discontinued.
3. The new lenses I got in December 2005 have an anti-reflective coating on them. I HATE IT. I HATE IT WITH THE FIRE OF A THOUSAND BURNING SUNS. My glasses always look absolutely filthy unless I wash them three or four times a day.

1. My insurance gives me $150 per two years towards replacement of eyewear. Replacing the LENSES in my current frames with 1.67 high index lenses without the damn A-R coating would take $99 of that benefit. This handles issue #3, but not issues #1 and 2, but costs me nothing out of pocket.
1b. If I do this, I can ignore the magnetic clip part (which I haven't had for a year and a half anyway) and, from the website referenced below, order a pair of prescription sunglasses for approximately $30 out of pocket. Pro: No more squinting in the sun, plus I can get them with GREEN lenses. Con: Having to swap glasses back and forth, plus having to keep track of a second pair. That would handle issue #1 too, after a fashion, but cost me the aforementioned $30 out of pocket. Leaves issue #2, which isn't really so much an ISSUE as merely a consideration.

2. I can go to, which I've heard absolutely nothing but raves about from dozens of people scattered over several LJ communities, get frames in a similar style to my current ones (including the magnetic clip) PLUS a spare magnetic clip, for about $45 plus shipping out of pocket. This handles all three issues, costs me $45 out of pocket, and leaves me $150 of my insurance benefit in case I break or lose my glasses (it doesn't start the two-year timer until I actually use a portion of the benefit). (Note: I've been wearing glasses for 21 years and I have never ever ever in my life lost or broken a pair of glasses. But I know there's a first time for everything.)

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It was a fairly hoppin' birthday, and a fairly low-key Christmas - just the way I like 'em. :)

Monday, 12/17 (my actual birthday): Dan and I had moose-aroni and cheese for dinner.
Wednesday, 12/19: We went to Olive Garden with [ profile] pyran, [ profile] relfen, [ profile] bluefish, [ profile] holegrot, and [ profile] asciident and her fellow.
Thursday, 12/20: I had asked my guild-and-associates for a full-clear Kara run that I could run feral as a birthday thing. It was mostly successful, and mostly a good time, but I've already snarled about the down-side parts. On the plus side, Feral!Kedria did quite nicely, landing third on the damage meters behind [ profile] pyran's mage and [ profile] kurisuu's hunter.
Friday, 12/21: I had an eye exam, and now find myself in the Choose Your Own Adventure of eyewear options. More specific post to come regarding same in a moment. Regular 25-man raids were canceled, but we ended up running our ZA raid Friday evening instead of Saturday morning.
Saturday, 12/22: Seatoo and I had lunch at Qdoba and went to see Sweeney Todd. Very good, very gory. Afters, Ari and I went to Chili's for dinner, then to Fry's, where he bought out their DVD department and two of their door greeters informed me that they'd been trying to determine whether my new birthday-gifted-by-Ari accessory was a Wookiee or an Ewok for ten minutes after they'd seen me walk in. (Answer: It was totally a Wookiee, and he is OMG SO CUTE OMG. <3 )
Sunday was Kara. Monday was a doctor's appointment, breakfast with Ari, a whole lot of nothin', then five episodes of X-Files.
Christmas Day, I crockpotted a roast beast for dinner, we saw National Treasure at 9:30 (after an aborted attempt at a 2:00 show because the line at Lincoln Square was around the dang building), and there was some heroic Arcatraz and some mageling-leveling in the middle there. Good times.

My Christmas loot was, unsurprisingly, moose-centric, though there were only two christmas tree ornaments this year - one bobblehead moose and one moose in an outhouse (I...yeah, I dunno either) - and one giant stuffed moose who wiggles his nose, blinks his antlers and sings Jingle Bell Rock when you squeeze his hoof. (He's ridiculously cute, I just don't have the faintest idea where to put him.) There is also Christmas/birthday cash both already arrived and en-route that means I will get my big ticket item numba one :D
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So yesterday I went to the eye doctor for the first time since March 2003.

My prescription is unchanged in one eye, and only very slightly different in the other, so I just need to either get out of the habit of holding my knitting at the end of my nose and hold it a bit farther away, or else get used to knitting over my glasses. :) My eye health in general is spectacular, which is good to hear, as my mom has both Fuchs' Dystrophy and Rogan's Disease (which I am strangely having a hard time finding any info online about, aside from a sci-fi series :P), and my maternal grandmother and great-grandmother both had glaucoma.

My glasses are still almost three years old, and scratched-and-beat-up accordingly. The lens techs also have newer-fangled stuff that will make my lenses thinner and lighter, as well as a new anti-reflective coating, both of which I couldn't afford last time. So I decided to replace the lenses anyway. They'll call me in 1-2 weeks to let me know the new lenses are done, and I'll go in so they can pop the old ones out of these frames and the new ones in.

Discoveries upon first-ever pupil dilation:
-It STUNG! (I NEVER put drops in my eyes.)
-I wouldn't say I got light-SENSITIVE - but lights sure looked neat, with the halos like whoa.
-I couldn't read without closing one eye and squinting the other - too blurry. That made emailing Anjela and IMing Joyce on the Sidekick very amusing.
-The vision-blurry made me very slightly bus-sick. Weird.

Mild annoyance:
The eye doctor put diagnoses on my paperwork without telling me about them again (last time it was a diff doctor at the same clinic). While an astigmatism and myopia (nearsightedness) aren't things that I don't happen to know affect me, most people aren't necessarily familiar with the technical terms and might be concerned at seeing scary medical words on their paperwork - it seems to me that anything I'm diagnosed with ought to be explained to me, not just left for me to notice later.
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Heading out shortly for a belated lunch and an eye doctor appointment woo. Haven't had my eyes checked in three years or so, and it's getting annoying having to look over my glasses to be able to see my knitting well. No issues with reading or computers or anything else - JUST the knitting. I'm too young for bifocals! :) But I'm seriously hoping that if I DO need new glasses, I can just get new lenses put in these frames. *crossing fingers* I heart my glasses-with-magnetic-clippy-on-sunglasses.

Also, very convenient that while my right eye has been dry and itchy and swollen for the last four days, it seems to have settled down as of today. :P I predict a reoccurence tomorrow, hah.

Patricia Arquette with a head wound!


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