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Of all the damned inconvenient....

So it's not run-of-the-mill pinkeye, it's a bacterial eye infection. I've got orders to use antibiotic eyedrops every 2 hours for the next 3 days and stay home from work tomorrow (or until I've been on the antibiotics for 24 hours). Of course, tomorrow is one of the three most heavily scheduled with things I needed to do at work during the month of December. DAMMIT. I can push the work stuff off til Thursday, I just really didn't want to.

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oh, for the love of muffins.

I seem to have pinkeye. Can't open my right eye.

Research tells me that pinkeye is usually viral, and therefore has to simply run its course.

This is getting silly.

On the plus side, I'm not likely to infect anyone if I don't actually attack them with my face.
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Heading out shortly for a belated lunch and an eye doctor appointment woo. Haven't had my eyes checked in three years or so, and it's getting annoying having to look over my glasses to be able to see my knitting well. No issues with reading or computers or anything else - JUST the knitting. I'm too young for bifocals! :) But I'm seriously hoping that if I DO need new glasses, I can just get new lenses put in these frames. *crossing fingers* I heart my glasses-with-magnetic-clippy-on-sunglasses.

Also, very convenient that while my right eye has been dry and itchy and swollen for the last four days, it seems to have settled down as of today. :P I predict a reoccurence tomorrow, hah.

Patricia Arquette with a head wound!
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Ok. My eye is worse today. :( It's swollen to the point where I can't open it more than halfway at best, and my face is sore to the touch from cheekbone to temple. I don't usually go to the doctor - in fact, I rarely even take over-the-counter medicine - but between the part where I can't hardly open it, and the part where my mom has a couple of eye problems that are hereditary (though neither of those usually develop until mid-forties or later), I'm willing to indulge a little healthy paranoia. So I have a doctor's appointment at 4:50 this afternoon.
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Meh. I have a teeeeeeeeeny scratch at the very corner of my upper right eyelid, but because I can't stop blinking (and thereby irritating it), it hurts like a mofo. And it's apparently noticeable, because 2 of the coders have so far stopped me to ask if my eye is okay. If I keep my right eye closed, it hurts less, but I look kind of funny. Meh!

On the plus side, I have an apple pastry and a cookie on my desk, and a container of garlicky-chicken-pasta-stuff for lunch.


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